Corporate Identity & Web Design | Client: Philoxenia Index

branding philoxenia index case study

The Philoxenia Index is based on the research project “Hospitality Meter” and its implementation is done in collaboration with the School of Economics of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the Mentor Information Systems Ltd.

The aim of the project was to create an online platform that will act as a search engine for the potential customer, who would search for accommodation based on her preferences and the ranking of hotels (based on the Hospitality Index).

InYourCity undertook the creation of the corporate identity and the construction of the corporate website of the Philoxenia Index.

The final logo is simple and functional, based on a more modern look. The logo design was completed with an accompanying design in the form of a grid that looks like a map. The aim was to illustrate the central idea of the project, i.e. the connection of customers with hotels based on the Hospitality Index.

Logo process philoxenia index case study

With the completion of the creation of the logo, and in the context of the new corporate identity, we created printable flyers.

Next, we designed the corporate cards, emphasizing the grid in order to further highlight the corporate identity.

business cards philoxenia index case study

The final step was the corporate website . Its construction was completed in order to communicate the content and the purpose of the project, but also to be used as a landing page during future campaigns.

web design philoxenia index case study