Reasons why to put Google AdWords in your marketing plan

google ads as a part of company's marketing strategy

If you develop your business online you must have heard about Google Ads approximately 1 million times. Advertisement is important both online and offline but the best thing about online campaigns is that they are easily measurable.

Nowadays every business is aiming for success. Not only by making constant efforts to increase their engaged audience and traffic to the website. Also with brand awareness about their company and offered services, products, or ideas. 

Using Google Ads gives you tons of opportunities to customize your ads, decide which people to see them, offer easy analyzing afterward, etc. 

You probably have considered Google Ads already. This is a platform we use in our daily life more often than we realize. We want to find the number of the pizza place we saw once from the car? Google will help us. We’re searching for a good dermatologist? Google knows where we can find him. We are wondering where we can find a good plumber? Google is the place to check it. 

We google (yes, it is an official word) everything we want to know, even before considering asking a friend or a colleague. 

But if you are not sure you know how exactly Google works, is Google AdWords worth it, and what is remarketing? It’s time to dive deeper. 

What is Google Ads?what is google ads definition meaning

One of the biggest benefits you can have with Google Ads is that you’ll be promoting your page to users. Not many users, but already interested in your content, by using relevant keywords and are a part of people’s search queries.

The platform makes the connection with potential clients quite easy and will help you carry through mostly qualified traffic to your website. 

A few years ago the name was changed from Google AdWords to Google Ads, so don’t get confused. You can find people referring to it both ways while meaning the same thing. The name changed but the process remained the same and that’s the essential part. 

If we have to define the Google Ads meaning, we may say this is a pay-per-click platform. You can make paid advertisements on Google and the web pages of their partners. And also reach customers interested in the products or services you offer, based on the keywords you target. 

That’s why we’ve said while using Google Ads you’ll connect with people already engaged in some way – because they will search websites similar to yours. It’s not like they are passing by a billboard on their way to work that has nothing to do with their interests.

Let’s clarify what is a pay-per-click platform before continuing.

The pay-per-click model (PPC) requires payment for every click on your ad. You can choose between three different payment options:

  • Cost-per-click (CPC) – as we have said by choosing this variant for your Google Ads campaign you will be paying for every click on your website by users that have seen your ad.
  • Cost-per-mille (CPM) – here you are paying on every 1000 impressions. When your advertisement is displayed to 1000 users, you will pay a certain amount of money, regardless of whether they took an action towards it. 
  • Cost-per-engagement (CPE) – with CPE you’re paying only for real engagement. Signing up for a newsletter, watching a video, liking an article, purchasing a product.

Here is all about the action in your Google AdWords services. Even if your ad was displayed to 3000 people and 2000 clicked on it – you owe money only for the ones converting in some way (even if they were 4 people). 

When you choose the method you have to bid. That way it can be chosen whose ad is going to display and in which Google Ads position. There are too many people targeting the same keywords and it would be impossible to show them all otherwise. 

Your maximum bid is the maximum amount you’re willing to pay for a click, mille, or engagement. This doesn’t mean you’ll pay for it. If you bid a certain amount (4€) but Google decides the max amount is lower (2€) – you get the ad placement. 

If Google Ads determines the needed bid amount as higher (6€) – you won’t place your ad. 

The good thing is you can set up a daily budget. This will eliminate the need for constant monitoring of your bank account while running your active ads. Otherwise, it would be exhausting to track what you’re spending. Especially since you’re paying by the CPC, CPM, and CPE model. 

Quality Score and Ad Rank.

Your ad quality, landing pages, and keyword determine your Quality score (it varies between 1 and 10). With a good score, you will pay less and have better placement. 

When you sum up your maximum bid and Quality score you get your Ad Rank. This is the position your ad will appear in the SERPs (search engine result pages). 

We won’t look at the Google Ads types or a detailed use of the platform now, but feel free to check some of our other articles about it. 

The importance of Google ads in marketing.the importance of google adwords in a digital marketing strategy

As you may suggest, Google Ads is a huge part of digital marketing plans and definitely not something you should neglect. 

It is a measurable, easily monitored, and flexible platform as we have said in the beginning. But for taking full advantage of that you must trust your Google Ads campaign to a professional. 

An expert could see the campaign struggling before too much capital is invested into this form of advertising. From there fix it and provide sufficient results. There are so many benefits of using Google AdWords. 

Let’s compare it with traditional SEO Optimization. Both SEO and Google Ads are a part of SEM (which stands for Search Engine Marketing) and they’re optimizing your online presence on Google and Google’s partners. 

You know that with good SEO you can rank as one of SERPs’ top results organically and without paying. The negatives are that it happens much slower. Maybe approximately after several months, and your placement there is always increasing and decreasing. And without giving you data of what’s causing the movement of the ranking position. 

When using Google AdWords for business and online advertisement you can see results much quicker. The best thing is that you have access to a wide range of metrics. They are showing how are the running campaigns performing, where are they most successful, all kinds of demographic data, etc. 

Continuing with another huge benefit – flexibility.

When you’re planning campaigns with Google Ads you can customize it as you want. And focus on your strong qualities and target specific audiences. 

There are so many Google Ads types of customization you can consider – language, gender, time, location, used device, etc. Of course, the main stars are always keywords. Display your ads to people looking for exact keywords in their quarries.

Or turn things the other way – choose keywords you don’t want to be related to your website, so your ads won’t be connected to them. 

We must say your webpage has to be somehow searched regularly. That way your Google Ads campaign could show great results in the end. 

You could find out if you’re suitable for this kind of online advertisement by testing Google’s Keyword Tool. You’ll see firsthand whether the search volume for keywords connected to your business and products/services appears frequently or not.

Of course, if you hire a Google Ads specialist, as we advised you, he will know all about it and why it is important. 

And last advantage…

While we’re still on the perks of Google Ads – everybody out there is using it. Your competitors probably tried it already and using Google AdWords will put you directly among them. 

And if they are not – even better for you. You will stand out, have a higher amount of clicks and engage more users quicker. No matter if your presence online is firm in general or not. You will appear on search result pages and it’s your job to stand out. 

Build a strong strategy with accurate keywords, out-of-the-world customization, and great in-time analysis. You could achieve better results than all your competitors if you put all your effort into the process, understand the true power of Google Ads and find a great team of experts to count on. 

What is remarketing?

The last reason to use Google Ads we’ll talk about today is Google AdWords Remarketing. But what is remarketing

As a short remarketing definition we could say that this is the process when advertisers target customers based on their actions online. And by tracking their internet activity. 

It is related to users, who showed interest in a certain product or visited a website related to it. It could be also directed to users who viewed a website. Or almost made a purchase but didn’t take any action at the end and didn’t proceed to checkout. 

The idea of remarketing is to turn all those people who have already shown interest into conversions. 

Using Google Ads remarketing allows you to reach more people. Unlike Facebook remarketing for example. Facebook remarketing could target only people who are using the platform. With Google Ads, you cover a wider audience in Google and all its partners, which are quite a lot.

Also, the opportunities for customization, Google analytics, ad performance tracking, and everything are in their power with remarketing too. You can design your remarketing strategy, choose where to display it, to whom, etc. 

Even if you don’t reach as many conversions as you aimed for in the beginning, remarketing is the perfect way to remind users of you. It will lift brand awareness and brand recognition. This is a huge plus connected to remarketing. 

And because you only pay when a user clicks on your displayed ad, that publicity doesn’t cost you anything. Isn’t this perfect? You are everywhere, yet still, pay only for those users who may actually become a conversion and proceed with a purchase. 

Google AdWords services you should leave to a digital marketing agency.hiring a digital marketing professional for a google ads campaign

As you must understand until now – Google Ads campaigns give you power. This is an easy way to reach exactly the users you need. The best about it – is you are not paying to be displayed to people who have no interest or intention of engaging. 

When planned well and done right, a Google Ads campaign won’t cost that much and will bring amazing results. But for this, you need to truly understand how it works, what’s important, and how to extract the maximum. 

This is the reason we are advising you to find an expert or a whole team of professionals. It’s not an easy job – it requires too much time, effort, and knowledge. You have to constantly monitor the process if you want to catch errors before they mess up the whole campaign. 

Experts help you maintain high-quality scores. And as we have said in the beginning a good score makes your relevance and ad position better and your cost-per-click cheaper. It’s a win-win. 

You must never underestimate the qualities of a Google Ad consultant.

No matter if it is about ad copies, whole campaign planning, or building truly relevant landing pages for optimized results. These capabilities contribute to the improvement of ad quality, which leads to bigger business credibility.

Unless you own a business and have a team that has quite good expertise. Also, enough time to spare, resources, and budget to deal with a whole Google Ads campaign alone. Otherwise, you should definitely research and hire a good Google Ads professional to maintain and observe the process. 

So, our advice is before starting a campaign, find an expert who suits you well and can offer you end-to-end services for any requirements of yours. 

If you have an interest in the services we provide and want to meet our team and discuss what we can offer you, don’t wait long before filling the form down below. We are looking forward to hearing from you and we’ll answer you as soon as possible. 

Every good business needs to have a great team of professionals for its digital marketing strategies. We’ll gladly become yours!