Social Media Branding | Client: Bariatric Surgery Center

The Bariatric Surgery Center is an infirmary specializing in the treatment of obesity through bariatric & metabolic surgery. Ηead of the center is Dr. Ilias Sdralis, a certified bariatric & metabolic surgery surgeon, and the scientific director of the Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Department of the Interbalkan European Medical Center of Thessaloniki. The BSC faced […]

360° Digital Marketing | Client: Princessa

Princessa Store is a jewelry brand, which maintains a physical store in the center of Thessaloniki. The business had a strong presence in the local market, but was struggling to drive sales and raise awareness online. In fact, the company’s digital presence was limited to a simple Instagram account and did not, officially, have an […]

Eshop Development & SEO | Client: Resaikos

The Resaikos Italian Living team approached us in order to create a redesign for their online store that would improve the user experience (UX) and optimize the website at a SEO level. The previous website had a confusing menu structure and did not effectively use specific keywords for each subpage. Our approach was to design the eshop […]

Skyrocketing SEO via Automation | Client: PKP

PKP is a modern accounting office in Thessaloniki, which provides accounting, tax, and consulting services to businesses and citizens. The PKP accounting office innovates by providing remote accounting services throughout Greece and abroad, through its online store. Starting the cooperation with PKP, a very clear goal was set: to win first place for the majority […]

Eshop Development | Client: Combo Living

The Combo Living team approached us with the goal of creating a web design for their e-shop that would emphasize its user experience and a minimal aesthetic. Through our collaboration, we focused on optimizing the UX for desktop and mobile users, emphasizing clear and easy-to-use web elements. Additionally, we drew inspiration from magazine layouts to create a feeling […]

Search Engine Optimization | Client: OASIS

Search Engine Optimization is a dynamic process that, if successful, has multiple benefits for a business. On this basis, the import company OASIS turned to our team in order to design and implement an efficient SEO plan. OASIS specializes in water coolers and filters, with over 20 years of wholesale and retail experience. It stands […]

Digital Social Campaign | Client: EKKE

EUROSTAT has undertaken the planning of a pan-European survey under the title “EU Survey on gender-based violence against women and other forms of interpersonal violence (EU-GBV)” and the National Center for Social Research is the responsible organization for its implementation of the research in Greece under the title “Gender relations, women’s safety, and well-being”. The aim of the research is […]

Performance Marketing | Client: The Shoe Mart

The Shoe Mart is a Greek footwear brand. In its online store, more than 4,000 women’s, men’s & children’s shoes and accessories are hosted. The brand is constantly strengthening its digital presence through its online and social media presence while maintaining 2 physical retail stores in the city of Kalamata. The Shoe Mart approached our team […]

Integrated Marketing | Client: BOXER

How do you communicate on an omnichannel level the most recognizable brand of a specific market? How do you adjust in social media marketing an already established communication strategy? BOXER, the most well-known domestic footwear industry with over 100 years of history in Greek society, asked us to implement an integrated digital marketing campaign, which […]

360° Digital Branding | Client: YES! STORES

360° digital marketing means that the communication strategy follows all the necessary requirements in order to offer users, consumers, and potential customers a modern omnichannel experience. YES! STORES, the most modern and functional convenience stores in Thessaloniki, asked us to implement a multilevel, off & online, marketing strategy that includes everything from branding and packaging […]