UX & UI Design

We have knowledge and experience of all modern website design management tools.

We keep raising our standards and offering high-quality services to all of our partners.

UX Design

With an emphasis on User Experience

Optimum User Experience Design

We implement web design, step-by-step, according to the latest best practices applied to this field.

Furthermore, during the design process, we pay special attention to user navigation experience, while we also ensure that your website is fully functional on all mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.

UI Design

With an emphasis on User Interface

Innovative design at each user interface point

An effective interface design increases customer satisfaction.

At InYourCity, we have knowledge and experience of all the latest website design and management tools.

Reliable & Secure

Create a reliable website for your customers

InYourCity has got you covered with state-of-the-art servers, secure browsing & transaction methods, GDPR protection, and high loading speeds.



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Frequently Asked Questions


Yes. After your website is delivered, we offer you one hour of free training on how to use the dashboard panel, in order for you to be able to easily make any changes in photos, videos, and text, post articles on the blog, etc.

The cost to design a site for your business ranges from €500 up to more than €10,000, depending on the level of custom functions that are embedded into it. On top of this amount, you should also account for the cost of annual hosting (€100-€300 per year), as well as the cost of annual maintenance and upgrade, which ranges from €150 up to more than €5,000 per year.
WordPress is the most popular content management platform. Building a website on WordPress, rather than using custom code, ensures a fast, easy, and cost-effective web design, which is fully compatible with any online advertising platform (Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc.)
There are dozens of platforms in the market offering you a free website. However, these platforms usually offer you a part of the basic website functions for free, and ask to pay, in order to “unlock” more functions, while, in most cases, your site will not have its own URL address, but something like A free website is fine, if you start a beta version of your company. However, if you want your customers to take you seriously, you will have to trust a professional.
A website should present effectively the products and services that you sell, communicate your values and competitive advantage, and provide all the useful information that may be needed by a prospective customer (contact no., address, e-mail address, etc.).
Features such as a unique and innovative design, premium content (articles, photos, videos), high loading speed, and full compatibility with mobile device will make your website stand out.
Differences basically result from the selection of the platform, as well as the multiple functions that are embedded into the website. In ready-made platforms, such as Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace, the setup process of a new website requires much less man-hours, since there are standard procedures to be followed. On the other hand, in a CMS (WordPress), the process is more sophisticated, and therefore, more man-hours are required.
A website is the shop window of your business. Just like a shop window needs to be refreshed and maintained, in order to continue to attract customers, exactly the same type of maintenance is required for your website. Therefore, after we deliver your website to you, we offer you full support, when it comes to updates and technical support, thus solving any possible problems that are shown by websites, so that you can rest assured that your customers have an optimum navigation experience on it. The maintenance cost ranges from €350 up to €5,000 per year.
Effective web design is based on 3 key pillars: 1. Uniform design, which should be consistent with your corporate identity, 2. Be relevant to your industry, and 3. Be able to offer smooth user flow, in order for a user to buy your products or services (e.g. make a booking at your hotel).
Through our many years of experience, we have designed dozens of websites for our customers. If you want to see more, please check our portfolio below.