Performance Marketing

Maximize the ROI of your ads

Your online ads are the “digital interface” of your products and services. Consistency, attractiveness, targeting, appropriate budget management, and monitoring are the key components that can produce the desired result; i.e., increased sales, increased profit.

E-Commerce & Data Analytics

We create conditions for effective ecommerce

We specialise in helping ecommerce businesses grow overall and achieve their goals through particular performance marketing strategies.

Our team offers solutions in optimising performance marketing, increasing sales and maximising return on investment (ROI) by taking the right actions in all phases of ecommerce.


Lead Generation campaigns can be effectively used for any company in order to increase its sales, stabilize long-term partnerships, and boost profitability.

In InYourCity we use the appropriate marketing tools to implement optimum lead generation campaigns on Social Media and Google.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing

Establish your digital presence on Google

Google Ads are one of the more efficient ways to advertise online and promote your company to new or existing customers.

Earn a positive ROI through PPC campaigns, establish your company’s digital presence on the Display Network and convert your leads to loyal customers through targeted Remarketing campaigns.


Scaling sales

See your sales figures rising

The road to success requires research, testing, monitoring, and feedback. All of these functions should be implemented in a consistently efficient manner.