Logo design services and meaning from the professionals

logo design services and meaning

The path of developing a business has changed through the years. Nowadays, we have to be online, social media have taken a place in the picture and everything has become much more digital. Of course, some things remain the same. Logo design services are one of the essentials for your presence in the digital world.

Every brand needs to have values, beliefs and most importantly – stick to them and express them in every possible way. In the colors, social media channels, websites, and logo. Everything that surrounds your business is a reflection of it. 

There are two things that a customer sees with just one glance no matter if we are talking about online or offline marketing – your name and your logo. 

Books are the same, so let’s have an example. 

You are in a bookshop and you see a pink book cover with the image of a flying heart and beautiful angel wings. The title is “I love you from the bottom of my heart” written in italic font. You are not expecting a Steven King novel, right? You guess it’s a romantic book, maybe poetry or something like that – definitely not a thriller. 

When it comes to businesses logos and names are the cover and title. So if you’re an owner of a construction company, you shouldn’t have a butterfly logo, because it will make a different impression on the audience. And creating a false vision of your brand could be crucial because it will confuse people a lot. 

So let’s dig deeper into logo design and brand identity and explore everything you need to know about it.

The meaning of company’s logo design and brand identity meaning of company's logo design and brand identity

An easy logo design definition is that logos are symbols made up of both text and images which help us identify a business. It’s the way for your audience to understand your work, values, and ideas. 

Logo design is all about the creation of a significant mark that represents your brand. There is a lot of psychology that stands behind it because a logo “speaks” to the customers before anything else. It’s not only about the colors for logo design as many people think. 

Yes, of course, color themes are a significant part of it, but not the only part. This is why logo design is important – it creates not only a visual image but a whole meaning which should be corresponding with your brand. 

The term “logo” on its own comes from the Greek word “λόγος” and it means “word”. So while creating your brand’s logo, you’re creating a visual word that people will use to identify you and your work. 

Almost every brand logo design, depending on its type, consists in itself a symbol or brand mark and a logotype, together with a tagline. 

Strong logo and logo design services.

It takes a lot of effort to create a beautiful and strong logo because it will be the basis for other marketing materials as well, like stationery, packaging, promotional materials, and signage, it will stand on your website, social media, etc. We could even call it the profile picture of your brand.

And nobody wants to be stuck with a not-so-good profile picture for approximately a decade, right?

Let’s say your company produces organic bio cosmetics made of 100% natural materials. Your logo must be simple and made with earth tones – because it reflects the simplicity in the ingredients and the power of nature. 

A sparkling, colorful logo would create a huge confusion among customers because it doesn’t “talk” about organic or basic products. See our point referring to logo design and brand identity? 

The biggest perk of having a great logo design is that it makes you stand out from your competition. This is the main function it has – distinguishing your brand from the others which are developing in the same niche. 

Before even thinking about logo design and branding services you must check your opponents – what they choose, does it look good, and how do you want to differentiate yourself from them?

Another perk is that logos build brand recognition. You get in people’s heads leaving a visual impact and this creates associations in their minds. Think about Nike or Puma – you don’t need to see the name to know which company it is. It’s enough to see the logo. 

Shapes and colors are much easier for people to process and memorize than words. That’s how logo design and brand identity work together. A well-designed logo will be memorable, helping customers to remember the brand.

Logo design elements. 

We can’t talk about a logo without mentioning elements and colors. Now let’s take a closer look at the elements you need to consider. 

Typography. Words are an essential part of a logo design. It could be just one letter, the whole brand name, or even a couple of words that represent the main idea/value of the company. The importance of logo design typography is huge. 

Imagery. Different symbols or icons are almost mandatory when it comes to logos. They can be made of any abstract geometric logo design elements, forms, marks. It could be even a small dot or a line – it’s still imagery, even if it is not an image on its own. 

Context. We mentioned that a logo is a part of almost every brand-related material, but still, when considering a design you must think where it will be applied. Commonly logos are put online, on business cards, advertising, etc., but if your business has some specific logo design and branding needs, you should think about it. 

Static or dynamic elements. Having a static logo means to have one which looks the same everywhere. A dynamic logo on the other hand could change depending on the context it is put in.

Color. Monochrome, multicolored, or black and white logo design – it depends on how you imagine it and what represents your business truly. Let’s dig deeper into what each color means. 

Logo design colors. 

As you know, the meanings of colors have been important for centuries. Before this was the easiest way to distinguish people from different classes. Today it is a way of speaking. 

Colors have a huge impact on people’s emotions and behaviors and if you choose wrong you might give a false impression in everything – from a flower bouquet to digital design services. 

This is why logo design techniques and colors are important – you could attract customers or unfortunately achieve the reverse effect. Now we’ll mention the six main colors and their meanings. 

Red. Of course, we have to start with red. At least because this is the first color babies see (except black and white). In our mind red always stands for love, passion, anger, romance, and danger. It is a very strong and powerful color and a brave choice when it comes to logo design, whether used alone or as an accent color. 

It’s often used by food-related businesses too because it stimulates the appetite. 

Yellow. Cheerful, friendly, warm, youthful energy flows from that color. Depending on the different shade it is in, it represents different emotions – happy bright yellow comes in light and fresh, unlike a deep gold shade that weights way more.

It’s important to notice that usually, customers do not see yellow as an association with maturity or luxury brand logo design. 

Green. This is the color of nature, growth, money, freshness and honestly, it could be used by any company. 


Blue. It symbolizes trust, maturity, peace, confidence, tranquility. It is a great color for a logo design but this is also the reason why almost every logo is blue, so you’ll be lost among all. You’ll have to find how to stand out! 

Blue is not a good choice only for food companies and restaurants because it suppresses your appetite, unlike red. 

Orange. Like yellow, this is a very cheerful, playful color, but it also symbolizes innovation, creativity, and ideas. But if you want to appear feminine or serious be cautious, as orange doesn’t invoke those traits for consumers.

Purple. Now we’re talking luxurious. Through the centuries, purple-dyed clothes were very expensive so they were worn only by wealthy people, and nowadays in logo design and branding services, they still make us think of luxury. 

Regardless of what color you choose, you should always think about how it would look like a black and white logo design. This is because the color should be complementary in building your brand identity and give your logo strength, but not be an essential part. Your logo should be meaningful and understandable without any colors as well. 

Custom logo design services – why? custom logo design why

Customization always pops up when we’re talking about logos, websites, etc. There is always the question of “Should it be a template or custom made?”.

Let’s make it clear – a custom logo design means having a logo made specifically for your business. This means that no other brand could possibly have it – so it makes you unique which is a huge plus. 

As an owner you will be a part of the process of making a customized logo design – you will discuss ideas, make some highlights about your business as a whole, and say how you imagine it generally. 

After that, designers will show you sketches, pitch some ideas as well, explain different logo design techniques and give an expert opinion because as you know they have a special look at things. This is a great way to get exactly what you want and outstand your competition. 

Logos tell stories to the targeted audience. It has become a way to attract a lot of customers to a brand.

Template logo design.

Template logo design is not a bad option as well, especially if you don’t have enough budget for it. With a template logo, you won’t be unique, because templates are used by a lot of different companies, no matter if we’re talking about a logo or a website. 

Even if you change colors, fonts, etc., it will still be a template that already exists. It’ll still represent your brand, but probably it won’t be an exact reflection of your ideas. 

You have to be careful though! When you leave your logo in the hands of a professional custom logo design agency, don’t be ashamed to express your opinion about it even if it means making them do it again, and again, and again. 

Your logo is your profile picture, remember? 

The professional logo design services you need.professional logo design

Logo design is a strategic tool that identifies your business. It is not art, even if it looks like that sometimes because it is a visual object. That’s why the strategy should be made by people who truly understand what is important and how to beat the competition. 

There shouldn’t be any hidden meanings in a logo design – everything needs to be communicated with the audience. It influences our decisions and establishes instant brand recognition. Of course, when it is done well.

A logo designer knows things you can’t even think of – where’s the difference between logo design for real estate and logo design for boutiques. What should a logo design for a YouTube channel look like if you’re trying to grow online? What are the logo design’s minimal requirements? Are there any?

Even if you have the confidence that you have a good eye for those kinds of visual things, you should still have a consultation with an expert. For example, for some logo designs, it is hard to be printed on paper or it costs too much and a professional logo designer knows it. Otherwise, in the end, you might be paying more for promotional equipment than for an agency. 

If you have remaining questions about logo design or anything related to marketing and business don’t hesitate to ask us. Just fill in the form at the end of the article and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about it. 

Also, check out our services. You might get surprised and find exactly what you’re looking for.