Why is hiring a Google Ads specialist so important?

hiring a google ads specialist

Growing your business online can be a bit hard sometimes but it’s totally worth it. Almost everyone, if not everyone, is online – searching, scrolling, and engaging. Why not to your company? With Google Ads you can transform this in reality.

As you have probably heard a lot of times it’s not only to make a website and social media profiles. You need to develop them. Also to think about your website design and development. You have to create a branding strategy, reach a high level of SEO Optimization, and create loyal audience and ambassadors through social media.

It’s not that easy to succeed. It is not about making a website. It’s about making a statement and making people see it, believe in it and engage in it. 

One of the fastest ways to reach a good point of brand awareness can be done thanks to Google Ads. You have probably heard about it before. Making an advertisement with some help from the platform, because let’s face it – everybody searches everything in Google. 

Thanks to Google AdWords potential customers can find you easily. But we will talk about this in a bit – not do you need a Google Ads campaign, but how much exactly you need it. Because its necessity is not something we question.

When we’re talking about digital marketing, probably nobody will advise you to do it on your own. Even if you possess the skills to make it happen, it doesn’t mean you have the time. 

There are a bunch of analysis, measurements, monitoring, monetizing, etc. That really soak up all your time.

Here comes the superhero of our article. The specialist. 

Why you will be more successful with Google Ads. Definitiongoogle ads definition

Before proceeding to why you should trust your Google Ads campaigns to an expert, we need to have more clarity on what Google Ads actually is. 

First of all don’t get confused by the different names. Google AdWords was the original name of the platform that a few years ago changed its name to Google Ads. The process behind the name remained the same. 

Google Ads definition

The easiest Google Ads definition is that this is a paid online advertising platform that gives you the opportunity of displaying your ads in SERPs (search engine results page) or websites of Googles’ partners, based on targeted keywords. 

The ones you’re probably most aware of are the ads appearing above or below all organic results on search result pages. With a little bold “ad” text above, does it ring a bell? Of course it does. We click on them intuitively because they look natural and are also connected to the keyword we’re checking up. 

If you want to get up and above by yourself without advertisements the way to go is by improving your SEO Optimization, but it could take a while. It’s not something you can make happen over a night. With Google Ads you can reach quick results, but of course you can’t have running campaigns all the time. That’s why they are called campaigns – because it’s not a permanent option. 

If you’re considering Google AdWords you need to know it’s not like you pay “X” money and just “buy” your place so easily. The process actually is quite difficult. 

There is an auction first and the ones who win get the ad placements. A lot of marketers compete for the same keyword, so it’s not possible to display them all at once. You have to bid a certain cost competing with the others. It’s called a maximum bid. The highest price you’re willing to pay for an advertisement. 

Google Ads decides what you need to pay at the end. If you bid 4€ for example, but Google determines the cost is 1€, you win the ad placement. If Google says the maximum bid is 6€ you lose the placement.

There are three bidding options:

  • Cost-per-click (CPC) – you literally pay for every ad click to your website a user makes. 
  • Cost-per-mille (CPM) – here we’re not counting clicks but impressions. A 1000 to be exact. Every time your ad is shown to 1000 users, thanks to Google Ads you will pay the bid. 
  • Cost-per-engagement (CPE) – with CPE we’re looking for engagement. This can be a sign up, like, comment, watching a video, etc. Any action taken towards your website from a user after your ad was displayed to him. 

You can set a maximum budget for the day so you won’t have to worry about spending too much money and keeping an eye on your account all the time. A big perk of using Google Ads we may say. When you reach the limit you have set, your ad will automatically stop appearing to users. 

Your maximum bid amount pairs with your Quality Score, which is an estimate of the quality of your ads, keywords, and landing pages (the score is between 1 and 10).

 If your Quality Score is high in conjunction with your max bid you’ll get a better ad position at the end. 

The benefits

The Quality Score is affected by a lot of things and brings you two major benefits. 

In the first place is, of course, the lower cost. Google AdWords always gives marketers with high Quality score better prices per click, which helps with the ROI (performance measure evaluating the efficiency or profitability) improvement. 

The second benefit is higher exposure. Your ads are more often displayed and with better positions on the search result pages. 

This brings more engagement and conversions, without having to increase the maximum bid. 

There are different types of Google Ads campaigns you might choose. A Display campaign, Search campaign, Video or App campaign, Shopping campaign, etc. Depending on how you imagine your advertisement. 

The best way to decide is to find a professional to ask. Now let’s see why you need to hire a Google Ads specialist. 

Manage your work plan right and hire a Google Ads expert. manage your work plan right and hire a google ads experts

We hope you got the idea of how Google Ads works and how important it is. It gives you a huge opportunity not only to engage users, accomplish bigger amounts of orders and conversions, but also reach a higher level of brand awareness. 

So I’m still wondering “Is Google AdWords worth it?” – Yes, it is. This is why it deserves your effort. And believe us a campaign done professionally is a win. 

Businesses that hire Google Ads experts manage to make optimum use of their running ad spending and in the same time attract targeted traffic. A Google ads strategy that is not only planned perfectly. But also executed well could boost your revenue so much higher and increase your digital marketing efforts.

One of the biggest reasons to hire someone to do your Google Ads campaign is because most companies don’t have the spare time to research everything before the start, monitor the process during, analyze the results and optimize the whole thing. Sounds like too much work, don’t you think?

The lack of expertise could end up being crucial and costing you more money, than the amount you would spend for a professional. 

He examines different bidding amounts, makes up variants of  strategies, so you could choose the one working most for your business, does reports to add new long-tail keywords, surveys what are your competitors doing, concurs types and negatives and after all that adjusts the ad pieces in a way that would increase the success of the campaign as a whole.

When it comes to Google Ads and SEO Optimization keywords are the key. Wrong picked keywords could make all the work pointless, because they lay an unstable foundation.

PPC experts (hint: pay-per-click experts) have the skills of choosing the best keyword research tools and mark their findings concerning various data points to recreate the overall picture of everything related to your marketing actions. 


We must say that it’s not only about hitting that high point in your ads, but maintaining those quality scores. 

When recruits in Google Ads handle campaigns they often neglect advertisement quality, which should be actually a priority because it could cost you a lot at the end. The quality of ads influences the relevance of an ad to the user, and displaying relevant ads actually increases your Quality score that we talked about earlier. 

And as we’ve said there is correspondence between score, cost and placement – the higher the score, the cheaper the ad and the better the placement.  The skills of a Google Ads consultant shouldn’t be underestimated. He has the capability to design great copies, plan a whole campaign, and develop relevant landing pages, which we note are very important and bring higher results.

All that works contributes to ad quality improvement, leading to earning credibility points. 

Google Ads campaigns…

Extracting the ultimate maximum from your Google Ads campaign is important. Dedicated team of experts can make your running ads have great efficiency and potential, because they understand the process and know how to manage it. 

They have studied all those strange words and terminology which for you mean nothing – like CPC, CPA, CPM, impressions, etc. (we must take a little credit that now you have an idea about a few from them). 

Also –it’s a professionals’ job to know how to identify which tools to use while working on your Google Ads campaign. To consider the importance of the alignment of your business goals with the ad strategy and if there is any risk put on the table. 

One of the best things about advertising using Google AdWords is that you can easily track your results. There are so many tools and ways of seeing who is actually interested in your ad, to whom it would be better to be shown so that you could gain more engagement. 

But if you can’t “read” all information and analyze what Google offers you, what is the point? Experts know. They know how to make the best of everything and if something goes wrong – how to fix it and improve in the future. 

Google AdWords management services and professional help

google adwords managment services and professional help

We hope you understood the answer to the question “Why advertising on Google my business is important” and why leaving your campaign in the hands of an expert is vital for its success. 

Professionals save you time and money with the promise of going far above the bare minimum. A dedicated Google Ads consultant will use its expertise to manage and plan a great Google Ads campaign and acquire a good result. 

Testing, analyzing and monitoring of the running advertisements with serious focus on location of the users, their demographics, and long-tail keywords. This is what hiring a specialist is all about, someone who could employ his experience, be in tune with trends and algorithms and run campaigns efficiently. 

The flexibility of Google Ads is one of its biggest perks. There are tons of customizing options for satisfying particular business needs. 

You can choose special keywords match types; narrow your audience (as we’ve said by location, you could select a time of day, language, device type they’re using, etc.); display your ads in networks different than Google like Gmail and YouTube (Googles’ partners); leverage the display network (here we’re aiming not for conversions, but for brand awareness); use ad extensions. 

It’s time for Google Ads campaign

If you still haven’t done any Google Ads campaign we think the time has come. Don’t hesitate and survey all the options you have, decide what you want and if you ask us. Definitely hire a Google Ads specialist or a marketing agency that could manage your digital marketing at all. 

When something happens with your phone, there is not a big chance you’ll try to fix it on your own, because you might break it even more. Why risk your ad campaign and eventually lose money without big profit? Got our point?

If you are interested in the services we provide and want to meet our team of specialists (even only online), don’t think twice but fill out the form at the end of the article and we’ll reach you as soon as possible.