Google Ads services for business – why?

google adwords and its importance for business

No matter if your business is done through the Internet or you have a physical place, your presence online is absolutely obligatory. If you at least want to grow and earn more and more loyal customers and you can do it thanks to Google Ads services. 

Creating a brand identity, building a branding strategy, making a perfectly working and aesthetic website, taking your SEO Optimization game on another level is not only very important but extremely hard, too. 

When you do all this the only thing left is to be seen. To be found. By potential clients, by people believing in your values and interested in what you offer, by as many online users as possible. 

And what’s the place everyone goes to when searching for something? Google, of course. Looking for a good hairstylist near your new apartment? Google it. Trying to find inspiration about what to eat for dinner? Google it. Looking for a copywriter who can help you with your new work project? Google it. 

We check everything on Google. It is something so normal that it even became an official word. To “google” something means to search for it in Google, as obvious as it sounds. So when you just opened a new flower boutique what do you want? To be on one of the first places on Google’s page results, attract more customers, and deliver beautiful bouquets all over the country. 

With SEO Optimization this happens step by step. Picking relevant keywords, putting them in the correct places, and trying to outrun the competition. If you put all your effort into it, it will happen, don’t worry. But it might take some time. Okay, it will take time but we wanted to encourage you.  

This is when Google Ads come. 

Google Ads services as a must for your marketing planwhy google ads is such an essential part for a digital marketing strategy

Google Ads gives you the opportunity of advertising and promote your page, reaching users, who are already engaged with interest in your niche. It’s done when they are checking in Google relevant keywords about the types of services or products your business offers. 

This paid option could be strongly effective in connecting with potential customers and driving qualified traffic to your web page. 

But what are Google Ads exactly? 

Definition. Google Ads offers you an option for displaying a paid advertisement on Google and reaching users who are interested in your products or services, based on the keywords you target. Your Google Ads are shown on Google’s search engine results page (also called SERP) above all the other organic results. 

Most of the time when we see those advertisements, we don’t even realize it is an ad. We’re sure you’ve seen so many of them and checked out the sites without knowing they are not organically ranked. Right above the website, there is a little bold text “ad”. This is the only indicator that shows you’re looking at an advertisement. 

If you are hearing people referring to the platform as both Google Ads and Google AdWords, don’t think they are making a mistake. Google AdWords is the original name that was changed a few years ago to Google Ads. Nothing else in the process changed, though. 

We must say it’s not like you are paying some amount of money and just jump above every “natural” result. Google AdWords doesn’t work like that. You must win your spot among all others that are targeting the same keywords, too. 

The way Google Ads operates is by the method pay-per-click (also called PPC), which means you need to pay for every person who clicks and goes to your page. 

All the marketers that want to target the same keyword, first have to make a “bid” and compete with each other for the “win”. You have to bid the maximum price you are willing to pay for a click by users.

This doesn’t mean you will pay that maximum at the end. If you bid 5€, but Google decides your cost will be 2€ you will win the ad placement. If Google determines the price per click to be 6€ – your advertisement won’t be shown. the process of a google ads campaign

There are three options for bidding for Google Ads services:

  • Cost-per-click (CPC) – the variant we mentioned above. If you choose this you will have to pay every time a user sees and clicks on an ad.
  • Cost-per-mille (CPM) – This option obligates you to pay for every 1000 ad impressions, which means that when your advertisement is shown to 1000 users, no matter if they clicked or not, you have to make a payment.
  • Cost-per-engagement (CPE) – The cost here depends on whether a user performs some kind of action towards your website. It could be signing up for a newsletter, watching a video, purchasing something, everything. With CPE you won’t pay for impressions or clicks, but only for actions taken. 

When you make your choice what is left is to bid. But of course, that’s not it with Google Ads. What you need more is a Quality score. It’s formed by the quality of your ads, keywords, and landing pages. 

If your Quality score is higher (the numbers are between 1 and 10, where 10 is the highest), the prices of your CPC, CPM, and CPE will be lower and your advertisements will be placed better. 

When you put your bid amount and your Quality score in a Google Ads equation you get your Ad rank, which is the position your ad will be in the SERPs.

But don’t worry with this model of work you won’t be able to keep track of your finances.

It is quite easy and allows you to put any budget on the table. You can create a maximum daily budget for your ads. 

This means to choose an amount of money, let’s say 600€ for example. Imagine you are paying for your Google Ads with the pay-per-click option with 2€ per click. 

When 300 users click on your advertisement it will just stop showing until the end of the day. 

And you won’t need to monitor your account all the time and worry about not exceeding the marketing budget you have spared. 

The Google Ads services you need an expert for.why to hire an expert for your google ads services

In our opinion, if you are not a digital marketing expert or specialized in a digital marketing area like web developer, web designer, or SEO specialist, you shouldn’t do anything on your own. 

Relying on your Google Ads services to an expert can shoot you at the top. He can help you choose the most accurate keyword to bid on, show you how to do it, and decide what type of Google Ads campaign will be most suitable for your business. Let’s talk about the options so that you could get an idea.  

Earlier when we gave you the example of ads showing above the organic results on the SERPs we were talking about Search campaigns.

If you want your ad more visual but still in Google Search, a Shopping campaign is the better fit. Your ads can appear on the results page or Google Shopping. 

Display campaigns are done through websites online that are Google’s partners and your ads are showcased there. When choosing this option your advertisement could appear like a banner in third-party websites, third-party apps on Google’s app network, or as an email advertisement. 

You must have seen tons of those display campaigns until now, so you probably know what we’re talking about. They could be made like gifs, texts, videos, or images – quite a flexible variant and very useful if you have a good imagination. Or your Google Ads specialist does. 

Video campaigns are made as you can imagine on YouTube. It’s not only about those ads that appear before or during a video (which could be skippable or unskippable). Your ad can be placed on the search results page, in overlays and banners.

The last option we’ll mention is the App campaigns which are done obviously in apps. You need to choose assets you want to include (texts, images, etc.) and Google will show them differently according to the app. 

Google’s algorithm tries various combinations and sees whichever performs best and after that sticks only to it. Smart, right?

Why a specialist?

A Google Ads specialist knows what is needed for a successful campaign. His work involves a lot of things, believe us. We mentioned the correct choice of relevant keywords after detailed keyword research. 

He surveys bidding amounts, creates strategies, and does reports to add new long-tail keywords, concurs types and negatives, and after that adjusting everything ad-related so it would increase the success of the campaign. 

The job of a Google Ads expert is hard. He is not only thinking about the better performance of your advertisements but also analyzing your competitors. 

The lack of expertise could cost you more money than hiring a professional. Poor quality ads, sub-par efficiency, and profitability and at the top of everything diversion of people from their core tasks – a crucial disaster for any company. 

But even if you understand how Google Ads works, businesses don’t tend to have time to do everything on their own. This time for researching, monitoring processes, optimizing campaigns – it’s exhausting and it absorbs too many hours and effort. 

And all this without mentioning the need for constant monitoring of the Google Ads process. And also review the results, so that if something is not as efficient as it should be could be changed. 

Are Google Ads services worth it? Yes, yes, and yes!the advantages of using google ads for business

Don’t underestimate the power of Google Ads. It’s one of the best ways to find new and loyal audiences across the Internet. And the best thing is that most of the time you’re targeting people that are actually interested in what you do and offer. 

If they’re searching for “graphic design” and you have put that keyword for your Google Ads, the users will come across you in the SERPs (if you have chosen that type of campaign). So only people interested in your services/products will find your site. 

And even if you choose a display campaign, for example, you could still decide which websites to host your advertisement. With the Google Ads services the opportunities are endless – it all depends on how you imagine it. 

The best thing about hiring a Google Ads specialist is that if the model you chose is not working as well as it should be they’ll know. By monitoring and analyzing the process, user interests, websites traffic data you could take adequate measures in time. You will lose less money and the strategy could be renewed with one that works better for your business. And an expert has the skills to do it.

Google is a truly reliable platform and a trusted brand as well, so by promoting there with Google AdWords you might become more trustworthy and increase customer loyalty, as well. 


Using Google AdWords gives you one great possibility of actually measuring your success. With TV commercials or magazine advertising, this is not on the table. Online marketing is measurable in general. But Google Ads with its transparency and by providing tons of pay-per-click metrics is one of the most measurable online channels at all.

As we have mentioned in the beginning Google Ads works faster than SEO Optimization, gives amazing results, and could shoot your business to the top. 

If you still haven’t tried its power, the time has come. Find the best team of professionals which suits you most and explore what Google AdWords has to offer. You’ll be surprised. 

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Looking forward to hearing from you and expanding your online influence together.