What is the average social media management price you should prepare?

the average social media management price

Nowadays you can find everything and anyone on social media. There is almost nobody left without using different social channels and scrolling from dusk till dawn every day. So, it is normal to want to know what is the social media price that you should pay if you want to present online.

Every business, no matter small family start-up or huge and powerful corporation has a profile on almost any social media. This increases brand awareness, reaches new customers, provokes loyalty, engages people.

Therefore, if you own a brand and ask us should I make profiles here and there, our answer will be “tell me a good reason why not”.

When we hear about a new company, that we are interested in, what do we do? Check it on Google and social media. Every single time. Or when we see a beautiful hotel, for example, on a story or upload a photo in the profile of some of our friends? We are going to the profile of the brand immediately. It is so simple. 

You probably already use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. for yourself, so why not give it a shot with your company too. 

Deciding what social media management is for your business is an essential part of using social channels effectively. Especially if you want to develop more, reach new people, and influence conversions.

However, when you do it for your brand you shouldn’t maintain it as if it was for yourself. There are different tactics, strategies, etc. But before going any further with the expenses and the channel types of social media marketing, we have to define the social media management meaning. 

What is social media management?social media management

A social media definition refers to websites and applications with which people can share content and reach other people efficiently and in real-time. With this tool, we can create content quickly. And it can immediately reach the audience. 

Diverse social media platforms require a different type of social media marketing content. If we use Twitter, for example, we must say that it specializes in sharing mostly links and short written messages. On the other hand, Instagram and TikTok are visual platforms that are created to optimize the sharing of photos and videos. Every channel requires different care. 

With time, social media platforms became an important part of the digital marketing package. You should not neglect your social media for any reason. As with your website, if a user looks at your profile account and it looks outdated and forgotten, he will think you don’t operate. Or if you do operate, you are old school and not so digital. 

Of course, there is an obligatory social media price that you should pay, but we are not talking about money now. You must share content every day. Connect and provide interesting information that will engage people to like, comment and share. 


One of the biggest social media marketing mistakes is not being active. We might even say it is better to not put a bunch of social media icons on your website if you won’t post actively daily.

There are many factors determining the price of your social media management package but the average price is between 500€ and 1 000€. 

How much you will pay every month depends on the level of the overall experience of the social media management agency you hire, how big is your business. Do you own a start-up or a huge corporation, what is the package of services you require, and a bunch of other factors?

This wide variation makes it hard for business owners to decide which agency to choose for their outsourced social media marketing. Figuring out which social media agency you must hire, choosing the services suitable for your brand. And deciding how much money you are willing to spend is not an easy job and requires a lot of thinking. 

Another thing. When you are outsourcing social media management you must know what you are hiring people to do. 

Content creating

First of all – content creating. Many social media managers and consultants offer services like blogging, copy-writing, or graphic design. You must decide do you want to create the content for your social media channels or you expect that from the team you hire. 

The end price depends on this because it requires more time from the agency to get in tune with your business and understand the brand voice you have. However, it is your decision. Some companies already have content that is created by their employees or other freelancers. Others prefer to have their social media management strategy and execution from one agency. The choice is yours. 

Customer service

Next in the package is customer service. Nowadays when a person needs information or has complaints about anything related to one business, he or she goes straight to the social media channels. This happens even more often than calling or emailing the brand.

You must expect that your social media management services include customer service. There should be a person responding to complaints and inquiries. Of course, you might give that job to an employee in your company if you prefer it that way. The end price for an agency will be less and you don’t want to pay a bigger social media price.


The other thing in line is influencer targeting. With social media developing influencer marketing became bigger and bigger and now almost every company depends on it at some point. Making research, contacting, and communicating is not simple. Also, engaging influencers who may be suitable for a business is definitely not simple. It determines the rates for social media management. 

However, this is a really good tool for brand awareness so you must consider it. 

And the last thing we will mention that you should search for in a package and determine the price is the future time expenditures. There are specific things not typical for any project, overtime tasks, etc. All this is additionally paid so social media prices can vary. 

The charging options can be per hour, monthly, retainer, and per-project basis. 

Hourly and monthly rates are obvious. Fixed price based on whether you are paying by hours or a certain price every month. Many social media marketing consultants like to have fixed costs for their services monthly. This gives a consistent and predictable income, and it is convenient for both the client and freelancer.

A retainer is a payment made in advance for future services that could be performed by the social media consultant and has some advantages and the per-project basis we mentioned offers flexibility in outsourcing some of the work you need to be done. 

Outsourcing social media management for different platforms. outsourcing social media management

Social media management isn’t just about posting on your company’s social media profiles. The essence is to engage with the targeted audience and increase both reach and visibility on the platforms. As we said earlier in the article – you should pay social media prices like knowledge, etc.

The thing is you need to know where you want to grow more and which platforms are more suitable for you and your business. Now we will have a quick look at the most used social media channels and business benefits of social media you can extract.


Facebook grew a lot through the years and now is a giant social media network. With billions of users with different interests and demographics (both men and women from diverse age groups), it is perfect for any business so it is always in the package. 

One of the biggest advantages of media management in Facebook is its ability for building relationships with both current and potential customers as well as provoke brand loyalty. 

In addition, the huge variety of diverse ads and content formats, including photos, videos, text, etc. is amazing. It opens many possibilities to express your business the right way and reach the users you want. 


Instagram is a visual platform so it is suitable for brands that create or could create lots of visual content and encourages companies to be creative in their way of capturing and engaging users. 

The audience you can find on Instagram is mostly younger people until 30, but with the years, there are more and more mature users on the channel. Both Facebook and Instagram are perfect for building relationships, engaging, and provoking loyalty thanks to social media marketing effectiveness.

A huge part of the brands in retail, fashion, lifestyle, art, or other visual-focused industries uses the platform daily and this is the most-used channel for Influencer marketing for now. 

The biggest benefit is that users love spending time on Instagram and there is a huge chance they will see your profile, engage and interact. This is why it is necessary for almost every social media management strategy. 


We all know LinkedIn as the biggest professional social network that exists and it allows you to reach more than 550 million users. It is a different kind of platform from Facebook and Instagram and it is great for businesses that are looking to recruit candidates or want to establish themselves as an industry leader.

This is a very used platform among college graduates and many of the people having LinkedIn use Facebook also. So you can make a social media management strategy for both platforms. 

The network is great for sharing news-related materials, it can develop relationships with other companies while building your reputation via content marketing. LinkedIn is the perfect social media network for B2B brands, which target companies in different industries and it could offer you several huge business advantages of media management.


This is another visual social media network that features image-focused content. It is quite used by people interested in DIY, home decor, fitness, nutrition, fashion, travel, aesthetics, etc. If you have a business that can create imagery content, Pinterest may be worthwhile.

Demographically looking. More women use the network and the average age is between 18 and 50. 

Pinterest’s biggest benefit is that users rely on its help to plan future purchases and use it mostly for that purpose. This means that when you are connecting with someone he or she is already thinking about actually buying. 


YouTube has become the second-largest search engine in the world, following Google, and let’s face it – this is huge! Using it for business can help you engage and connect with your audience (it has a wide range of users) by uploading different how-to videos, behind the scenes, explainer videos related to your industry or services.

With that social media management strategy, you will increase brand awareness and expect conversion from users. Also, you can share your content on other channels too. 


TikTok is a new platform that is becoming bigger and bigger. The content is a short video, it has different challenges and engages mostly a younger audience. 

If your business can create video, content and you want to reach those young people – TikTok is the perfect place. You can also advertise, use influencers, etc. 

Social media management services and why to hire an agency. social media marketing services hire an agency

Social media is a tricky channel. It’s perfectly normal to ask about the social media price. It requires persistence, skills, and patience. It is not easy to build a good profile on any social media platform and engage with users, make them converse, provoke loyalty and brand awareness. 

Social media has created an unprecedented opportunity for brands and there is a wide range of included benefits in it. You can be closer to your customers and see valuable insights about the opinions for your products, services, and brand as a whole thanks to the social media marketing effectiveness.

People can reach you with inquiries and complaints and you can respond immediately and develop a stronger value proposition by putting your brand out there and showing that you care. 

However, if you don’t do it the right way and there are weak points in your social media management strategy you can do more bad than good. You can break the relations with your existing customers. And also you can make a bad impression on the potential ones.

Having a team that knows what it is doing and how to do is vital in digital marketing. So you must find someone who you trust, that understands your brand values and beliefs and make them reflect in all your social media channels. 

You can decide together which platforms to choose, what content to create, and how you want to communicate. You can not use social media management services, believe us! 

If you want to know what are the services we provide or you need help with your social media marketing strategy don’t hesitate to contact us. Just fill in the form and the end of the article and we will respond as soon as possible!