Find your voice with a good brand identity.

find your voice with good brand identity

When we are saying “brand” and “logo” or “brand” and “business,” too many people think we are talking about the same things. However, this is not true. 

A logo is just a part of the brand, a symbol of your business, but it is definitely not describing it entirely. This answers the question what is the difference between a brand and a logo – the logo is just a drop in the ocean of your brand identity. 

Business and brand on the other hand have two completely separate meanings. The business produces or offers goods and services and a brand stands for the perception of customers for your business. 

They are not interchangeable and now we hope you understand what is branding in business. It is what gives soul to your company. The story behind it makes it what it is. It engages people, provokes feelings and loyalty. 

This is why not having a brand is so crucial nowadays – because it distinguishes you from your competitors. Many companies may sell coffee mugs, for example. Produce or import them, it doesn’t matter. What makes them different is what is their story, their branding. 

Without branding your business, you will get lost among the others in your industry.   

Brand identity definition.brand identity definition and meaning

Brand identity is the collection of all components that portray a business in the eyes of the audience. How your brand looks, feels, and speaks to people. 

This is the personality of your company as if it was a real human being – how it communicates, what it says, what values it has, what promises it gives, how people feel during and after an interaction. 

The brand identity is like the face of the brand. If we accept the brand itself is more about emotions and even philosophical concepts, then the brand identity is those visual branding elements representing greater ideas.

The components of brand identity include logo design, typography, color palette, product packaging, website design and it complements and makes even stronger the already existing brand reputation. 

With an astonishing brand identity, you can both reach a new audience and attract it permanently while provoking feelings of love and loyalty in your persistent customers. 

There are huge brands worldwide that thanks to good branding became influential and created true art with their strategies (like Apple or Coca-Cola). Craft your strong brand identity and establish serious long-term relations. 

Before we focus on the element of the branding process, let us say a few words about some essential things, because if they are missing even the best logo design and story won’t save you. 


First – be different. Think about what will distinguish you from the others doing the same as you. If you don’t have a special spark, you will get lost in the sea of competitors in your industry. Being distinct catches attention. 

The second thing is that the branding elements you create and develop for your business have to be cohesive. To complete each other and strengthen your whole strategy and not look incompatible because then the targeted audience will get confused. 

Also, you must have a visual impact on people. If your brand identity is strong, then customers will associate colors, typography, and graphics with you. They will be aware of your brand even if they see just your logo. 

Like Nike or Apple – there is no need to read the brand name on their products, the logo design is enough to understand which item is theirs. And especially with Apple, you recognize their devices only by the design. Now, this is a powerful brand identity! 

When you create an identity always think about growth. We are all hoping our businesses will grow, right? If your ideas aren’t flexible they wouldn’t evolve with the company and this can kill the whole process of your brand identity development. 

Now it is time to see what is needed to create a brand identity. 

Creating a brand identity and its development.creating and developing a brand identity

The first thing you always do when starting a brand is to decide who you want to be. If you don’t know, then don’t start at all. When you are without a clear vision of your brand, do you think customers will be appealed to it? Didn’t think so. The confusion gets no one attached to anything. 

The key branding elements you must think about are:

The brand heart

These are all the things that make your brand what it is – your mission, vision, values, and purpose. The reason you exist, the future you see, the path leading you there, and your behavior on it. The core of everything you do. 

What do you want to offer to people and what is the goal at the end? Which values do you stand behind and how do you support them? What beliefs drive your business forward and how do they connect you to customers? When you answer those questions, you are good to go and continue with your branding strategy. 

Brand messaging

This is the communication of your story. A way to tell you branding storytelling with a brand voice, brand personality, tagline, value prop, and messaging pillars. 

We all know a tagline is a short phrase capturing the essence of your brand and personality. This is the big idea of everything you stand behind as a business. The value prop is the things supporting your idea and the brand messaging pillars are the told stories supporting both the tagline and value prop. 

Think about how your brand would sound if it was a person and you are ready with finding your brand voice – more joyful, serious, or passionate. Would you be their friend or official figure? Creating branding for your business is creating a real human personality. 

In addition, the brand personality again is about humanizing your business. The qualities you wish to have and their development. The key here is research, even if it is boring – the more you get to know your company, the stronger your brand identity can get.

Brand identity

In that section are most of the things we imagine when we hear branding. Logo design, color palette, typography, shapes, graphics, and depending on the business even smell, taste, sound. 

Another key branding element is your unique positioning we have mentioned too many times. It is not in those three core sections but this doesn’t make it less important. What makes you different and how do you show it to the world. 

When you define all that, you know your brand and you can start building your brand identity and design its foundation.    

Developing brand design. 

First, you start with developing your brand design, because otherwise, you can’t create the brand assets. Once you know what the brand design looks like, you will have created the brand guidelines you can use from thereon. 

Colors have a psychological effect on people. That is why you need to be very careful when you are choosing the color palette representing your brand. You must always use them strategically and intentionally wake different emotions in customers because colors have a great impact on customers’ behavior and the perception of your brand. 

Let’s take blue and red. Red arouses appetite and it is often used in food-related businesses. Blue on the other hand is a perfect brand color for every company except for food chains because it suppresses the appetite. Learning the meaning of colors is important in any type of branding in marketing.  

Typography is not less significant. Different fonts provoke different perceptions. Serif fonts, Sans Serif fonts, Script typography, and Display fonts – use them only if they match your business. Otherwise, you will give the wrong impression. Feminine handwriting from the Script family is not suitable for training supplements, right? 

The form and shapes are the same. Round shapes provoke feelings of love, community and look quite feminine. Squares, rectangles, triangles, and other straight-edged shapes provoke feelings of strength, stability, and trust. It is hard, we know but there is no such thing as simple branding.

Brand identity design. 

After finishing with the development of your brand guidelines, it is time to talk about designing the brand identity. 

Depending on your business, the most significant brand identity assets may vary. If you are an online business, you have to put more effort into the website because you will be growing in the digital space. If you produce and sell homemade cookies in a store, the packaging of the goods and the physical place, take the lead. 

Even though there are some branding elements common for every business. 

Logo design.

Online or offline, your logo is everywhere. It represents your business and identifies it. If the world were a social media channel, the logo would be your profile picture as the cornerstone of your brand identity. 

You want to make sure it is visually appealing, clearly communicates your mission and values, matches everything we talked about until now and it captures the eye of your targeted audience. This is the most recognizable part of your business and it stands everywhere – from the business cards to the website. 

The goal is just by seeing your logo people to recognize your brand and to wake deep feelings of love and loyalty in them thanks to the influence of branding. 

When choosing the logo design consider it will be displayed in many places so it should be compatible. It has to look great on both huge billboards and small social media icons as well.

Business cards.

Every business needs good-looking business cards, no matter what it is about. They make a good impression and capture the eye of the customers. Keeping them simple is the best advice we can give you – contacts and essential information on one side and a logo on the other. Here we use logo design, typography, brand color palette and follow the brand guidelines. 

Product packaging.

If you have physical products, you have packaging. This is the key to attracting customers. Being different and interesting, yet true to yourself and your brand will distinguish you among all other products put next to yours. Don’t underestimate the value of astonishing design in driving both loyalty and repeat purchases. Good brand identity and design improve the customer experience at all. 

Website design.

Websites like logos create a first impression. There is not a business that doesn’t have a website and if there is we assume is not truly successful. If your website design is not aesthetic and updated, people might think you are out of business. 

Here is the place to use all branding elements to the fullest. Nowadays nobody is buying anything without checking it online first. 

Why do you need help to create the best branding strategy?experts opinion for your brand identity

We hope you got the idea of how to build your brand, how important brand identity is, and what are the key elements to think about. 

After answering the questions, we put in light in our article and hearing about the brand guidelines that help every business stay consistent, we are sure it is easier for you to imagine things. 

Our best advice is to hire an agency that can help you build and maintain the image of your brand. It is not an easy job because the influence of branding is too big to neglect. 

An expert knows how to approach your audience correctly and are the values, mission, and purpose correspond with each other and with all the branding elements. We know you must be tired of hearing you need a person for this and another for that but there is no better way of doing anything at all. 

If your car breaks in the middle of the row, you won’t start repairing it yourself, right? 

We will be happy to present you with our services or answer any question that still pops up in your mind. If you want to meet our team and discuss any kind of marketing strategy we can work on together, feel free to fill out the form at the end.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!