Social Media Branding | Client: Bariatric Surgery Center

The Bariatric Surgery Center is an infirmary specializing in the treatment of obesity through bariatric & metabolic surgery. Ηead of the center is Dr. Ilias Sdralis, a certified bariatric & metabolic surgery surgeon, and the scientific director of the Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Department of the Interbalkan European Medical Center of Thessaloniki.

The BSC faced several challenges in promoting its services, such as establishing trust and credibility with the target audience, addressing psychological barriers that potentially interested people would have, and communicating the success rate of the medical team in a way that does not look too commercial.

To address these challenges, BSC collaborated with our team in order to develop an integrated digital branding strategy. The strategy was divided into two main pillars: highlighting a problem-solving approach & presenting real cases, and leveraging social media, writing articles on the website and generating leads through Facebook ads.

More specifically, our team developed an aesthetic feed strategy for social media posts that featured “before and after” images of real cases, along with information about the procedure and steps the BSC medical team took to establish trust and credibility with the target audience.

In addition, articles were added to the BSC website, providing valuable information for people seeking solutions to obesity issues. At the same time, a lead generation campaign through Facebook ads was used as a performance strategy to attract potential leads and increase appointments.

As a result of this strategy, the Bariatric Surgery Center increased its awareness and trust, with a 550% increase in word-of-mouth communication and led for 2022. Overall, the case of BSC shows that an integrated digital branding strategy can help healthcare and medical service companies establish their presence in their respective professional fields.