360º Branding Process | Client: Ikoenergia

oikoenergeia branding

After 20 years of operating in the provision of integrated energy solutions and supply of construction materials, Ikoenergia, based in Koufalia, Thessaloniki, wanted to build an identity in the market, enhance its recognizability, and establish its presence on social media.


Our goal was to apply the company’s corporate identity along the Branding spectrum; from its physical store at Koufalia and the company’s vehicle, to leaflet distribution and its digital presence on social media.


We started with the development of a 3D Design of the store front view.

Modeling | 3D Design | Store Front View

Design of the Company’s Vehicle| Simulation of the Final Design | Final Form of the Vehicle

We proceeded with the design and application of the corporate identity to the main vehicle of the company.

Flyer Design

Next, we designed flyers with smart graphics and mottos that are associated with the brand, and also attract public interest.

Social Media Campaign

We completed the Branding Process of the company by creating a Social Media profile and launching a sponsored campaign. The primary goal was to make the brand known and increase engagement (interaction).

At the second stage, we created carousel campaigns with products on offer, with sales being the main goal this time.