The role of SEO in marketing

the of seo in marketing

Every business aims for success – online, offline, everywhere. To be successful is not an easy goal, especially when there are so many other people with their businesses that play in your field. And believe us – every single one is striving for victory. That’s why we will explain to you the role of SEO in marketing.

So one of the most important questions is – where do you start? The response you are searching for is “online”. Everything nowadays happens online and if you are absent you won’t be part of people’s minds too. Here digital marketing comes to the rescue. 

Probably you have already heard about digital marketing and SEO Optimization and it is not a surprise that we are mentioning them now. But do you really know how to take real advantage of their power and reach your goals?

SEO in marketing – how to put them together?Seo meaning in marketing

First, let’s see what is SEO and what is digital marketing separately and after that – put them together in an equation about what is SEO in digital marketing. Okay, maybe it started to sound a little bit difficult. Let’s begin with the easy explanations. 

Seo Meaning.

The definition of SEO is actually quite understandable when it’s said with simple words. All top results in different search engines (such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) are those with the best SEO Optimization. 

SEO is the process of publishing content with the correct keywords so that the already mentioned above search engines put your website above all others. It is increasing the quality of traffic and attracting lots of visitors to your page. To have the best SEO Optimization means to be on the first page of Google when someone searches for something related to your content. 

Because let’s face it – none of us goes further than the first page of Google. It’s like the law of laziness. And most importantly – we don’t need it. We find all we searched for in those four or five top websites. 

Search engines are that magical thing that answers almost all of our questions. But that is not happening just with the click of the mouse. When you press the button “search” is when the real deal takes place.

SEO in marketing and Google.

Let’s talk about Google (mainly because it is the most used search engine established through the years). Google looks through millions of pieces of content while rating hundreds of different factors to decide which content will probably answer more correctly and detailed to your demand.

That is the reason SEO Optimization is so deadly important for your website. Because if it’s not good – it will cut most of your connections with the searchers. 

There are lots of ways of gaining more traffic online – social media, paid ads, etc., but most of the visitors come to the websites thanks to search engines. 

Even more, is that SEO can continually generate clicks to your website and more payment because of that. It’s not like with a paid ad on Instagram, for example. It’s great when you sponsor something on the platform – a lot of new visitors, target audience, likes, and followers. But when the sponsorship ends after a week – that’s it. 

SEO is not like that. It’s not for once, for a week or so. Done well SEO Optimization can continue contributing to your success. Especially professional SEO. Because believe us – this thing is not for everybody. 

It’s like singing – we all sing in the car or under the shower, but we definitely won’t make it to a concert. Most of us are not that good or it’s just not our thing. Do you want to leave your business in the shower instead of going all the way to the big stage? Didn’t think so. 

Marketing meaning.

You can come across countless definitions of marketing online mostly said with difficult words that make you even more confused than before. Let’s try not to do that and understandably talk about marketing because it’s an often-used term that is good to be known. We are starting with something simple that can give you an adequate explanation.  

Marketing is all of the things that surround selling a product, a service, an idea, etc. Thinking about its price, the proper places to spread it, and the best way of advertising it so that it can be noticed by the target audience. 

It covers many areas: Branding, Publicity, Pricing, Strategy, Social media, Direct Marketing, Advertising, Research, Online Marketing, Public relations, and more. 

But the most important thing when we talk about marketing is the needs and values of the customers we are trying to sell the “thing” to. Marketing understands those needs and values and searches for a way to satisfy them. 

There are lots of types of Marketing, depending on the different needs of a certain business. We can say that it’s necessary to include more than one type if you want to grow more and more.

Let’s say that marketing it’s like a cocktail. A mojito for example. If you put in only rum and soda it won’t be anything special. We won’t even call it a cocktail. If you add only the lime juice the taste will be too sour. You have to mix it up with brown sugar for a little bit of sweetness and mint leaves for that exquisite aftertaste. Then we can talk about a cocktail that you would like to drink again, and again, and again.

But we won’t mention all the different types of marketing today, it’s not our main focus. We want to see exactly what is the role of SEO in Marketing. And this is the place Content Marketing comes from.

SEO + Marketing = successful business

SEO Content Marketing is a thing. Believe us. The core of content marketing is the use of relevant and useful content that can drive someone, a client or customer, to some kind of action towards something. 

If content marketing is not in the picture SEO loses its sense. It’s like the soul is missing and we have only the body. But why is content important for SEO so much? Because the meaning of SEO Optimization is rolled up around content marketing no matter from where you are looking at it. 

SEO needs articles, tons of words, and keywords, we can even say it needs a story. If we want to be successful online and we’re aiming for victory – we must always put content marketing and SEO in one equation. Only then can we talk about some kind of SEO marketing service strategy. And in business, it’s all about strategy.

The things you need in your SEO digital marketing strategy and why SEO in marketing is important.

The things you need in your seo digital marketing strategy

SEO, marketing, business – those things come together hand in hand. No matter if you have a website about a service you are providing, a product you are selling, or an idea you are trying to spread. Having a strategy is important because with a plan humans usually do their work better. Chaos is a taboo word in the world of business and marketing. 

You have to make up a strong skeleton with the most important bones for success. The bones that keep the head up. And the head is you, your company, and your goals. 

The first bone we will talk about is content. Which is not a surprise. But not just any content – quality content that has meaning. SEO and content marketing require most importantly consistency. 

Creative new interesting content that is not copied from a few other websites combined. Only fresh and unique text can be indexed faster on top. Way rapidly than something without any value that is repeated with the same words again and again through the Internet. 

Your content has to be written around a certain thing, or a problem and its resolution so that it has value for the readers that search information about it in the search engines. You can target the audience for your website with the correct keywords which are the first thing that Google looks up while thinking about which websites to rank on top. 

Keywords and their importance.

We are continuing with keywords. Keywords are the key to good SEO Optimization. The essential element you need. 

But they are quite tricky if we have to be honest. You should put them in the body, title, etc. but not too much. Filling your page with an enormous amount of keywords is a bad idea because actually, it has a worse impact on your ranking in search engines. 

You can target your audience very well with the keywords and attract a lot of quality traffic to your website. But only if you use them smartly. 

Using relevant keywords in your texts puts you higher in the Search engine result pages, called also SERPs. The appropriate manner of using keywords is by following some type of strategy. This is the ultimate plus in SEO Optimization. Stuffing a page and over-optimizing it on the other hand can kill all the effort you put in. 

The keywords and the balance.

When we are talking about SEO and keywords everything is about balance. 

Number three in our “strategy” if we can call it like that is knowledge. Most importantly when it comes to your desired audience. Because only when you know what your visitors really look for is when you’ll be able to reciprocate it in a way, search engines would rank it as a top result. And your website will end up in one of Google’s first places. 

SEO is a repeatable process that can also be measured. It is used for sending signs to search engines making your website worthy of showing in Google’s index. 

The only way of doing it correctly is by having enough knowledge about your services/ideas/products and the audience’s preference of delivering it to them. 

Organic traffic.

Traffic. Organic traffic to be more specific. This is the other bone you need for keeping your head up. With traffic, our skeleton is almost completed. As we said earlier you can generate clicks one way or the other.

By a sponsored post or an ad, you will gain traffic, yes. For a certain period and not only by quality visitors. SEO gives you the opportunity of having constant traffic and visitors that are really interested in your content. 

Another important thing is your domain. When your links are connected with high-domain authority sites (.org or .edu, for example) the traffic raises a lot. 

And last but not least, the neck right below the head – a digital marketing agency that can keep up with everything you need when it comes to marketing. But we’re thinking about having a whole new paragraph about SEO management. 

SEO in marketing. Why trust experts when it comes to SEO marketing services?

We are all people. Most of us trust only ourselves when it comes to… everything. If there is a possibility we want to do everything alone because there is nobody else we trust most. But there are things in life that should be left to professionals. 

Probably your situation with SEO Optimization is the same. You think that reading a book or two will give you enough knowledge on the subject and that’s correct actually. But the thing with SEO and marketing at all is that they are always changing. Something new comes up, something old must be removed. There is nothing constant. 

And here come the experts on the subject who can help you build your website and grow permanently online. Because this is their job. If something happens with the electricity at your house, you’ll probably call an electrician. Because you know nothing on that subject and you’re afraid you’ll get an electric shock by trying to fix it on your own. 

SEO Optimization.

With SEO Optimization it’s the same. But the danger is about the health of your business. Experts know well what the market was before, how it is now, and what can probably change in the future.

Thanks to this knowledge they could make the right strategy and keep up with appropriate SEO management that keeps your business ranked at the top and always in synchronous with the trends.

SEO has to be developed over time. Marketing SEO services can give such a boost to your business. Choosing the right team to stay behind your site, optimizing it and everything, is a must if you want to take one of the first places in search engines. 

SEO management service is in almost every agency portfolio. With an agency, you can be one step ahead and in tune with the new – not only when it comes to SEO Optimization, but with all parts of your digital marketing as well. 

Choose wisely if you want to be chosen yourself.