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CoffeeLab is one of the biggest street coffee chains in Greece.

Since their establishment in 2009, to this day, they have adhered to the 3rd wave coffee concept, offering premium-quality single-origin coffee varieties from Kenya, Brazil, Ethiopia, and Guatemala.

As a result, they have been building a loyal fan base across Greece and abroad for approximately 10 years now.

Recognizing the need to stay up-to-date in the digital era, they appealed to us to help them communicate the uniqueness of coffee varieties offered by them on social media.

This project was a special challenge for us, since we had to make use of the latest social media innovations and trends, in order to be able to bring CoffeeLab to prominence.


To be able to make CoffeeLab stand out in a saturated coffee market, we had to find a common contact point, which would be the focus of our communication actions. This would be none other than playful Argus.

Argus (like Ulysses’s dog) is the most characteristic icon of CoffeeLab, with most people recognizing it as “The coffee with the dog”.

Thus, we decided to bring Argus to life through a series of animated social media posts on Facebook & Instagram:

Instagram Stickers

The latest Social Media trend is the creation of customized GIF stickers, which can be used by users in their stories on Instagram.

Consider it; before uploading a story, you could enter your own stickers in sticker search. It is unique, isn’t it?

Therefore, this is what we did for CoffeeLab, designing a series of GIF stickers with Argus in different animations, which could be found by anyone by just searching for the word “coffeelab” in Instagram search, before publishing a story.


Through the interesting and original content that we have been creating for CoffeeLab, we have managed to establish a unique interaction with the online audience, which has increased brand recognizability considerably.

This audience is the driving force behind CoffeeLab, helping the latter to keep constantly developing its store network throughout Greece and abroad.