How do you communicate on an omnichannel level the most recognizable brand of a specific market? How do you adjust in social media marketing an already established communication strategy?

BOXER, the most well-known domestic footwear industry with over 100 years of history in Greek society, asked us to implement an integrated digital marketing campaign, which would intertextually incorporate the already completed TV commercial for the brand’s new SS22 collection.

The TV spot tried to highlight the personality that only a highly recognizable shoe brand can offer. A shoe brand which is known for its timeless character that revolves around its unparalleled quality. Your shoe is you. Therefore, faces and shoes alternate in a sufficiently abstract setting, where style and identity are harmoniously involved.

To align this content with the production of social media content, we focused on a correspondingly oriented product display of BOXER shoes. The aim was to make the shoes refer to the minimal character of the TV commercial by themselves.

Happy Valentine’s -Day ❤️️

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Δημοσιεύτηκε από Boxer στις Παρασκευή, 11 Φεβρουαρίου 2022

Based on the particular characteristics of graphics that are intended for social media, BOXER shoes and accessories embodied human values ​​and familiar messages, while, at other times, they personified individual choices and everyday situations.

The material produced was used as content, at the same time, in performance marketing actions aimed at increasing e-commerce sales, and in other channels, such as corporate communication through email marketing.

It should be taken for granted that running an advertising campaign on TV increases online searches with branded keywords, which end up in a company’s eshop. This is something that was, nevertheless, expected in the case of a highly established brand.

The above facet enabled us to act more specialized at the SEO level by strategically targeting keywords that we had identified, through search engine marketing research, that lead to BOXER’s eshop new audience.

When you have to manage a big brand, there is a risk, while trying to differentiate, of producing a boomerang effect. Communication and marketing mean, above all, a complete understanding of the starting point of each action.

Our team fully understands this. We start from an individualized approach to each case, we continue with the thorough research of the field and, finally, we implement actions based on optimizing the goals that have been set in advance.