Social Media Branding | Client: CoffeeLab

CoffeeLab is one of the largest street coffee chains in Greece, which, since its founding in 2009, remains faithful to the concept of 3rd wave coffee. Recognizing the value of digital marketing, they turned to us in order to communicate through social media the uniqueness of the coffee varieties they offer.

The goals which were set had to do with the increase of brand awareness through advertising, new and non-new products, as well as with the potential to strengthen corporate branding, with simultaneous B2C and B2B, due to the franchise nature of the chain, targeting.

As a key strategic axis, we chose the production of diverse content with high aesthetics and informational added value. Through the communication upgrade, the need for a more professional, entertaining and digitally oriented presence for the general public and the interested partners was achieved.

In order for CoffeeLab to stand out in the already saturated coffee market, we had to find a distinct element, which would be a key feature of our communication actions.

So we decided to create customized & branded stickers, which, either as offered GIFs for Instagram stories, or as animated posts on Facebook & Instagram, would give a more interactive & engaging orientation. The main hero of the stickers could not be other than the playful Argus (Argos, like Odysseus’ dog), since most people recognize CoffeeLab as “the coffee with the dog”!