Branding & B2B Performance Marketing | Client: Fun Fashion

The family business Fun Fashion is one of the leading companies in the field of costumes, focusing on the production of original Halloween costumes since 1990. In its collections, which are updated on a regular basis, there are also traditional and Christmas costumes, but also many carnival accessories.

Fun Fashion turned to our team in order to reconstruct its corporate identity at the level of logo re-design; something which would allow the brand to update and aesthetically upgrade its catalogs. At the same time, our team was asked to implement digital marketing actions that would lead to commercial partnerships with physical stores.

The new logo had to meet the needs of a digitally oriented corporate identity, which needed to become more distinct, through a redesign that would highlight the character and philosophy of Fun Fashion. Based on a holistic approach regarding brand name, symbol & description, we captured the spirit of the business by clearly describing what it does, with a logo that evokes the imagery of a Halloween party and humanizes the brand with the familiar figure of the little wizard.

The new catalogs were designed to showcase the updated collections of costumes and accessories for Christmas and Halloween by creatively incorporating the refreshed corporate color palette and aligning with the stylistic character of the new logo. Thus, an absolutely Fun mood was fully captured in the Fashion version of the favorite holidays of both younger and older people.

In order to communicate the redesigned corporate identity and the upgraded catalogs to potential partners, a completely targeted performance marketing action was designed and implemented. The Lead Generation campaign on Facebook for contacts (leads), so that immediate B2B collaborations can occur, was based on the Call-to-Action promo for the free shipping of the new commercial catalogs.

Based on the renewed corporate identity, the elegantly designed catalogs, and the well-planned Lead Generation campaign that was carried out, Fun Fashion achieved the goals it had set. It substantially upgraded its overall branding, notably improved its commercial image, and significantly increased its partner network.