One of the essentials for every business today – Instagram marketing.

one of the essentials for every business today is instagram marketing

 In intention to grow, one business needs to have the best digital cocktail mix for their customers. If you have a shop and your goal is to be among the top three shops in your town, nowadays it is not enough to have only a physical place and high-quality products. Now you have to be present in every appropriate channel. 

One of the most important things in your marketing strategy is to have a good, strong digital marketing plan. That plan has to include every platform where you can find your people. Two of the most popular social media platforms now are Facebook and Instagram. 

A lot of people think that if they have Facebook that’s enough and there is no need to be part of other social media accounts. But the reality is not exactly the same. There are different kinds of audiences on Facebook and Instagram and that is totally normal. 

What is Instagram and how to use it for business?what is instagram and how to use it for businesses

As you probably already know Instagram is a platform where you can find not only personal accounts, you can find a lot of businesses that have big positions in that social channel as well. People“eat”with their eyes and that is the right key when we are talking about Instagram. That platform can offer a lot of opportunities for you if you have the right Instagram marketing strategy. 

And actually, what is Instagram about? That platform is free and it’s built almost entirely on sharing good photos and videos. Of course it’s not only about visual content. You share your thoughts through posts and stories. 

The accounts.

As we said in the beginning of the article when we are talking about Instagram you can find different kinds of accounts – celebrities, institutions, photographers, small businesses and big businesses, etc. 

Instagram is a part of the daily life of billions of people around the world. You can have that app on your phone, but also you can use it on your computer which is another advantage. The platform gives us a lot of opportunities to use Instagram for marketing. 

One of the good reasons to have a business profile in that social media network is that you can create a real brand with the content you are posting. One of the most important things for one successful business is to be close to the people that are interested in it. 

People like to see you as a friend. They want to be a part of the process of your work. With the right photos and videos you can reach your clients and also find new potential audience for you. That’s why instagram is good for business.

You have to post your content with the right schedule, exactly how your followers want it. So you need to do good research before you start. 

The business part.

Till now we explained to you everything that you should know about the specifics of Instagram and why you should have a social media marketing business plan. Now it’s time for the big game – the business part. 

Instagram offers to the businesses big opportunities that can help a lot in any kind of niche you want to grow in. Also you can make sponsored posts that will engage more and more people to your profile. 

When you switch to a business profile you immediately receive the advantage to see more insights and dates about your followers and your profile. If you want to do it right, you should have a strong and consistent strategy that will give you more followers, more likes, more comments, more saves and from there – more engagement. 

To use it right for your niche, you also have to know some details before starting – what kind of content you should create, how often you have to post, how to attract a target audience on instagram, what is the appropriate way to speak with “your” people and how to target your customers. 

Instagram is like a small or not so small society and like every society there are more popular people than others. And exactly like in the real world, on Instagram those people have more influence on the customers. 

Why is social media good? Those people can make you buy certain products or make you use some services and also stop you from doing those same things. Those people we call “Influencers”.

Influencers and influencer marketing – the new key in social media. influencers and influencer marketing

One of the most powerful weapons people have is to make other people do something that they want or even sometimes they don’t. The cool thing on Instagram is that this is totally legal and totally fine. Or even better – this is what we call Influencer marketing. 

This is one big subject that is still explored by experts every single day. And it’s because you can see a new social media marketing trend every second. Things are changing exactly like in real life and you need to catch the wave. You have to be modern and authentic if you want to make a good impression. You need quality instagram content management.

The specific thing in that kind of marketing is that you have to make the right choice about the right influencer. Why? If you choose a random famous person just because that person has a lot of followers, this won’t guarantee you to have a huge success at the end . 


And here is another “Why?”The answer is very easy. Because if you want to sell hair products you will not offer them in the clothing store of course. You will choose a cosmetics shop, for example. The same thing is on Instagram. Let’s see a few instagram marketing tips.

As you know you can find a lot of social media management benefits like those famous people on the platform. There are different influencers that are speaking about different things on their profiles. We can separate a few different niches on the platform that are most popular – food, beauty, lifestyle, travel, technic, games, and fashion.  

And of course, from that point of view we can find those kinds of influencers  – Food Influencer, Travel influencer and etc. This is good because this way we can find the right potential customers for our business. For example, if you need instagram marketing for restaurants you should search for food influencers, etc. 

The influencers can be separated also by the number of the followers they have – mega, macro, micro or nano. 

Mega influencers.

Mega influencers are the highest level. They have more than 100 000 000 followers and their auditory includes so many different types of people with different topics of interests. The big brands are working a lot with that kind of influencers. 

Most of the time those influencers are famous people in real life. The price for their work is not so small and also very often this is the main job they have. They are the highest-paid instagram users. 

Macro influencers.

Macro influencers are also very popular and high in the Instagram ranking list. Their followers are between 100 000 and 100 000 000. They are а very appropriate choice if you want to target a little bit more specific niche that you couldn’t catch with one mega influencer. So with macro influencers you can reach the masses and the target customers.

Micro influencers

Micro influencers are those people that have less than 100 000 followers. They have their engaged audience that follows them and react to almost everything they post. Now they have become very useful and very often they are a chosen tool for a lot of companies which want to make an ad on Instagram.

Nano influencers

Nano influencers – those are the people with a very specific niche. They have less than 10 000 followers but they are quite appropriate for businesses that want to target their customers with the right content and send the right message through their campaign.

The importance of Instagram marketing in your social media marketing strategy.the importance of instagram marketing in your social media marketing strategy

Till now we were talking about Instagram, Influencer marketing and influencers. Now it’s time to see with more details why it is so important for your business to have it. Like we said Instagram is an eye-catchy platform full of beautiful content created by people from big corporations, small businesses, or personal brands. 

These days this social media network has more than 800 million active users. Of course, you don’t need those people for you because they are not your targeted audience.

On Instagram you can tell stories. You can create your own world, where you can find your customers and ambassadors. The thing is to catch the right audience that will bring good results for your company. 

The good thing is that Instagram has a trick which can help you reach more and more people if you use it the appropriate way, of course. Maybe you have already known what we are talking about – hashtags. But what is instagram hashtag? Those tools are very popular but quite often aren’t used right and don’t make your engagement bigger and bigger, which is the searched result. 

We think that you understand why it is so important to have a good Instagram strategy and influencer marketing strategy in your digital marketing plan and what are the benefits. But if you are still not so sure we will try to explain it to you with one small simple example from another area of life. 

Everybody loves cocktails, right? Now, can you imagine if one of the main ingredients of your drink is missing. Let’s take a Bloody Mary for example. Do you think that the final result will be the same if there is no tomato juice in it? We don’t think so. 

You can drink it too but the final feeling won’t be the same and this won’t be a  real Bloody Mary cocktail. This will be something else. So if you want a real, strong and effective digital marketing strategy you should include Instagram too. 

Effectiveness of Instragram marketing and why leave it to experts.

It’s not so difficult to see the benefits of social media management. Instagram is one very interesting place on the Internet from where you can learn a lot. On the platform you can receive a lot of useful feedback and opinion from your customers and potential clients. 

And we can understand about the opinions not only from our own comments and messages. When our business is online we can find very easily what our followers and customers are posting about us themselves. 

One of the most popular things on Instagram is still talking about products, services and people. Not only about your favorites, of course and this is from some of the benefits of social media marketing.

Instagram is the place where you are sharing your thoughts so we can find negative words too. And this is very helpful if you want to be above other competitors in your business area. You shouldn’t just ignore the feedback. Everything is very important when we are talking about effective marketing on social media platforms.

One of the most powerful keys in that social network is that there you can have brand ambassadors. Those people can give you so many new opportunities with only one condition – really liking your company, brand etc. They could be your free ad and your eyes in social media.  

On Instagram you can watch and follow your competitors. This is very important if you want to have the best strategy and best results at the end. The platform gives you the opportunity to receive the information you need for your growth. That is another example of how social media marketing helps businesses.

Good social media marketing. Instagram marketing.

One of the best things for you is to have good social media marketing. Everything we need and we want is to see the good results at the end and the effectiveness of our hard job. Instagram offers you a lot of insights that can show you what exactly is the key for your business and for your audience there. With those professional tools we can understand where our mistakes are, if we even have ones, and where our power is. 

This is not so easy of course. It could be a very long and difficult process of work and attempts but even then it’s not 100% sure that you will find the most effective strategy which works for you and your brand. From that point of view it’s possible to have a few questions like “When is best time to post on instagram”and this is totally understandable. We don’t have to know everything.

The good news is that there are a lot of experts who can do the hard job instead of you. They know what to do and how to put your business at the first place in your area.

 With the right professional team you can make your business grow and be in the top position. Just choose the right outsource social media management and make things happen.