What is Google SEO and do you need it?

google seo

What would you do if you want to know which is the best sushi restaurant in a city you’ve never been to? You will Google it. What will you do if you are searching for a good dentist in your neighborhood? You will Google it. What will you do if you are searching for the best recipe for pasta carbonara? Again – Google it. Now we will talk about Google SEO.

So what will you do if you have a website for your business? You’ll try to make it to one of Google’s first places. Because you want everybody to Google you. 

So, we guess you got our point. We are searching for everything on Google. Literally everything. And of course, if you have some kind of business and you’re trying to grow online, you will put all your effort into being one of the first result choices Google offers. This is SEO Optimization. And exactly that is the reason you need it so desperately if you are aiming for success. 

But let’s talk a little about Google SEO specifically. It’s the same as SEO Optimization, obviously, but we are tightening the knot only around Google, not all search engines. 

So let’s have a closer look at Google SEO and the way it works.

How Google SEO works?

In our article about SEO marketing we divided the explanation into two parts – one about SEO at all, and another about marketing with an accent on content marketing because it’s closely related to optimizing sites.  

Let’s do that again, shall we? Maybe then it would sound a little bit easier because we are sure everything looks like a big mess of words now. Believe us, it is not. Time for clarifying 

Search engine optimization meaning, a.k.a. SEO and Google SEO

You’ve probably heard about SEO, but you are not quite sure what exactly SEO is. We will try to explain it most easily so that you will fall in love with it as much as we are. 

SEO is the short version of Search engine optimization. Search engines are all those websites we go to when we try to find something online – Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. SEO refers to the process of optimizing a website/article and thanks to that ranking it as one of the first search engine results when someone is looking for a certain keyword. 

This way searchers can run into your website way easier and find all the information they need. Your information is on your website, not somebody else’s. Because sadly, none of us goes to the second page of Google. We don’t have time for that, nor a reason. Everything is hidden in those first results. 

This is why SEO is such a battlefield. Every business wants to be on top. So you have to be the better player in the game if you want to win over the other contestants. 

Different parts of SEO.

It’s time to talk a little about the different parts of SEO. 

The most important thing when it comes to SEO is the visitors. You don’t need just any visitors but quality visitors that are truly interested in your content. Only then your traffic can be “organic” and Google will put your website even higher in the ranking.

It is very important to understand exactly how to rank higher on Google organically. Organic traffic is all the clicks you didn’t pay for. When someone visits your website because they have found it, not after an ad popped up on their screen by accident. If people come across your content without being interested it’s not so beneficial to you. 

For example, if someone is looking for a person who can help them with the interior design of their new house, and you’re offering web design services – you don’t need them as visitors. They won’t hire you or something like that. Because it’s not your services the ones they have searched for. 

So yes, you will gain more clicks if you put some keywords related to interior design in your uploaded content, but that wouldn’t be useful for those searchers. And Google can see that. 

SEO Optimization in its essence is outspread around making your website attractive for customers as well as having content that can “take care of” their needs and make them more engaged. This is not only about the content itself, but also about optimizing the website and making it easy to work with it so the visitors can just slide through the text/graphics/videos without feeling confused or bored.

The translation of Google Ads 

After establishing what exactly means the word SEO and its importance for businesses developing online it’s time to take a closer look at Google Ads.

Google Ads, before called Adwords, is a form of online advertisement. You have probably noticed when you’re typing something in Google that the first two or three results have written “AD” before their heading. This is Google Ads. 

This allows you to target your audience even tighter, so if someone searches for a certain keyword, your site will be the first one they’ll see. Google Ads comes to the rescue in case you still haven’t built up your “organic popularity” in Google but you want to have the attention of a certain group of people.

Don’t forget – you can never lie to Google! Paying regularly for Google Ads doesn’t mean you’ll get a better ranking. Google has earned the trust of people through the years and it won’t disappoint them with no useful content. 

If you run a Google Ads campaign online, don’t think your rank in the search engine will magically rise. It is not going to help your organic SEO rankings, despite rumors you may come across the Internet. However, Google ads can help develop a wider connection with a bigger audience online interested in your content.

Google Ads vs SEO

It’s not okay to compare SEO Optimization and Google Ads because their roles are different. It’s like comparing lemons and apples. They both help you in their direction. It’s not like you are obligated to eat only one of them. You can eat them both. You will be even healthier then.

The same thing is with Google Ads and SEO – you can use both for your online business and it will make it grow even faster. They can actually work pretty well together. 

As we said in the beginning, in the last few years everybody looks online first when it comes to bar recommendations, product reviews, or the answers to their wonders – and both SEO and Google Ads can help you make a connection with them when they’re searching for what you offer. 

So now let’s take a closer look at how Google SEO works.

Why is it so important to have the right Google SEO?

Because only then you can grow online. Digital marketing has a lot of strong peaks that need to be reached and successful SEO Optimization is definitely one of the highest ones. 

The essential part of your SEO with Google has to focus on the content of your website pages. By making their SEO Optimization better, you manage to increase their visibility to Google, which will give you a good ranking in search results and from there better results for your business.

But first, you have to make it to those search results at all. That happens with crawling and indexing, which are two major components of SEO, and if they are missing you won’t appear in the search results. 

Google, SEO, analytics – we know it sounds scary and impossible but explained well it’s quite understandable. You must focus on six areas if you want to optimize your pages for Google.


Keywords, of course. We’ve mentioned them before in other articles but it’s time to talk a little about them again. This is like the parmigiana to a pasta – without it, it’s not pasta! You have to do keyword research before writing because otherwise is crucial to the whole content. When you choose all the words you want to take place in your text, you are ready to go.

You should put them in the body of the content, the title, the subheadings, etc. But not too much because if you fill your page with keywords it will look a little bit “spammy” and it won’t be shown on the first pages of Google. 

Don’t overdo it! There is something like a “golden setting” for that. But don’t worry. Happily, experts know exactly where that “golden setting” is. 

What is the first thing you read when you’re searching for something in Google? The title. So you understand the need for a well-written title. This is the thing that makes customers click and engage with your content. Quality titles attract quality visitors. 

The easiest way is to make up around ten different titles and choose between them, according to the strong points you need – including a keyword, limited characters, compelling vibe, etc. 

Meta description.

Probably you’ve heard of Meta description if you ever had dealings with SEO. The Meta description doesn’t affect your Google ranking but it helps searchers find your website faster. It’s like a short display of the text. It’s important to give your Meta description more power by transforming it into something users wouldn’t resist. 

We know we have said it a lot of times but – content, content, content. Content is the heart of SEO, the mozzarella to the pizza, the cherry to the cake. You got our point. It’s important. 

You need valuable, fresh, original content that will have the answers to all the questions about certain subjects. Search engines look for unique and new content to rank on top. 

The fifth area is the images. Crawlers do not “read” pictures so they have nothing to do with SEO ranking themselves. But they are valuable to people. Which will make your content valuable to Google. See the connection? Articles with images have way bigger engagement.

Structured data markup.

And the last thing on that subject – structured data markup. Let’s translate that into human language. This is a code (made by a development team) added to the pages. It gives search engines more information about your content/services/ideas, etc. 

We know that Google SEO Optimization must sound so scary. So we’d recommend hiring an agency that can help you in that variable field because it isn’t your business to know everything about growing online.

But here a few questions pop up – what is SEO Google price, how much is SEO optimization, are SEO companies worth it. And yes – they are worth it. 

About SEO and the need for an expert.

The decision of entrusting your SEO Optimization to someone else or even your whole digital marketing strategy and its implementation is a huge step. But most of the time it could be such a huge plus when the agency is chosen wisely. It saves you time, trouble and potentially will improve the rank and quality of your website when it comes to SEO. 

The most frequent services provided for website owners and related to SEO are:

  • Examination of content and structure
  • Technical advice on website progress, like hosting 
  • SEO training
  • Management of online campaigns about your business
  • Research of relevant and popular at the time keywords
  • Content development 
  • Expertise in specific markets and geographies

Once you hire an SEO professional you’ll be asking yourself “Why didn’t I do this earlier?” In that situation the phrase “the earlier, the better” is sooo correct. 

Other than that – SEO is changing constantly. If you read an explanation about SEO, its meaning, clarifications, and features from five or six years ago, probably it wouldn’t be so relative to what the word means and its contents in itself now. 

The things that were going to shoot you to the top before now can make you one with the ground. Here hides the main reason for hiring a professional digital marketing agency. Then the responsibility and everything it’s not up to you. 

The role of the experts.

You don’t need to bother yourself with constant reading, observing online trends, or knowing what the hidden gems are at all when it comes to SEO. 

Your job is to be the best in your business field no matter if we’re talking about services, ideas, or products. The implementation of digital tasks should be in someone else’s hands. Because they will be better at that and when everybody knows his place things just flow.

If you have some burning questions of your own that we haven’t talked about in the article or you want to ask us about our favors according to SEO or another part of the digital marketing world, don’t hesitate to contact us right away. Just fill in the form at the end.  

That way you’ll have the perfect alliances with you on the SEO battlefield. 

Ready, set, go!