Branding | Client: reMind

The Hellenic Society of Alzheimer’s Disease & Congenital Disorders of Chalkida provides primary health care services, with the main focus on the prevention of brain health and emotional health.

Our team was asked to capture, at the level of brand and logo, the identity of the Company, whose philosophy revolves around person-centered care, the collaborative nature of the community and the intergenerational actions of young people in contact with the elderly.

The final name chosen was reMind, as a verbal combination of the main repetition prefix (re) with the multifaceted meaning of the mind, a combination that, in any case, is a real and easily recognizable term as a verb (remind = I remind).

It is a combination that linguistically substantiates the central goal of the Company (that is, people with Alzheimer’s and congenital disorders should be reminded that they deserve to have the best quality of life) with its basic logic (that is, education and mindfulness come in from repetitive activities, empowerment actions and interactions with different groups of people).

Regarding the design of the logo, we chose to use colors and font that would exude a sense of calm, serenity and joy. The use of exclusively lowercase letters and the separation of prefix and key concept was framed by the graphic representation of “m” with the figure of an elephant.

The most likable and clever quadruped is known for its very good memory, which it uses for its orientation. Therefore, the typical elephant connotation was used to symbolize the strength, wisdom and longevity that reMind seeks for people with Alzheimer’s and everyone else.