What is the importance of a logo and its types?

the meaning and importance of brand logo design

Creating a business or maintaining one is a huge responsibility and it requires a lot of effort. Before establishing a company you must think about what are the values you’re going to stay behind, the mission, unique positioning that differentiates you from other competitors, the strong characteristics you want to focus on, and the weak spots you’ll avoid while presenting your services/products/ideas to an audience you want to engage. Is more than choosing your logo design types.

Brand identity is what comes up here and builds the base upon which everything continues to grow later. This is the collection of all elements that a business uses to draw the right image to its customers. 

It is the way of creating a brand’s personality and finding your brand’s voice to communicate with. Deciding what your business would be if it was a person-friendly, more serious, etc. 

As an addition to the brand identity definition, we could say that it is something making you memorable and recognizable to people. It develops a connection between you and your audience, builds customer loyalty, and it’s the main point determining the perception of your brand in general.

The first point of the brand identity elements is logo design. Αs it is said in today’s language – the logo is like your profile picture on social media. The first thing people see and upon which they develop an opinion. Logo design and brand identity go hand-in-hand. 

Let’s dive deeper into the logo design world. 

Logo design meaning and importance.the meaning of logo design for business

Before deciding what kind of brand logo design you want, you need to establish your brand identity on every subject we’ve mentioned. Only then you can build an idea in your head of a logo that would suit you most. 

Logo design identifies your business. It’s important to have clear communication about who you are, to make it appealing – not too tacky, but simple and clear, and correspond to all standards in your niche. 

And a huge highlight for your company’s logo design type is to be classic. Trends change and you do not want it to be out of style in a few months. 

Many customers assume your business as a whole just by seeing your logo for a few seconds. It’s like with people – most of the time we need just one look at someone’s face to form an opinion. Sometimes it’s not correct, sometimes it hits right in the center. 

Regardless, quite often we don’t give someone a second chance if we haven’t liked them at first sight. And you definitely don’t want your company’s logo design to take you away from your audience because it’s not done correctly and it doesn’t correspond with the brand personality. 

A well-designed brand logo design is the best way to express to potential clients that they can trust your company because behind it there are professionals, high-quality goods or services, and a meaning.

We must note that you should check the competition before diving into the initiative. Distinctive, easily recognizable, and memorable assures a win along the way. And don’t forget a brand logo design shouldn’t be artwork. 

Even the most beautiful and fancy-looking logo means nothing if it’s not aligned with the business it represents. Do not sacrifice commerce in the name of art.

See, there is not just one thing on the list while creating the best logo. It’s a long process with a few main points to have in mind – colors, shapes, typography.

Logo design types.The different logo design types, shapes, colors, typography

First, we must note that you could choose among a few different logo design types when it comes to the design as a whole. 

You can write only your initials, which are called letter marks (perfect for a long company name and minimalistic logo design, but with a risk of not expressing your personality well) or have your whole business name written, called wordmarks (here the trick is to choose typography that would define your business best).

If you want an image, you can choose pictorial marks, also called logo symbols, which is the logo design type we’ve always imagined – an image that represents the brand’s values, beliefs and makes it recognizable.  

Of course, there are also abstract logo marks (which refers to a geometric logo design custom made for a certain brand, which makes it unique), combination marks (a combination of diverse types – logo symbol and letter marks, for example), or mascots. 

When you decide that, it’s time for the hard work – the choice of colors, shapes, typography. 

Colors and their importance for different logo design types.

People react differently to different colors and we’ve seen this effect in a lot of fields. It triggers in them various emotions and behaviors according to the shade. This is why choosing colors for your logo design type is a major job. If you use them strategically they could make a serious impact on how your business is perceived as a whole by your targeted audience.

First, let’s see the main colors – the ones of the rainbow. 

Red. Red is the easiest color to define even without deep knowledge of the subject. We associate it with love, passion, anger, and excitement. It’s a powerful color, which could be a great choice if your brand identity is loud and exciting.

Orange. Like red, this is a high-energy color – cheerful, playful, but also related to innovations and new ideas. You could stand out with it because it’s not so commonly used, although if your business is more delicate, serious, or feminine it’s not the right choice. Used for a brand logo design it does not invoke those traits for consumers.

Yellow. Yellow is all about youthful energy, warmth, rays of sunshine, and happiness. If your brand identity strategy is to stand serious or luxury-related this is not your color. It’s very cheerful, fun and affordable. 

Even though different shades provoke different emotions, and deep yellow, for example, weighs more, still try to avoid it or at least combine it with something more serious. 

Green. If you don’t know what color to use – use green. It is suitable for almost any type of business. It provokes in people traces connecting it to nature, growth, money, and honesty.

Blue. The most used color for any brand identity element. It symbolizes trust, maturity, peace, confidence, and makes your business look trustworthy. But you need to think a lot about how to stand out among all other blue logo designs. 

The only type of business blue is not a good choice for food-related ones. It’s said it suppresses the appetite, unlike red that stimulates it. 


Purple. Last but not least from the rainbow colors is purple, which centuries ago was the color of wealthy people and royals. Nowadays it’s still associated mostly with the luxury logo design types of luxury brands. 

There are four more colors we want to mention because for the last few months they have been widely used in the company’s brand identity.

Brown. Usually, this is not the perfect choice unless your business is about chocolate or coffee. Despite this, a lot of brands started using brown for a vintage logo design style because it suits them very well and also appears rugged and masculine.

Black. As in clothes, in all logo design types black remains a classic. Modern, sophisticated, serious – if this is your brand personality black is a perfect match. 

Pink. Pink has been considered a feminine color but it’s also connected to luxury brands. It depends a lot on the shade because there are a huge number of options. If your business is related to women, this might be a great choice. 

White. Perfect choice for minimalistic and clean logotypes. It works great with different colors because it’s neutral while adding a clean and calm touch. In case you want your brand logo design to be all white, you need to think about a colorful background so it can always stand out. 

Of course, you could pick a black and white logo design, stick to a monochrome choice or decide to use a few colors. 

Shapes and logo design types. 

Different shapes and forms, like colors, trigger diverse emotions. Soft edges and circles won’t provoke the same reaction as sharp edges and squares. Let’s dig deeper. 

  • Round forms – oval shapes, circles, ellipses. They are all associated with warm feelings, love, community, delicacy. As the pink color, they are perfect for a feminine brand logo design. 
  • Straight lines – It depends on the way they are drawn. If they are horizontal it makes us feel tranquility, calmness, serenity. On the other hand, drawn vertically they indicate masculinity and strength in brand logo design. 
  • Straight-edged forms – triangles, squares, etc. Those shapes create feelings of strength, stability, trust, efficiency. Although, if they aren’t supported with the appropriate colors, they could seem a little bit distant, boring, and not personal at all. And our main target is to have a personal logo design. 


When thinking about the type of typography most suitable for your brand identity, you have to decide which font compliments your brand logo design the most. There are four major types. 

  • Serif fonts (like Times new roman) – They create a very trustworthy, timeless, and traditional look. Serif fonts have those little anchors at the end of the letters and they make the logo designs look a little bit old-fashioned. Could be suitable for any brand logo design, but mostly for vintage, classic and elegant ones. 
  • Sans serif fonts (like Helvetica) – Here the anchors are missing. That font is with smooth edges and has a clearer, more modern look, unlike the old-fashioned Serif fonts. Perfect logo design typography for modernistic brands. 
  • Script fonts (like Pacifico) – Those are the handwriting look-alikes. There are a lot of options – from relaxed handwriting to difficult calligraphic variants. Quite feminine, luxurious, individualistic.
  • Display fonts (like Castellar) – Each font here has something special on its own. All display fonts are unique with their specialized elements and this is a perfect way to make your brand logo design unique as well. It could really catch the eye of the audience. 

Your logo design typography level could reach new heights and become much more powerful if you combine different fonts. There are two ways of doing this – by choosing different fonts from the four major categories above or selecting fonts from the same family. 

Of course, when it comes to colors, shapes, and typography there are things you should do and others you must avoid at all costs. If something suits an amazing jewelry logo design it definitely won’t be the best choice as a logo design for law firms. 

Here come the professionals. 

Why should you leave your logo design to an agency?why you should choose to hire digital marketing agency for your logo design

First of all, you need an answer to the question “What is the importance of a logo?”. Well, it is huge if we have to be honest. And that is why this isn’t something you should do on your own. 

You can easily get lost in your brand identity, not connect the brand elements right and create something which won’t give the right statement to your customers. It won’t engage them, it won’t be memorable, it won’t define your brand personality at all. 

Brand identity is what distinguishes you from your competitors, creates customer loyalty, and portrays who you are. 

And logo design is the first point of your brand identity strategy. 

An expert knows how to choose the colors, what your voice should sound like, how to connect you with people the right way. 

Good logo design requires professional logo design services. An agency knows a logo should be effective at any size. And they can make it look perfect for both billboards and a keychain. 

Yes, it’s more expensive this way, but your company’s logo design is not the place where you should try to save money. It is your profile picture, remember? The first impression. A logo that goes out of style in a year or doesn’t correspond to your business could be crucial in the end and it would probably turn out even more expensive than hiring professional help. 

If you want to know more about the services that we provide, please fill out the form at the end of the article. We can’t wait to hear from you!