Let your business speak – how much should a professional logo design cost?

the professional logo design cost offered by a digital marketing agency

Your brand’s logo is the face of your company. It is a huge part of the brand identity you choose to have and it should correspond with all the other branding elements.  Otherwise, it is not going to give the right impression. But how much does the logo design cost?

It is crucial to have a logo that stands out among all the other businesses in the industry.

So, when you are choosing it is not the time to try to save money. With the entire budget you are spending when building a business, your logo design is not the place to compromise. 

You will gain quality, customer loyalty, value, and a story to tell with an aesthetic logo design, which should be a reflection of your business as a whole. You could hire a professional designer or an agency. This will ensure that the final logo design will differ you from the competition and communicate your brand’s message strongly.

While you are trying to decide how much you are willing to spend, the wide range of prices you will see might confuse you. However, everything depends on the needs of the company. And of course, the different types of offers, price points, and packages. The essential thing is to understand what you are getting, and of course not getting, for the budget you spare. 

You must be aware of what you are buying. Have realistic expectations about the result for a certain amount of money and don’t get disappointed if it is not what you have imagined. Believe us, a logo that costs nothing and a logo design that costs thousands are not the same thing.

In this article, we are going to look at three different ranges for logo design price. The low-end (the cheapest ones), the mid-end (the middle offers), and the high-end (the most expensive logos). 

But first thing first – what is a logo design? 

What is a logo design, the cost of a logo design, and its importance?the importance of professional logo design for business

If you were making a profile on social media, the logo would be the profile picture you choose. The first thing people see and by which they make an assumption about you. In this case, about your business. 

If we have to give you an exact definition of brand logo design, we would describe it as one of the elements that identify your business. It’s important to communicate clearly who you are, so you look appealing to customers. Not too tacky, but simple and clear, and corresponds to all standards in your industry. 

Moreover, a huge highlight of your company’s logo design is to have a rather classical look than trendy. Mostly because trends in logo design change too quickly and you don’t want your logo to be out of style in a year.

There is not a second first impression. A successful brand logo design is a perfect way to show potential clients your company is trustworthy. Because it is built by professionals, high-quality products or services, and most importantly – a meaning. 

There are so many things you have to have in mind when choosing a logo. But the most important thing is to make it accurate, no matter the logo design cost.

It has to correspond well with the other branding elements. And of course reflect the whole idea, beliefs, and values standing behind your company. Otherwise, even the most beautiful brand logo design is useless.

You must always consider the choice and symbols of the different color palettes, shapes, and typography. They provoke feelings and emotions in the customers that you need to make work for you and not against you. 

Experts know that.

A person that is a professional knows all those things. But if you want to do everything by yourself (which we do not recommend you to do), you must spend a lot of time exploring. What is the logo design process, how to use elements in your favor, etc?

For example, red is often used for food-related businesses because it awakens the appetite. Blue, on the other hand, is the most suitable color for almost any company. This is why it is the most used one, so you should be careful not to get long among all the blue logos. The only exception is for food chains because it suppresses the appetite.

If you don’t know those things, you could make a huge mistake when creating your brand logo design, so that is why a budget for the logo design cost is worth it. 

So now, after establishing the importance of a logo and what is its role in general, let’s move on to the different price ranges we mentioned in the beginning.

What is the average logo design cost?the average logo design cost for a logo-maker freelancer and agency

As we have said, there are three large ranges of logo design costs.

  • Low-end – the cheapest ones, which can be even free if you are making it with a logo maker.
  • Mid-end – the middle offers – mostly services from freelance designers and some agencies.
  • High-end – the most expensive logos made by agencies with real time-tested experts.

The logos in the different ranges are not the same thing. Although it might seem like it when you first see the result. The thing making the biggest difference is not even the price, but the process. 

Moreover, the logo design price sometimes depends on the business requiring the service. A huge brand with a large audience and enormous profit are more likely to pay way more than a small family business. 

Two different companies may receive the same brand logo design but pay a different cost. This is called value-based pricing and it’s typical for many agencies. 

Another way to form pricing is by usage licensing. This considers the display of the logo – would it be locally, nationally, or worldwide; is it going to be broadcast on TV, online, on physical products and how many people will see it.

It’s up to the designer to choose the conditions for the use of his work, as an owner of the copyrighted work, and negotiate the price according to that. 

Creative jobs like developing a brand logo design can’t be done quickly. This is something you must be inspired by. Make it diverse from the logos on the market and be sure it is tightly related to the business it is made for. This is the logo design process, which is what matters as we have said. 

Do your research!

Everything comes with research. A designer, whether freelance or an agency, should ask you essential things concerning your business. Like favorite colors, symbols, typography, mood boards, etc., so that they can use them in the logo design process.   

An expert will always offer you a few variations so you can pick the one you like the most. And make changes depending on your vision and opinion after your feedback. Until you get the result you really want from all the concepts he should offer different options.

In the end, you will receive a brand logo design that reflects the beliefs of your brand. And also communicates the message you want and it should always be delivered in multiple color and composition variations.  

This research process is what you are sacrificing most of the time when choosing a cheaper logo design service. You must decide who you want to be responsible for the research and the logo you will use for years. A limited logo maker website, a freelance student making 20 logos per month, or an agency or professional freelance designer. 

Low cost – under 500€ 

We must start by mentioning the logo makers because they are the cheapest way to create a brand logo design. However, they are not the best way to build something, actually communicating your brand and provoking emotions. 

Even if you have the skills to do that kind of thing, own the abilities, and have an idea, the logo maker doesn’t have so many features and the options are limited. The things you can change are colors for logo design, font variants, and generic icons. Nothing personal can create a reflection of your brand. 

In that cost range, some freelancers can do the job, but you risk ending up with stolen work, so you must be careful. There are some quite good designers in that section, of course. But this is usually not their official job. They do it as a hobby or make four or five different brand logo designs in one week. How much time do you think they will spare for your assignment?

Of course, there are people who will do quite a good job. But the chance of choosing someone like this among all the others is not as big as we want it to be. When a designer is working on your logo, you must talk constantly and put the common effort into the project. A beautiful logo looks different for different people. 

We told you about the whole logo design process. With the low-cost range, most of the stages are not only neglected but also missing. You probably won’t get different variations, different colors and won’t have the opportunity to give feedback. Is this something you are willing to sacrifice? 

Midrange – 500 – 3 000€

This is a pretty good option if you are willing to spend more but not too much. People offering professional logo design services in this category have plenty of experience and adhere to professional standards.

Here every part of the logo design process we talked about is present and the work will probably be done within 6-8 weeks or something like that, because it requires more time to do better research and create different concepts, variations and then work on the feedback of the client. 

Freelancers with experience in both the United States and Europe, typically offer 4-figure euro/dollar prices.

A freelancer is a great option because you can have a customized logo design for less money, but always check their portfolios and testimonials before hiring. Also not only the experience is important but how they charge too – per hour or project. 

You could also find some small agencies who offer logo design services, which won’t disappoint you. They will create custom concepts for business cards, social media, and letterheads as well. Again as we’ve said, you are expected to receive a few concepts for each type of stationery.

High-end – above 3 000+

The process here is following the required steps from the mid-end but the difference is that when you pay a bigger amount of money, you get a whole team of professional designers and marketers. 

When a few people are working on your custom logo design, the research is deeper and more ideas are born during the process because more people are putting in their effort. 

The high-end design might involve the active participation of the client or a customer focus group, too and business name and tagline often are part of the deal, which is a huge plus. 

This type of logo design can take a few months, but big companies wouldn’t want to rush things anyway because in the end, it might cost them more money.

Usually, when you hire an agency that expensive you are getting a full brand identity package and a logo is just a part of it. Design agencies wage research of the market and competitor analysis to make a strategy for how your brand could really stand out. 

The creative teams responsible for your strategy will approach the project from all angles, making sure the work is backed up with business data.

This is a big investment that provides you with more aesthetic, complex logos with custom artwork that suit and reflect your brand message. 

Find your brand identity with logo design cost packages.different logo design cost packages you have to choose from

As we have said in the beginning – the brand logo design is an essential part of your business, it portrays the brand as a whole and provokes feelings and loyalty in customers. This is why it should be something you are willing to sacrifice. 

The packages at the high-end give you not only a custom logo design but also a whole brand identity as well with a brand name, tagline, branding guidelines, etc. Think well about how much you are willing to spend and more importantly, what you want to receive as a result. 

Different design processes deliver different results as you may suggest, so don’t get disappointed if you receive less when you are paying less. 

With the low-budget logo, you get only a logo, which is not personal or special at all.

On the other hand, with the mid-budget logo, you will receive a few logo variations, brand guidelines and if you are paying more, even a branding strategy and additional graphics for different channels.

But with the high-budget logo, you end up with a branding strategy, many logo variations, brand guidelines, a comprehensive selection of all the graphics you need, and eventually a brand name and tagline. 

If you have questions or want to ask us about what kind of services we offer, don’t hesitate to fill in the form at the end of the article and we will contact you as soon as possible.