Healthy Instagram Planning


Evgenia Restemi, a renowned nutritionist, has been running her nutritionist’s office in Evosmos, Thessaloniki for about 10 years now, since 2009.

Having identified the new trend that makes it imperative for businesses that are similar to hers to tune with the requirements of the modern digital era, it appealed to us to develop a professional image for her Instagram profile.

Her goal was to be able to actively interact with her audience through Social Media, and instill her key principles in it:

  • love your body
  • proper nutrition
  • weight loss


The first and foremost component of a successful communication strategy on Instagram is the creation of visual-photographic material.

Evgenia was photographed in our studio, in a photography session with a special concept that included various fruits and vegetables, which comprise the key ingredients of a balanced diet.

Then, we set up Evgenia’s professional account on Instagram, in a way that all information was properly structured.

In specific, a professional Instagram Setup included the following:

  • Right placement of the profile image
  • Changing the account status to professional
  • Correct choice of the business type
  • Short description of the company and the brand motto
  • Listing the company’s details (Address, telephone no., website, e-mail)
  • Design of Instagram Highlights images
  • Design of a Unique Aesthetic Feed, according to the corporate identity

The plan that we followed for uploading monthly posts included a combination of useful nutrition tips and recipes that were accompanied by high-quality photographs.

Our goal was to help the audience stay updated on issues regarding health and nutrition.

Monthly Instagram Plan

The monthly plan for Instagram posts is developed by our company on a monthly basis, and sent for approval to the company, along with the captions.

In this way, Evgenia did not have to waste time on continuously monitoring the posts that we had undertaken to post on her profile, thus saving her time to do what she knows best.

That is, to help us fall in love with healthy nutrition.


Evgenia’s profile managed to get more than 800 followers in just a few days from going online, increasing Evgenia’s recognizability dramatically, which also increased her customer base significantly, by offering useful advice through Instagram.