With a presence in the coffee sector since 1958, maintaining a traditional coffee roaster, Nettos coffee has now become a chain of 3 stores in Thessaloniki, with the last one opening its doors in 2019.

We undertook the restructuring of the branding of the company as a whole, with immediate application to the new store that was being prepared. Our goal was to combine the tradition of the time and the taste heritage with the needs of today.

Wanting to communicate both the uniqueness and quality of the products, as well as the renewed environment of the new store, we proceeded to create a fully personalised design. We created a corporate theme, framed with custom icons associated with the product categories offered in the stores.

The first step was the redesign of the logo and, afterward, the design of the rest of the corporate identity. The custom design we created was applied to the entire branding spectrum, from internal/external labelling and banners to employee uniforms, packaging and price lists.

For the storefront, we used the Blender program. Our purpose was to build the facade of the new store in actual size (proportionately).

In this way, we prepared different proposals for decorating and adjusting the logo and custom icons, internally and externally, at the layout level.

Then, we rendered the 3d model with textures, materials and lighting, so as to faithfully represent the final result.

In the same logic, we created the product category labels inside the store, which were presented in 3D format.

Additionally, specially-made advertising banners framed the entire spatial approach.

For the implementation of the packaging of the glasses, we relied on the application of custom design and created three different mockups. The customer’s final choice was No. 3.

In the same logic, but mainly based on the final design of the glasses, we proceeded to design the rest of the packaging. Such packaging was, for example, coffee-nut bags and plastic bags.

The rebranding was completed with the design of the employees’ corporate work uniforms. The primary colour was black. With these uniforms, the distinct corporate identity was captured, applying the brand’s custom icons to their hem.

Then, we proceeded with the design and implementation of the company’s website, based on the corporate identity with a custom design. Our goal was for the website to be highly user-friendly, in desktop & mobile view.

We have also created accounts on Social Media and, in particular, on Facebook & Instagram. Now, Nettos stores have a modern digital presence, with rich content, which is produced and communicated on a monthly basis.

The production of content for Social Media was based, first of all, on product photography. The photo shooting took place in the store, but also in the studio. The last option was deemed necessary to highlight the characteristics of certain products, in more detail.

The new Nettos store, with its renewed appearance, while maintaining the top quality of its products, adorns Plagiari Thessaloniki and is a modern proposition for the residents of the area and beyond.

At this moment, having established its new identity, the brand is ready to proceed with its following plans, expanding its presence in more areas of Thessaloniki, with the opening of new stores.