Maximizing Sales: Leveraging Social Media and Paid Advertising for Enhanced Brand Engagement


Kalogiannis company is one of the leading companies operating in the Greek market since 1970, based in Thessaloniki, in the field of support and supply of offices, paper shops and (b2b) businesses, offering a huge variety of products with more than 20,000 codes.


Having an online presence since 2009, Kalogiannis company turned to our team to manage its social media (Meta & IG), communicate the brand to a new, wider online audience, and increase online orders through the e-shop.


Social Media: Taking into account both the company’s history and prestige, we proceeded to create posts in line with the corporate identity, which are enhanced with creative verbal and smart elements that optimally frame the products displayed. In combination, we proceeded to run a contest to increase followers and engagement and to further leverage the new audience on a performance level. 

One of the main pillars of the posts was the creation of stop scrolling creative, which strengthened the company’s online presence, highlighting its modern character and was further leveraged in paid ads.

Performance Marketing: To increase traffic to the e-shop and online sales, we created catalogue campaigns combined with paid ads in stop-scrolling posts, providing the possibility of enhancing specific categories based on the seasonality of products, increasing engagement, brand visibility and sales.


  • +25% more sales vs planned.
  • +138% ROAS.
  • +60% increase in eshop revenue.