What is the cost of professional website design and why is it the right choice?

how much does it cost to hire professional web design agency

Before you do anything in life, the first thing you ask is how much it costs. To get an idea of the budget you should have. In every business before taking a new step in the development of the company like hiring an SEO Optimization specialist or content writer, you need to know what part of the year’s budget you should prepare. Is it a monthly expense or just a one-time project? Do you need to have a person in your team to do it or you could do it with an outsourcing team? With the web, the design cost is the same.

Questions like this are always important and we understand that. However, it is not that easy to simply define a price when it comes to any part of the digital marketing world. Web design cost is not an exception. Prices change constantly, needs and trends too so it is not so easy to determine a budget. 

You need to think about building a website as if you were building a house. The price depends exactly on you. You decide how big you want your website to be, do you want to sell through it, should it be custom made or not, etc. 

Too many questions to which you are the only one that knows the answers. The type of website, the features, and the person who is responsible for that form the cost, but you are the one to choose them.

Before diving into the different money ranges of website design, let’s clarify what is web design in general. That way you will know exactly what you are paying for. And except for the main web design cost, you have expenses for something you don’t really need. 

What are a web design and its importance? the importance of website design for businesses

The easiest website design definition describes it as the process of planning and arranging the overall look of your website and we couldn’t agree more. Here we are including everything from the layout through graphics to the color palette and typography. Every element is a part of a website’s appearance and even some functionalities too such as UX UI website design (User Experience and User Interface). 

The layout is the categorization and the structure of the website. It is very important for any website design, no matter the industry you are developing in. It has to be pleasant to look at, really aesthetic, in tune with the content, and both easy and fast to use. No one will wait for a slow website to load. Users just go right next to the other one. 

Including both appearance and functionality will increase the site’s overall usability and performance. 

Even if your website design is beautiful to look at, if a user can’t use it easily, cannot find the menus, or something like that there is a huge chance he will not come back again. 

Usability is the element. Such as an easy-to-navigate interface, a suitable choice of images, or well-written text that is also placed where it should be placed. Also, a color palette that says a lot of things and provokes emotions in the customers on its own along with the typography and shapes. 

On the other hand, performance is about your ranking, the loading speed of the website, searchability (which includes SEO Optimization as well), and ability to engage users.

Web design cost. the cost of web design professional packages offered by agencies

First impressions matter with people and with websites. Your page online is what people will see first from you so you need to make it unforgettable. 

Creating and developing the web design process is not easy. The site needs to reflect who you are, what are your mission, vision, values and make users become loyal customers. 

Your web design cost depends on the type of site you need, and the number of required features. Nevertheless, we will try to create an average image of how much you will eventually need to spend for a website depending on the type and features: 

  1. Basic website. It needs only from 1 to 5 mobile-responsive pages with a contact page and landing page. The average price you can find is between 200€ and 500€.
  2. Small business. In that package for your website design, you have several pages, integration of the company’s social media, ‘Google my Business page and Google Analytics and Maps. This type is a very good choice for any small business that is trying to develop a rather good website with not too much interaction. The average prices are from 500€ to 1000€.
  3. Basic website. It needs only from 1 to 5 mobile-responsive pages with a contact page and landing page. The average price you can find is between 200€ and 500€.
  4. Small business. In that package for your website design, you have several pages, integration of the company’s social media, ‘Google my Business page and Google Analytics and Maps. This type is a very good choice for any small business that is trying to develop a rather good website with not too much interaction. The average prices are from 500€ to 1000€.

After mentioning the types of websites you might want let’s see the web design cost and development services and who provides them. You can do a site on your own (which we do not recommend because it could be amateur and not trustworthy looking), hire a freelancer, or an entire agency. 

How much is website design cost when you do it alone?

You probably know different website builders even if you have not used one. Let’s talk about the web design cost with them. Shopify, Wix, WordPress, etc. are Content Management Systems (CMS) and their cost is approximately from 0€ to 300€.

Content management system is a tool, more technically called software for web development. It helps users create, manage, modify and publish content without needing them to have specialized knowledge about coding. 

This is why it is used by many people who don’t want to hire a professional team or a freelancer. However, also experts in web designing are using those content management systems. It is not something only for beginners. 

If you want something more complicated, even with a CMS, you probably wouldn’t be able to do it by yourself. 

First, you have to decide which site to use, depending on the needs you have. Different sites are suitable for different styles and industries. If your business is related to web design E-commerce, you should choose a CMS like Shopify. WordPress on the other hand has a large community of third-party designers. This can give you more options for customization, etc. It is about priorities. 

Those options for CMS in web design are so simple because they are created based on templates. They have template components, already existing themes, and plugins. You can choose a package or different features. 


The minus is that this cuts the options for customization and leaves you with web design basics. Even if you have the best ideas, there is a huge possibility of not being able to do anything about them. Even if you spend hours searching through catalogs. Moreover, what is even worse – you might end up with a quite used theme even by your competitors. 

The web design cost of templates and plugins varies widely, whereas the basic ones are free. One huge mistake is to think that if you use CMS in web design, you won’t spend any money. That is not true, because for creating a beautiful website you will need extra components, themes, or add-ons. 

Some sites like WordPress allow buying plugins from third-party providers, which can charge whatever they want.

Also, most CMSs have a monthly fee and different plans to choose from. We suggest that if you choose that option, you need to consider hiring a website designer. It will cost you less than creating a customized site, but it will look better if you don’t do it alone. 

Affordable professional web design cost from a freelancer.webite design services expected from a professional digital marketing agency

Freelancers are in the mid-range. Their web design cost goes 500€ – 5,000€+, which is less than an agency but more than doing it yourself. 

The more experienced and skilled the freelancer, the bigger the price he has. But this is normal. When you are hiring a freelancer, always check his previous projects, to be sure you tune with his way of work. 

This is the most common choice for affordable professional web design that balances the cost and quality of the final product.

When you hire a freelancer, you need to have a vision of what you want. Otherwise, it could end up differently if you don’t explain exactly what you require. Of course, a professional designer will create something that is both functional and good-looking, but it might be diverse from your expectations. 

Finding a freelancer for your professional website design services needs more research, but you will have a more personalized result. The thing is you might need a developer too. It depends on what kind of website you want and whom you chose to hire. 

Most of the time developers are responsible for the technical aspects of building a site, while designers deal with the aspects you can see and interact with, so they are two different people. Of course, some professionals can do the full package. 

The web design cost from a freelancer depends on experience.

The web design cost depends on the skills and experience as we had mentioned, but also on the quantity of the work. The more pages and work required, the more the price is increasing. 

If you need many pages, but with the same structure and appearance you can always ask the freelancer to create a template and you can fill them yourself when needed. It would be cheaper. 

Most of the brands online have needs that are in the capabilities of freelancers. The exceptions are businesses with rarely needed functionalities or exceedingly complex needs, which are not that much. 

If your website needs constant updating and renovation in the web design process though, freelancers are not a good choice, because you need an in-house designer. 

Website design costs from an experienced agency.professional services for website design from a freelancer

The last and the most expensive option – hire a web design company. It costs more than 3 000€+ but it is worth it. This is the most experienced choice and you can create whatever you want. All the functionalities you want. 

The good here is that you have a team and not a single person. There is a graphic designer, UX designer, content writer, SEO engineer, developer and they are all responsible for different things. You have the complete package. 

They don’t need you so much in the project. They know what they are doing and you can count on them to create something aesthetic, easy to use, and functional without tons of questions. 

Although, as with freelancers, choose wisely. You need to hire a web design company whose style reflects your own. Moreover, always outline your necessary functions first. That way you will determine whether the high cost is justified or it is too much, for what you need. 

Think about what you need for your website when you are choosing whom to hire to help you. If the website is using experimental technology or you will have an enormous amount of pages agencies are the better choice. 

If you have normal website design requirements, probably a freelance designer will do the job for a smaller cost. 

An agency is a perfect choice if you are aiming for an outstanding website with lots of functionalities that can’t be seen anywhere else. 

Conclusionthe importance of hiring digital marketing agency for web design

Those were the three web design methods you should consider, but do not forget that the level of quality within each category for website design varies in both result and price. 

Some brilliant freelance designers will cost more than some small and not-so-experienced agencies; some content management systems can end up more expensive than a freelance designer.

You need also to choose the most suitable platform, freelancer, or agency for you among all the options. To be in tune with their style of work. However, knowing what you need and require makes everything so much easier. 

This is the main thing we suggest you do – decide exactly what you want as a result and after that start searching.