Health Marketing


Our goal was to emphasize on building a modern corporate identity for the Phlebology Clinic, and Petros Bangeas, General Surgeon.

Although these are two projects that come from the same industry, different means and techniques were used for the final…digital lifting.

Our approach

The main need that we covered for the doctor’s office was to standardize its services and create added value. The second goal was achieved by building a consistent corporate image.

Regarding the surgeon, we proceeded with the building a modern-looking digital image. In this way, both existing and prospective customers will be able to find information easily and immediately, as well as contact him and be advised on various health issues online.


Creating a Logotype for the Phlebology Clinic

Our goal was to apply a human-centered approach to the Phlebology Clinic brand, choosing to build a clearly-defined brand.

The choice of blue and red colors reminds of veins and arteries. These were captured in the design as two lines that merge to create a human body.


The production of photographic material and video is essential, in order to revamp a corporate identity.

The photography session that took place for the physician aimed at establishing his personal branding and boosting his professional image through the website.

Photography of Surgeon Petros Bangeas
Photography of Surgeon Petros Bangeas

On the other hand, the photography session for the clinical company took place to present its human resources, build its corporate image, and also use the material on social media.

Photography of the Phlebology Clinic team

Web Design of “Petros Bangeas, General Surgeon”

We proceeded with the development of a website, based on the corporate identity, which would also be compatible with all mobile devices, as well as a clean design, and a prominent navigation menu.

The entire project was focused on the main goal, i.e. to be user-friendly by offering optimum navigation experience.

Web Design of “Petros Bangeas – General Surgeon”

Social Media & Google Ads Campaigns Phlebology Clinic

The main goal of the Phlebology Clinic was the arrangement of appointments. Therefore, we proceeded with Lead Generation campaigns for targeted audiences (based on location, age, consumer behavior, etc.).

Considering the fact that Facebook restricts the promotion of surgical or botox-related services, we conceptualized alternative campaigns. Then, we accompanied them with smart captions and graphics, finally overcoming this obstacle with ease.

Simultaneously with social media actions, we also carried out promotion through the Google’s Search and Display Network (Google Ads & Remarketing Display).

For Google Ads, we did research for targeted keywords that are related with the services provided by the doctor’s office. We structured the campaigns and directed the audience to the corresponding landing pages on the website.

Finally, we implemented remarketing, campaigns, i.e. both Display campaigns and Remarketing Lists for Search Ads- RLSA) .


The Phlebology Clinic managed to create added value for existing customers, also boosting loyalty to the corporate identity. At the same time, the advertising campaigns attracted new customers who used its services, increasing the company’s reputation and profits, as well.

Surgeon Petros Bangeas can now communicate with his customers online. He can arrange appointments, and offer solutions to any customer questions immediately and easily. Furthermore, by having the right digital presence and corporate identity, he has also attracted new customers who searched for him or his services online.