Not just another Crossfit Promo Video


+16 Strength & Conditioning is a sports and training multiplex with an area of 1,200 sq. m. in Oreokastro, Thessaloniki.

Its modern facilities accommodate a large variety of sports for all tastes and ages, such as Yoga lessons, asana training sessions, TRX, judo for kids, sports performance training for teams, Olympic weightlifting, etc.

However, the flagship of our training center is Crossfit.

+16 Strength Box came to us, in order to be able to communicate its competitive advantage effectively, i.e.:

  • The experience and expertise of its trainers
  • The unique potential of its facilities
  • The lively and friendly climate that prevails among those trained
  • The healthy competition the develops among them, which motivates athletes to achieve the best possible results.

In a highly competitive industry with a large number of training centers-gyms offering attractive packages at ridiculously low prices, we had to find a way to be able to show to people why +16 Strength Box is not just another Crossfit training center.


After research that we conducted on local competitors, we decided to create a promo video, which could present all of the above positive points of the training center to prospective customers in 45’-60’.

This video would be played on both social media, and on YouTube and on the Website.

The video shooting was made by our team at the gym area, through the participation of real people who worked out, resembling a group Workout.

Simultaneously with the creation of the Promo Video, and to support the promotion of crossfit, we ran ads on both Facebook & Instagram:


By promoting the Crossfit Training program of the +16 Strength Box in the area out of the gym for about a month, we managed to make the gym known to people who looked for a different way of training that goes beyond the narrow limits of classical gyms.

The training center managed to increase its customer base, adding new male and female athletes to the large family of the +16 Strength Box.