Beyond Boundaries: Navigating to new heights of Digital Success


PRAGMATIC is an exclusive decoration and decor store, with a significant presence both online and offline. Through the eshop, it aims to create a universe where special and unique products which inspire, will be readily available to everyone, creating beautiful everyday experiences.

BRIEF, reached us, aiming to increase its online sales through an effective Performance & Email Marketing plan. To achieve this goal, we chose to use 2 main communication channels. Meta & Newsletter.


The solution we proposed to was completely different from the one they had originally in mind. Instead of creating a total promo for all the products of the shop, we chose a quite different approach. 

We focused on a very specific niche: back-to-school products! 

Taking advantage of the effectiveness of User Generated – TikTok First Content, the solution we proposed to, was to create a UGC Video for Monbento® Bento Food Containers, ideal for healthy school & office meals! In that way, we wanted to make known not for all its products, but for those that, due to seasonality, could bring the highest amount of sales.

In this way, we would simultaneously achieve both an immediate increase in eshop revenue, but also build a solid customer base that we could target on future campaigns, with remarketing communications.


At Performance level, the channels we used for UGC were Instagram & Facebook.  For the video creation, we chose the ideal, best fitting Creator (new mom), with the goal of being appealing and familiar to the audience we wanted to speak to. 

Creator received a detailed script from us, that was designed specifically designed in such a way that it incorporated:

  1. Strong Hook at the beginning, for effective Attention Grabbing in the first few seconds of the video.
  2. Captions, in order to be effective, even with sound off.
  3. Focus on the functional benefits of the products (quality, safe, recyclable materials, etc.).
  4. Real solutions examples with uses of the product (e.g. suitable for school, playground, etc.).
  5. Call-to-action at the end of the video, combined with a coupon for additional discount. This allowed us to dramatically increase video’s Click-Through-Rate.

Finally, for the video’s copy-out-of-post, we followed the same strategy, using a strong hook combined with additional Benefits:

⚡Discount -10% with code bento10 on all bento sets!

🚚Direct Delivery 🚚Direct Delivery

✔ Free Shipping (over 50€)

📩 Discount -5% with your newsletter subscription


Our campaigns led users to a dedicated landing page, which was dedicated to the products that were being promoted in the video, rather than the entire product range, in order to have the best possible user experience. This consistency allowed us to increase add-to-cart rate by +36% vs generic landing page.


Alongside the UGC communication, we ran an email marketing campaign for the same product range. Our campaign ran to’s existing customer base as well as people who visited the site but did not make a purchase, so we “caught” users at all touch points, resulting in great performance.


The results we got from our campaign were unique! During the time campaign was live, we managed and succeeded:

  • +168% more sales vs. planned.
  • -67% reduction in cost per order vs previous period.
  • +87% conversion rate vs category own benchmark.
  • +56% increase in average order value (AOV) vs all websites performance up to that point.