What is WordPress for?

what is wordpress for

Web design, CMS, and WordPress. What do they have in common and what is Wodpress for?

Before talking about the purpose of WordPress we should mention with a few words what web design is all about and what part of website design does WordPress takes. 

The easiest web page design definition we could give you is that this is the process of creating, planning, and arranging the overall look of a website. Layout, graphics, colors, fonts, and a lot more – every element that is a part of a website’s appearance.

When we’re saying layout we refer to the structure of the page and how exactly the information is categorized. In web design making a true connection between your brand and the appearance of your website is quite important. It has to “communicate” the values of the company, to be easy to use, fast to load, and pleasant to look at.  

Pursuing and accomplishing all those targets is an essential part of the web design process. Which makes a website desirable for users and makes them take action towards it. 

It is time for an even tighter clarification before giving WordPress a description. When we talk about WordPress as part of the types of web designing we’re actually on the subject of CMS. 

Content Management System.web design cms wordpress

The acronym CMS in web design comes from Content Management System. This is software for web development or simply called a tool. We use it for creating, managing, and publishing content on our website without having any technical knowledge. We mean knowledge about coding or something else that stands “behind the curtains” of web design and web development. 

WordPress, Shopify, Magento, Wix, and Drupal – those are just some examples of different content management systems, which take part in the web design and development services we need.

Before moving forward to our main character in the article. WordPress, we must note that CMS as software for web page design cuts short the web developing part of the creation of a website. Writing codes, HTML, CSS, Java-Scripts, etc. – all this is already done by the content management systems. For us, the only thing left is the web designing part. 

What is WordPress used for?what is wordpress used for

After establishing the role of WordPress for website development it’s time to answer the question of what is WordPress. 

This is a full-featured content management system (CSM, like we said before) and may we say the most widely used software of that kind. WordPress is all you could imagine it would be, regardless of what it will be used for. 

You have full freedom of making your ideas a reality, but you would probably need the help of an expert to design a website using WordPress making it something worth it. 

The biggest advantage of WordPress is that creating a webpage with this software happens quickly and easily. It brings with itself the opportunity of customizing the website of your brand with different themes and WordPress plugins which could be found in the official WordPress directory or other third-party sites.

WordPress gives you the chance of making a special experience connected tightly with your brand that creates a reflection of your branding position and values.

But before building a web design with WordPress we must note the two WordPress variations – WordPress.org and WordPress.com. 

WordPress.com is a hosted software-as-a-service (more technically called SaaS) platform that gives the opportunity of creating a website using WordPress building blocks. You don’t need special software or servers to maintain your website. WordPress.com does all the work behind the curtains for you. 

With that variant, your page will be hosted for you by Wodpress.com and the domain name will look like www.yourwebsite.wordpress.org. Changing it to www.yourwebsite.com happens with an account upgrade and a domain purchase from a third-party provider. 

WordPress plans.

The opportunities of free themes and customization options here are quite a few. But if you need more to make your website more unique and personal you can always upgrade your web design site plan with the paid premium version. That way you can customize a lot more which is not possible with the mentioned free version and have access to more features and control.

On WordPress.org you’re hosting your website and not the other way around. That version of the content management system is totally free. So the WordPress prices are free in general for both variations, although you need to purchase everything else from a third-party provider – themes, plugins, customizations, etc. for WordPress.org. 

When choosing web design in WordPress.org you’ll need to buy WordPress software and the name of the domain, and have everything put in your hands when it comes to the website including editing the website’s code and managing the security. 

There are no borders which makes everything possible and you can unfold the potential of your ideas to the maximum and think about every detail related to the identity of your brand. 

Having complete control over the functionality and the design of your site with no limitations is a huge plus. A great opportunity to show who you truly are. Also what your company believes in and make people relate to your values and from there engage – this is why web design is important. It’s a reflection of all this. 

If you can’t decide which WordPress is better for you don’t stress about it. If you start in .com there is no problem changing it to .org in the future and expanding the possibilities. It’s preferable to rely on a professional web design company in both options so it wouldn’t make a change for your money-related. 

Web design with WordPress – creating different types of websites.web design with wordpress

As we said – outsourced web design is the better web design choice because agencies know the trends, the tricks, and specifically, in this situation, they can make a difference. That difference is between different kinds of web design like web design for law firms and dental web design. 

There are a few types of websites created with WordPress that prove the platform can be suitable for everything. 

Bloggers. WordPress initially started as a blogging platform tightly related to creating and unfolding blog posts. An easy way for bloggers to create websites and spread their ideas, beliefs, etc. That’s why there are so many features related to that specific use of web design. 

This is a perfect platform for developing a blog with its built-in comments system, which is not available on other websites. Also, the special blog-related plugins can protect a page from unwanted spam, give you the opportunity of adding a contact form or increase your SEO Optimization. 

The WordPress themes in that direction respectively are quite a lot too which all are divided into different niches. That way a blogger can choose easily the appearance of the page he wants that suits the tone of their blog mostly. 

Artists. As an artist, it’s hard to find the best online version to showcase your work, whether you’re a writer, photographer, interior designer, etc. Making a website with WordPress could give you the opportunity of showing your portfolio in the way you feel most like “your” way. 

There are so many plugins and themes you could browse from which you can choose what makes a website visually appealing in your eyes and stick to it. 

WordPress opportunities.

With WordPress, you can make more than just a portfolio to show your work and win clients. You can add sections and tabs, outline the projects you like the most, give more information about you, your work and offers and display whatever you want. 

Businesses. Every kind of business can find its place in WordPress. It doesn’t matter if it has something to do with restaurants, yoga studios, flower boutiques, plumbing, or importing cheese from France. WordPress and web design company services are all you need to develop a good-looking and trustful website. 

Every small business needs to keep the same attention to its web page as well as every big successful company. Or anything standing in between. 

WordPress gives a lot of options when it comes to building a customized and branded site. But without dealing with things you don’t get quite well like security, support, updates, or hosting. Finding the most suitable theme and installing certain plugins for analytics and marketing is your go-to web design site plan with WordPress.

eCommerce. Setting an online shop with WordPress is not only possible for any retail store, but it’s easy as well, regardless of which option you will use – .org or .com. There are a few differences in the way though.

With WordPress.org there is a need of installing plugins like WooCommerce. Then control everything in the web design process, but you have wider freedom about the customization and design as we mentioned earlier. 


WordPress.com on the other hand cuts a part of the variations of “personality” you may use to relate your website closely to your brand. But also it has a special dedicated eCommerce plan which provides all the store functions you’ll need. 

With the package, you could get advanced features as well – paying from any part of the world, for example. Web design in WordPress.com offers you to also take advantage of shipping carrier integrations and eCommerce-specific marketing tools. 

Everything depends on you – it’s your choice of which platform to use. 

Why do you need professional web designers for your WordPress website? WordPress plugins. professional web designer for your wordpress website

We’ve mentioned the word “plugin” quite a few times in the article but we didn’t make sure you actually understand what it means. 

A plugin in WordPress is a piece of software that contains in itself certain functions depending on what the plugin is for in the web design process. When it is added to a WordPress website it gives the page new features and functions. 

WordPress plugins are written in the PHP programming language so they can be connected without a problem with a WordPress website. This makes things for the users easy because thanks to it they don’t need to understand a lot of coding for installing plugins. 

You may choose free plugins from WordPress or buy them from third-party developers that offer amazing options. 

WordPress plugins do their job.

Although more of the plugins do their job exactly as you wanted them to. Some problems may occur with the ones, not of high quality. Here comes your essential task. How to choose only good plugins. You need to think also about something else. When do you need to update them, are they compatible with your WordPress version, do they have a good rating. 

If you by mistake choose bad plugins they could slow down your website. And this is a huge step back. Users don’t tend to wait for pages to load. They exit after a few seconds which drops off your Google rating as well. 

Things like plugins could easily trouble your SEO Optimization without you realizing it. That’s why we suggest you think about web design and development services and hire a website designer. Or a whole team to look after all parts of your digital marketing. 

They know the best what is WordPress, SEO, social media, branding, etc. Things that are not your business to know. It’s good to have some general knowledge about that stuff but you needn’t be a professional. 

Your focus is your business. Let experts watch their business which is looking after our and making it successful.

Having a great website is so important nowadays when everything happens online. If your page doesn’t suit your brand or it’s not beautifully done people may think you don’t care a lot about your own company which is crucial. The targeted audience will never engage that way even less taking action like purchasing, commenting, or sharing.

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