UI vs. UX web design – where’s the difference?

ui vs ux web design difference

Do you speak different languages than your mother language? If yes, you must have started from the beginning when everything sounded like a huge mess of sounds and incomprehensible words, right? We feel you there, it’s always like that. We can include here UI and UX also.

In this article, we’ll try to translate a very difficult and perplexing language – the tech one. Usually, people who understand Java-Script, CSS, HTML, build sites, and interfaces talk very inexplicably for us. The other normal human beings. 

Translating things like web design and web development (yes, those are two different things), UI web design, UX web design, CTAs, etc. could be very useful for every person that has a business on his own and wants to grow online and reach his target audience. 

We’re not saying that you need to know how to do all those complicated things, but it would be better and easier for you if you understood what they are. That way, while choosing a professional web design agency to work with and explaining the process and what you want as a result. You’ll speak the same language as them. 

Nowadays, everything that is developing offline, should be a part of the online world too. It’s more a question of need, rather than a choice. Even if you have a successful business if your webpage looks outdated and old, there is a huge chance users will think you no longer operate.

Let’s dive in deeper and see why web design is important and what exactly it contains in itself. 

What’s a web design and how does it works?web design how it works

Web design refers to the process of planning and arranging the overall look of an entire website. When talking about website design, we’re thinking about layouts (structure and categorization of information), fonts, colors, etc. – all parts of a website’s appearance. 

Website design also includes web apps, mobile apps, and it contains in itself both UI and UX design (which we will talk about later), along with many other fields. 

It’s important to mention that web design elements are about functionality too. Even the most gorgeous website means nothing if users can’t go through it smoothly, because there is a big chance they won’t visit it again if their first impression is not good. 

Including both appearance and functionality will maximize the site’s overall usability and performance online. This is the web design process and the easiest way to understand the definition of web design.

Every website must miss elements such as an easy-to-navigate interface, smart choice of images, well-placed and written text, and a meaningful color scheme.

With website design, we’re looking for a beautiful aesthetic visualization of all our ideas and we’re aiming to connect them closely to the brand’s values and products/services/ideas. Visually captivating, easy to use, and a true reflection of your business as a whole – this is a well-done web design. 

Web development definition.

We’re moving on to a web development definition. This is the behind the curtains process of coding and building the skeleton of a site. All the technical parts of creating a website are further divided into “front-end” (client-side) and “back-end” (server-side) development.

“Front-end” refers to the display of a website on a screen. The developers that are in charge of it have to recreate the image in the head of the web designer (when it’s possible.) And bring it to life with the use of computer languages (CSS, JavaScript, and HTML).  

“Back-end” refers to the server-side and all that’s communicating between the database and the browser. The back-end developers are the people building and maintaining the technology needed to power the components, coding the data in the database, core applications logic, API integration, and optimizing how that data gets delivered. 

The computer languages used here are PHP, Ruby, Python, Java, or .Net. 

Even though they are not the same thing (it’s not even the same computer language), a lot of developers control both front-end and back-end development which is good when thinking about outsourced web design services.

UI and UX web design.

It’s finally time to take a look and UI and UX web design and find out what those strange acronyms mean. 

UX design stands for “user experience design”, while UI design refers to the term “user interface design”, which sounds quite the same but don’t get confused – it is not. Both elements are a very important part of web design. They work closely together – one can’t go without the other.

Even though they are related professionally, the roles they’re in charge of are much different than expected. They are contributing different parts of the web development and web design process.

Now let’s try to understand what which term means by itself before putting them together in an equation and adding web design and development. Otherwise, everything will be a huge mess. 

UI web design.ui web design

UI web design stands for User Interface as we’ve already mentioned. It refers to the visual or graphical side of design and it is a strictly digital term. This is a specialization that stands for the interactivity between a digital service and a user, by dealing with the controls people use to actually interact with a web page (like buttons, controls, etc.).

UIs are something we see often but we’re not aware of it. When you go to a website you always know where the search button is, right? And you press it when you’re looking for something on a page without even realizing it? This is good UI web design and what web design is all about. 

UIs have to be something you don’t put too much thought into because a good interface needs to be as intuitive as possible when used. Searching for a button or giving yourself a few seconds to wonder what a button does is not only distracting you from the overall experience. But it also means this is bad UI design in general. 

The goal of UI design is to provide all the controls a user could want and create a possibility of self-explanatory controls that people would be able to understand at a glance.

This means that established UI designers should give a lot of thought to each visual and interactive element in the user’s experience in a website. So that a consumer can go through a website without any confusion about what he should press next. 

UI designers have knowledge about buttons and icons, graphic design, typography and color schemes, photo direction, spacing, responsive design, and how to make a website consistent, coherent, and aesthetic. 

Their goal is to visually guide a user through an interface and create an intuitive experience. 

UX web design.ux web deisgn

We’re continuing with the different aspects of web development and web design. 

As we said before UX web design stands for User Experience and refers to creating the experience for a user by analysis and logic to understand and plan what would a user’s interaction be with certain products, systems, and services. The main things you need to think about when talking about UX are usability and impression. 

This is the “behind the scenes” side of design. UX web design’s main focus is to put the experience a user would have and unlike UI design this is not only a digital term. For doing a good job with Users Experience you need to dive deeper into the habits, needs, and emotions of people. Also, you need to consider all the different elements that in the end shape an experience.

If you don’t understand their problems, you won’t be able to find a solution. UX applies to any experience – with a website, hairbrush, or visit to the dentist. The vision is a little bit different, yet the focus is the same – the interaction between user and product/service. 

UX would think if the experience of a consumer is easy, pleasant, and does it satisfy his needs. How easy is it for you to grip that hairbrush? Do you check out easily while shopping online? Things like this. Well-done UX will make you think not only “what a beautiful website this is”, but also “where can I sign up on this website”.

User experience web design is all about the process of developing and mostly improving the quality of interaction. Here the main role is not about visuals, but feelings. Yes, UX designers are also concerned with the interface, but mostly – how the interface operates. 

UI web design vs. UX web design

Actually, UI vs. UX web design is not quite correct. UI + UX is more accurate because one can’t go without the other. They work together as a team – like the bones in the body and the organs. They are depending on each other. If you are creating a website for your business you should consider putting a lot of effort into both. 

Without UI web design your website’s navigation won’t be as good as needed, there will be a lack of customization and social sharing options, and a lot of problems with finding and using features by the visitors. 

Leaving UX web design behind, on the other hand, will bring you poor conversation and high bounce (users exiting within a second) rates, visitors who won’t reach the end of contents (articles, videos), and who will leave after checking out just one page instead of exploring the whole website deeply. 

Do you see? How to choose? They have to work together hand-in-hand if you want to grow your business online with a great site and develop connections and engagement between you and your target audience. This is how web design works – as a whole. 

UX and IX both.

If you need a mobile web design for an application you’ll need both UX and UI web designer. 

The UI team thinks about how an interface looks, while the UX team is in charge of how the interface works. UX designers are left with the task of how all buttons will navigate through the app and see if the interface gives you all the information you’ll need as a user. UI designers on the other hand must decide how all this should look on the screen. 

They work together in collaboration and with incessant communication, they could assure that the final user interface not only will look as good as possible, but it will also operate efficiently and most importantly – intuitively.

We hope with that explanation it is a little bit clearer.

Why is outsourced web design better?outsourced web deisgn

As you can see now website design is not that easy at all. Outsourcing your web design and development services to a professional web design agency is not only recommended. But needed as well. 

Creating a website that could be a reflection of your brand, your values, and your spirit nowadays should be left in the right hands. Experts have a trained eye for petite details. They can make the experience for the average visitor remarkable. This will make you remarkable in the end. 

Web design and web development, UI and UX design – we’re sure it sounds so complicated and it truly is. All parts of a big machine could create miracles working together. A beautiful interface means nothing if the site is confusing to navigate, and vice-versa. Even the perfect user experience won’t save a website/app which it’s not visually appealing to the user. 

That’s why you need to think about web design services and explore agencies’ options before making a decision. A good website design could shoot you to the top, without even realizing how it happened. 

Now at least you know what is needed for a good web design and you could search for it. Don’t settle for less! 

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