Redefining Digital Strategy of Cozy & Kini with Performance & UGC


Cozy & Kini, a brand that loves summer, the sea and carefree, creates modern, high quality swimwear for women who want to feel absolute comfort in who they really are and not what they want to be. Cozy & Kini women, regardless of body type, feel confident in their swimwear without sacrificing style. They love fashion, but most of all they love authenticity and feeling themselves in whatever they wear, wherever they are.


Cozy & Kini, wanting to give all the women out there a chance to try their products, turned to us for their strategic online promotion.  With the central idea of highlighting a brand that loves and honors the Mediterranean body, our plan was simple yet highly effective.


Creation of User Generated Videos in collaboration with various creators, who would communicate through Paid Social channels (Meta & TikTok), the comfort and functional features of kinis.

The first phase of implementing our strategy was to find the right content creators. Since the brand targets women with unique body types, we wanted the girls who were selected to be able to communicate it naturally.

Then, considering the ad recall brought on by UGC actions, we leveraged Google Search campaigns to boost branded searches.


The results we got from our campaign were unique. During the communication, we were able to achieve:

  • +306% more sales vs planned.
  • -300% reduction in cost per order vs previous period.
  • +155% ROAS.
  • +458% CTR (Click-Through Rate), indicating a significant increase in the number of people clicking on the ads, with a stop-scrolling rate of +45%.