A micro Influencer Success Story

Model Cafe. A micro Influencer Success Story


Model Urban Style Bar is a modern café-bar in the west part of the city, in Evosmos Square.

It is an all day café-bar-restaurant serving 100% café arabica, and a unique variety of brunch and main course dishes prepared by seasoned Chefs from early morning, also inviting you to taste a list of special cocktails on offer to late night.

Wishing to exploit the potential offered by Social Media to catering businesses, Model Café appealed to us, in order to propose to it optimum communication solutions based on the available budget.


We performed competitor research in the area, and ended up setting a strategy that consisted of the following actions:

1. Promo Video for the restaurant, through which, we communicated the entire preparation and creation process of the unique tasty options offered by Model.

To this end, our production team visited Model Café for 2 consecutive days, and captured Chef NAME in action.

The video that was shot, was used to promote the menu on Social Media, in sponsored posts & stories on Facebook & Instagram.

2. Custom design of Instagram Branded Stickers

Stickers were designed, in order for users to be able to add them to their stories directly through Instagram.

This action increased user engagement with the company dramatically. This concept was so innovative and created so much enthusiasm in the audience, that the stickers were used in almost every single story of the model.

3. Special photography for Instagram, with the participation of a Model-Influencer.

The purpose of photography was twofold. Firstly, to enable content generation for the monthly Instagram posts of the company, and secondly, to facilitate indirect store promotion through Influencer Marketing.

Simultaneously with photography, the Influencer published posts & stories on their own profile, using the store’s location as a tag.


Within a short period of just two months, Model Urban Style Bar managed to significantly increase its visitors, also attracting new customers who chose it not only for its coffee, but also for its unique dishes.