Eshop Development & SEO | Client: Resaikos

The Resaikos Italian Living team approached us in order to create a redesign for their online store that would improve the user experience (UX) and optimize the website at a SEO level. The previous website had a confusing menu structure and did not effectively use specific keywords for each subpage.

Our approach was to design the eshop in a clean & minimal aesthetic, which would align with the Italian, high-quality, luxury furniture offered by the eshop. We also focused on optimizing the site for core web vitals and loading speed in order to adhere to Google’s recommended best practices.

As a result of our efforts, we saw significant improvements in key web metrics. In particular, we saw a 400% increase in the click-through rate from organic users, a 450% increase in total leads and a 300% increase in the time spent on the eshop. In addition, we were able to generate more traffic in the first 30 days after transferring all URLs and products from the previous website.

Reorganizing the menu and subcategories to make the website more SEO-friendly was one of the tactics we employed to accomplish these outcomes. Additionally, for each page, we used precise keywords and meta descriptions; thus, we enhanced the mobile user experience for navigation.

Overall, redesigning the Resaikos Italian Living online store enabled the brand to manage all communication and promotion channels (Google Organic, Google Ads & Facebook Ads) to achieve the maximum ROE (Return on Equity).