Social media for business – good or bad?

social media for business good or bad

Nowadays, social media is one of the most useful tools of every person all around the world. 

Maybe, we don’t realize that but, those social media platforms are part of our daily life and our routine.

Especially now, when there are a lot of people which are separated from their close people. They use social media networks to connect with their families, friends, colleges, etc. 

Exactly, as we use those platforms for communication with other people, the businesses use them to make the connection between them and their customers, clients, etc. 

Social media is a very good way to present in the daily life of your audience and to remind them of your brand or for your services. 

Why social media is important? why social media is important for the business

We will talk specifically about the importance of social media in the business area. So, focusing on that we will take a look at some of the biggest advantages of social media and why you need it for sure in your digital marketing mix. 

When one business presents on the social media network it can be very close to the customers. The brands can stay in touch with their audience and can look at what are their interests too. 

Social media platforms are one of the best methods to present your new product, new services or your policy vision, sales, or any other news they want to share. They are very strong links to the people. 

Social media for business. Stay online

As we said at the beginning, almost everybody is online now. And this is a very good opportunity for the businesses, of course. 

With the right online “behavior” you could win on your side a lot of loyal people that will support your brand. They could make a community that would share your values and your strong sides. 

The connections that you could build there are very important if you want to leave your audience with a feeling of trust. This is something very significant which can bring you a lot of new opportunities and benefits. 

With social media, you can be aware very fast what are the reactions and impressions of your customers about your products, services, ideas, or about your business at all. 

The coolest thing is that you can measure the results that you reach. Like that, you would know what is the right direction, what is the most liked product or the most liked way to communicate with them. Also, you will be able to create the strongest marketing strategy and to reach more and more satisfied people on your side. 

With those useful tools which could help you with your online presence you also can understand your mistakes and the things which don’t work for you.

 When you know about them you will not do the same steps again and again.


Customers can leave comments, their impressions, or their ideas for your brand, and also they can send you messages with their thoughts and feelings about it. That’s something very important – to have that fast reaction and feedback from your customers.

Good reason to be part of that online world is also the advantage to provide better customer service. Why? As you already know, the main idea of social media at all is to provide space for communication between people. So, there your audience can talk with you and can share with you immediately their problems. 

With the tools that the platforms provide, you can be in touch with your people 24 hours. When they know that they can count on you and that you would be on their side whenever they need you will take their trust and loyalty. 

Five benefits of using social media in your digital marketing plan. benefits of using social media marketing

Till now, we explained a lot of the positive sides of using social media. We know that everything sounds a little bit messy, so that’s why we will give you the top five advantages of choosing to include social media in your strategy.

Maybe this is not the first thing that comes to mind when you are thinking about social media but this is something very important and very helpful for your business. 

When online users decide to share some information about a certain brand or service on their Facebook profile, for example, they attract more engagement to that site. The shares and the clicks of true social media networks give signals to Google and that helps your business to grow.

Social media platforms can provide a lot of significant traffic to your website. This happens only true the shares of the online customers. This is something big. You can present on those social media profiles. And this could provide you with a lot of benefits and advantages. 

We shouldn’t look on social media with doubts because this is a very helpful generator that can drive referral traffic to your site. 

Also sharing content from your website or blog on your social media channels can bring you a lot of engagement and awareness. 

And one more thing – just be sure that your website is presented on every platform that you have. You should provide easy access to the people who want to learn more about you and your brand or service. 

Partner with influencers.

Social media platforms provide us that a great opportunity to work with influencers. 

The influencers are those people on social media that can make you want one product/service or could make you reject it. They have a huge influence from other online users that follow them. 

Their profiles are like mini examples of the good products that they use. Influencers could help you to build a good loyal audience that will be your eyes and ears in that online world. 

If you have a strong influencer marketing strategy you could reach more and more people. They are your new potential clients and the people that will make other people join your world. 

People are overloaded by commercials on the TV or the radio, etc. Nowadays influencers are the new advertising “key” which is very powerful and successful if you know how exactly to use it. They can make one strong connection with their followers. That’s why those people will trust them for the products or services that they offer. Influencers also could give you ideas to post on social media which is very helpful. 

When you have people talking about your business on social media, you build brand awareness which is one of the most important things when we are talking about a good online presence.

Audience engagement.

The cool thing with social media is that there your people can connect with you, talk with you, and know about you, but also you can do the same thing with them. The difference between social media and the media is that the media is like one one-way street. The audience can watch without expressing themselves to the brand or the service. And that could make a wall between you like business and them like customers. 

That’s why social media provides that opportunity to online businesses. There you can be in touch with your clients or potential clients. 

If they want to tell you something or to complain they can do it immediately through those social media networks. 

If you want engagement followers you have to engage yourself too. A good way is to answer their messages, comments, and stories. That also is appropriate because as we already talk you have to build your brand and be closer than your audience. 

When you start to answer and to be part of the profiles of your people they will start to feel you like their friend and this can change the game for you. If you want to present in their mind be their buddy. 

Stay active, stay online and respond to their comments and questions on your social media profile.

Customer service.

As we already told you, one of the best advantages of social media is that it is a two-way street. This means that you can receive messages from your customers and also you can answer them. And this can happen very fast and very easily. 

Every customer is happy when they receive correct, kind, and fast responses for the problem which could have or for the impressions that they want to share with the brand. 

When the communication between the business and the clients is easy and effective you can be calm that your customers trust you.

Maybe everyone was frustrated or disappointed with bad customer service with certain brands and services. This can leave in us a lot of unpleasant feelings which could make the clients stop using the services or to buy from that brand for example. 

Every business should be very careful about the connection with their people because people talk. On the streets and online too. If you provide often bad customer services this could destroy your reputation and your trust in your audience.

So, social media provides us the key to successful and fast customer service and we should take advantage of that. 

Learn more about your customers.

When your business is online you can be closer to your audience and their preferences. Nowadays social media networks give the benefit to know your clients – what they like, what they want, or what they think. A very important thing is also to know what they don’t want, don’t like, etc. 

Social media provides a big amount of data about your customers. You could understand their demographics, interests, etc.  The data that social media provides could be very helpful for building a good and strong strategy. 

Once you know those details about the people that have interaction with your profile you would know better how to speak to them and what kind of content to create. 

As we said a few sentences before, it’s really good to know what people want but also is good to know what to avoid. 

When you have enough data for your customers you could build the right marketing plan which will appropriately work for you. Your business will be one step further than the others in the competition for the first place between you and the other competitors. That’s why there is a huge importance of social media marketing for business.

Targeted advertising.

Social media allows us to make social ads that are less expensive than the other ways to advertise. You can promote your business there and the good thing is that you can afford it. 

Maybe when we hear something is not so expensive the first thing which comes to our mind is that this service is not so effective but this is not the case here. You can promote your business online and this will bring you a lot of benefits in the future. 

Some tools provide the opportunity to reach the right target group for your business and to increase your engagement. 

With the cool option that social media offers to their users – to create that specific targeting like selecting demographics information, language, geography, interests you can grow with the right ads online.

You can also create the messages that you want to share with different types of potential new clients. Once, when you analyze what kind of content would like for a certain group of customers you could synthesize the right message for the different kinds of people. 

With social media ads, you will pay for the viewers you want to reach. This is very important when we are talking about price and marketing budget for your brand, company, service, etc.

Social media marketing for businesses and why to trust an agency. social media marketing and why to trust and hire an agency

Till now we were explaining the advantages and the good side that social media marketing provides to businesses. So, now we could answer the question which is in the title “Is social media good or bad”. 

We think that is already clear but let us say it again. Yes, social media is one of the most powerful weapons which could help you to grow online and offline too. 

You can leave this work on the digital marketing agency that will do everything the right way. The professionals know how to use every tool that social media provides us. 

They will show you an example of social media strategy that will work very well for you. 

The experts will create a custom social media marketing strategy that will help your business to be in the top three places in your area. There is no need to learn how to do everything by yourself. Just trust the agency and watch your results.