What is Google Ads?

what is google ads

If your business is online (as it should be!) you must have heard about Google Ads. If not, now is the perfect time to get the idea.

After you build an amazing branding strategy, aesthetic website and develop a strong brand identity that represents your values, beliefs, and goals, you want people actually to come across your website. Because why bother doing all of that if you’re going to be the only one that sees it?

When someone is searching for something, anything, what is the first place he goes to? Google. 

Let’s imagine your business is about interior design. You must aim whenever a user is looking for information somehow related to “interior design”, your website is the first he sees.

So if you want your interior design company to appear to more and more people, you have to make sure you will be on Google’s front page with results. 

Only then your customers will grow and you’ll have a wider loyal audience. But this is not an easy task. To be ranked as one of Google’s first search results requires powerful SEO Optimization, a lot of effort, and most importantly patience. It’s not happening overnight, believe us. 

There is a way of being on that sacred first page though, without waiting and updating your SEO game to its highest level. Here Google AdWords comes into play. But exactly what is AdWords in Google and why do businesses need it? 

What is AdWords in Google and how does it work?adwords in google

First thing first – what is Google? We know you know how to use Google, but do you understand its essence and what it actually is

Google is well known for its popular search engine (same as Yahoo, Bing, etc. but it must be noted Google Search is the most popular and used one), email service, web browser, and various other online tools.  

After establishing we know what Google is, it’s time for Google Ads. 

This is a paid online advertising platform offered by Google. Said short, clear, and easy. This is an opportunity to advertise your website on Google. 

First of all, don’t be confused – both Google Ads and Google AdWords are the same thing.

In the beginning, the original name of the service was Google AdWords but after a few years, it was rebranded as Google Ads. The essence remained the same: when users are searching for a certain keyword, they get results from their query on a SERP, which means “search engine results page”. Most of the time a part of those results is a paid advertisement that targeted that same keyword, a.k.a Google Ads. 

Those advertisements look like organic search results, except for one small text saying “ad” above. Some people don’t even realize they’re looking at an ad and click right away. This is truly beneficial to businesses using the Google Ads service. That is because they receive a huge part of the traffic for search queries. 

Of course, it is not that easy. As you might suggest you’re not the only one targeting an audience interested in interior design (as the example we gave earlier). So purchasing an ad does not guarantee you a top spot on the search engine. 

You’re competing with a bunch of other marketers and to beat them requires understanding and correctly using Google AdWords and its process. 

Bid amount + Quality Score = Ad Rank 

The first thing you should know before considering a Google AdWords advertisement is that the whole system works under a pay-per-click (PPC) model.

This means you target a specific keyword (like interior design) and bid on it. That way you’re competing with all the other marketers, also targeting the same keyword. 

The bid

The bid is the maximum you’re willing to pay for the ad, called a “maximum bid”. 

Although this doesn’t mean your payment will reach the maximum bid. If you determine your highest bid as 5$, Google can decide it will only cost you 2$ per click and you’ll get the ad placement. If Google Ads determines your PPC for more than 5$ – you’re losing your place.

All marketers can choose whether to bid on pay-per-click (PPC – the payment for one click on your ad), cost-per-mille (CPM – the payment for 1000 ad impressions), or cost-per-engagement (CPE – the payment for a user’s action towards your website – sign up, watch a video, etc.) 

A great convenience is that Google AdWords allows you to set a maximum daily budget. If you decide to make it 300$, you’ll never spend more than that amount per day. When you reach it, your ad will just stop showing to users. This is a great way to track your ad campaign budget. 

Besides your bid, you also have a Quality Score, which according to Google is estimated on the quality of your ads, keywords, and landing pages. The higher the quality, the lower the prices and the better the position of the ads. Score numbers vary between 1 and 10. 

When you put together your bid amount and Quality Score you get your Ad Rank, which means the position of your ad on the search results page. 

Google AdWords will calculate your maximum bid + Quality Score + Ad Rank, compare it to the others and decide how much the final cost will be. Everything happens within a few minutes. 

When a user comes across the ad and clicks on it, you’ll need to pay a small fee for that click (thus PPC). 

Choose a Google Ads type

After establishing how Google Ads works, it’s time to talk about its types. here are a few different campaign types from which you could pick. 

  • Search campaign – Those are the ones you’ve seen the most. Search campaign ads appear on the results page when you’re looking for a certain keyword like a text ad above all other organic websites. The ones we’ve mentioned with the symbol “ad” we rarely notice.
  • Display campaign – Google’s partners are more than 2 million websites and with a display campaign, you will appear among them. Google Ads will put your ad on different websites all over the Internet – third-party websites, ads before YouTube videos, Gmail advertisements, etc.

That ad type is very flexible – you can choose between appearing as an image, a gif, a text of a video. 

  • Shopping campaign – This advertisement type allows you to appear to the users and promote your website with Google Ads in a much more visual way as both images on the result page or image in Google Shopping. 
  • Video campaign – Those are the advertisements specifically on YouTube. They could appear on the search result pages, before videos (both skippable and unskippable), etc. 
  • App campaign – As you might suggest, App campaigns happen in different apps. You don’t need to make different designs for the various apps – Google Ads will do that for you and adjust the text and assets for each app. 

Why do you need Google Ads for your business?google ads for your business

There are so many reasons and we can cover them all because this article will turn out endlessly.

Google is actually something so huge it became an expression. Sometimes we don’t say “I’ll search for something,” we say “I’ll google it” and it means the same thing. 

The first place where almost every person goes when he has a question about any subject is Google. 

Another huge plus is that people on Google like ads. Unlike Instagram when ads are unwanted, when we’re scrolling on Google, we want to come across a good ad. On social media we’re uploading photos, watching videos, and communicating with people. We don’t need advertisements there, because we’re not looking for anything. 

On the other hand, we go to Google when we’re searching for answers – for the best pizza place in town, for a good digital marketing agency, etc. And with Google Ads, the right business pops up for people that are looking for them. 

When it comes to budget Google AdWords is an amazing option. Any budget is a good budget. Yes, there are keywords with huge cost-per-click but not all of them. And even if you choose a more expensive one, you’re able to monitor and manage your money very easily. You can put a maximum spent daily amount, bid limits, etc. That way, you can be calm even if you’re not checking your account 1000 times per day. You won’t spend more than you want to.

The quick result

The quick result must be mentioned too. That is how we started our article. SEO Optimization ranks you high in search result pages, but as we’ve said. This is a little slow process with a lot of research and effort. 

It is necessary to have great SEO Optimization, but if you want to boost your website and increase your audience fast, Google Ads may do it immediately. If you are searching for fast results, don’t hesitate to use Google Ads. 

Of course, you need to put a lot of thought into it when Google Ads campaign, too. It’s not something done for a day. Irrelevant ads will cost you money with no results. If your ad doesn’t match the user’s search, you won’t get a click and that’s normal. 

If you’re searching for interior design and you come across a website for clothes design, will you check it out? No, of course. Because It’s not relevant to your interests. It’s not important only to be shown to people. It’s important to be shown to the right people. 

Also – think about your Google Ads landing page! Let’s say a person is really interested in your website and clicks. What if he sees a sketchy page, which is outdated? The experience after going to your page is as important as making him go there. He must find what he’s looking for. Both content and aesthetics. 

Google Ads manager – why you shouldn’t do it by yourself.google ads manager

Managing a Google Ads campaign is not an easy job so we won’t just tell you – do it on your own. You shouldn’t do it by yourself. There are too many things that might go wrong. 

When considering an advertisement in Google Ads you have to think about so many things – how to do it, what exactly should your keywords be, what Google Ads type you should use, how to improve your Quality rank, should you bid more or less, what’s the competition doing. 

It’s not simple. 


When your electricity goes down you don’t fix it by yourself, because you don’t have the knowledge to do it. You could get an electric shock, totally vitiate everything and in the end, it would be both easier and cheaper to have left it in the hands of an expert. 

See our point? Why try to do your Google Ads campaign alone, when you’re not a professional? Yes, you won’t be in danger of electric shock-like with your electricity. But things could get really bad for your finances. You’ll probably spend more and have fewer results. 

The marketing world has transformed enormously in the past few years, and Google Ads is one of the platforms in charge of this change. Google Ads presents us with the opportunity to advertise online with one of the most successful paid methods.

When advertising this way you could reach a huge number of users who are looking for exactly what you’re offering and the chance of them engaging is big. If you still haven’t experienced the power of Google AdWords you must consider doing it. 

As we have said – with the professional help of Google Ads consultants or a whole digital marketing agency that could help you with your digital strategy in general. 

If you have any questions or want to know what services are we offering that could put you right on top of the digital marketing world. Don’t hesitate to fill in the form at the end of the article. 

We are looking forward to hearing from you!