Branding | Client: Alma

ALMA jewelry by Alexandros and Margarita is handmade with the macrame technique.

We were asked to form the corporate identity of the creators’ attempt to capture in handmade jewelry their own journey of inspiration and exploration of colorful places and exotic cultures that began in 2010.

A purely person-centered naming would not have much to offer if there was not the appropriate association that would offer desirable identifications and emotional closenesses on the part of the public.

ALMA, then, like Alexander and Margarita. Leaping (ΑΛΜΑ), is like a big step towards creation, towards further acquaintance with our style, our identity, and ultimately with ourselves.

Regarding the visualization of the corporate identity, the approach which prevailed was a design referring to primitive and generic lines that are found on a cross-cultural level, in order to integrate the anthropocentric character of the brand with the graphic imprint of the initials of the creators’ names.

The ethnic addition of the Nazar was used precisely to highlight the universal dimension of the art of Alexandros and Margarita, based on the inscribing of the, at the same time, local and internationally recognizable symbol, in a cultural perspective that connects people through customs, ideas, and perceptions.