Increase your customer base immediately

Lead Generation campaigns can be effectively used for any company in order to increase its sales, stabilize long-term partnerships, and boost profitability.

In InYourCity we use the appropriate marketing tools to implement optimum lead generation campaigns on Social Media and Google.


AIDA Model

Creating a successful sales funnel

A Lead Generation campaign collects contacts, e-mails, and data from your potential customers (leads).

The landing page, which is used in order to gather data that can be immediately deployed, is based on the AIDA model.


Landing Page

Create an attractive landing page

The landing page is structured according to the AIDA model.

According to this, a consumer is first informed about the product and then becomes interested in it, in order to finally proceed with the desired action; i.e. a purchase.


Collecting contacts

Automatically gather all of your new contacts in one place

The data completion form is connected to an online spreadsheet (Excel) where all the data from your leads are automatically stored.

This being so, you have the ability to examine, edit and use these data as a suitable audience for any future advertising actions.


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