With a presence in the coffee industry since 1958, running a traditional coffee roasting shop, Nettos coffee has now managed to grow into a chain of 3 stores in Thessaloniki, with the latest having opened in 2019.


We undertook the task of completely revamping the company’s brand, with immediate application to the new store, while our goal was to marry the tradition of the past and its flavor legacy, with current needs.

Our approach

Wishing to communicate both product uniqueness and quality and the modernized environment of the new store, we proceeded with the development of a custom design. We created a corporate pattern, which was framed with custom icons that were correlated with the categories of products on offer in the stores.


The first step was to redesign the logotype, and then the other elements of the corporate identity. The custom design that we created was applied throughout the branding spectrum, from internal/external labeling and banners, to employee uniforms, packaging, and price lists.

Modeling | 3D design | Store’s front view

For the store’s front view, we used the Blender program. Our goal was to build the new store’s front view in its actual size (in proportion).

In this way, we prepared different logotype decoration/adaptation and custom icon proposals, both internally & externally, as well as for internal layout arrangement.

Then, we rendered the 3D model with textures/materials and lighting for a proper representation of the end result.

Internal labeling | 3D design

Following the same logic, we created internal product category labeling in store, which was presented in 3D format.

External banner design

Packaging design | Cups

To implement cup packaging, we were based on the application of a custom design, and created three different mockups. The client finally chose no. 3.

Packaging design | Coffee packaging – Plastic bags

Following the same logic, and mostly based on the final cup design, we proceeded with the design of other packaging. This packaging consisted of coffee – nut sachets and plastic bags.

Corporate uniform design

The revamping of branding was completed with the design of employee corporate work uniforms. The basic color was black, and we gave identity to them by applying the custom icons of corporate identity, in finishing them.

Corporate Website Design

Then, we proceeded with the design and implementation of the website: www.nettos.gr, with a custom design based on the corporate identity. Our goal was to build a user-friendly website, both in desktop & mobile view.

Social Media Setup

Finally, we set up Social Media accounts, and specifically, on Facebook & Instagram. Currently, NETTOS stores have a modern-looking digital presence, with rich content, which is generated and managed on a monthly basis.

Content Generation | Professional Photography

Social Media content generation was based on product photography. Photography sessions took place in the store, as well as in the studio, when required, to highlight the features of certain products in more detail.


The new “NETTOS” store, with its modernized look, and maintaining its premium product quality, is currently the jewel of Plagiari, Thessaloniki, and is a modern option for area residents, and not only.

Having established its new identity, the brand is now ready to proceed with its future plans, expanding its presence to more areas of Thessaloniki, by opening new stores.