Facebook social media marketing – do it like a pro.

facebook social media marketing do it like a pro with the experts

For the last decade, Facebook has become a social media network used mostly for sharing and communicating with people but in the end, it is one of the biggest weapons in a digital marketing package specifically when we are talking about social media management. 

With billions of people online using the platform, if you want to develop your business and reach the audiences that are on Facebook you should have a profile, which is active daily. 

In general, social media marketing (which is a very important part of every digital marketing strategy) plays a significant role in the overall strategy and success rate. And especially the campaigns made on Instagram and Facebook

But let’s begin with an explanation of what is Facebook marketing. What type of social media it is. What are the biggest benefits of using it? 

Facebook advertising – the must for every business.facebook advertising

Facebook is a social media platform and Facebook marketing opens a lot of new doors and opportunities for businesses in different industries. There are many both paid advertisements and organic posts and different tools that companies can use and be seen by a massive audience. 

There is no need for a detailed Facebook explanation. That is because we are sure you are using it already. If not for your business, at least for you. For the last years that passed from a simple social platform, Facebook became one of the biggest marketplaces existing in the current moment.

The good thing about digital marketing is that it offers diverse channels suitable for communication with your audience. You can do it via social media, send emails, messengers, use search engines, SMS, web push notifications, etc.

Facebook social media marketing should be a real part of the whole process because it has numerous benefits. Users for example. Billions of users in the whole world are scrolling Facebook every single day for hours. With a wide range of demography, interests, etc.  

For every business

No matter what your business is – you must be almost completely certain you will find your audience on the platform. And not just that but you could target very specific people you want to reach with your paid advertisements. 

With Facebook Ads, you can tailor your promotions based on gender, age, location. And not only. Whatever you decide that is a part of the demographical or behavioral data, that each of us is sharing on our Facebook profiles.

Organic reach is another Facebook advertising benefit. Although it has declined a little in the past few years. This should make you drop the idea of advertising on Facebook. This still is the most effective social media marketing platform. 

Even if you don’t have the budget to initiate a social media campaign, trying to reach people organically through their feed might be quite enough for a certain period. People will start to know your page and business. The low point is because of the competition it might be hard to build a loyal audience like this and it is not a constant option. 

You can do your Facebook marketing in different ways. Like choosing targeted ads, Facebook jobs, Facebook marketplace, or business branded groups, depending on your audience. Most companies decide to use only Facebook ads and have an everyday posting plan that keeps the overall engagement higher. This doesn’t mean that for you this is the most suitable option.

Facebook insights

The good thing is that you can measure your success in social media marketing with Facebook easily. This is thanks to Facebook insights and analytics that monitor every process. 

Is a necessity to have a team of professionals behind your back for that. It’s like that because they know best how to read that information. Page insights give the opportunity of understanding which posts have the most interaction and which didn’t engage your audience. 

Digital marketing experts can understand a wide range of metrics. Metrics like reach, engagement, taken actions, views, etc. that you wouldn’t understand that well on your own. 

Types of social media marketing and why Facebook is so important.types of social media marketing and why facebook is so important

There are a few types of social media networks, depending on what the platforms are used for.  

There are Social networks. Media sharing networks. Discussion forums. Bookmarking and content curation networks. Consumer review networks. Blogging and publishing network. Interest-based networks. Social shopping networks. Sharing economy networks. Anonymous social networks. 

We are not going to look at all of them but only at Social networks, Media sharing networks, and the Bookmarking and content curation networks. Here are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. – the biggest social media channels. 

Social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.).

We are sure you know those platforms well. They are used mostly for connection between people, or with brands online and we believe that is why you are using them as well. 

With social networks, you can build brand awareness, research the market, lead generation, build relations, offer amazing customer service, and so on. Doing all this with social media marketing with Facebook can open many doors between your brand and your audience. 

You can share information and ideas, engage people and provoke feelings of love and loyalty towards your company. If you are not social, how do you expect users to be and find your brand on their own? 

Using those networks in your social media marketing plan, from which Facebook is a significant part, will improve your current strategy and relations with customers. 

Media sharing networks (Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok, etc.).

Another pair of names we have heard a lot about. Those platforms are visual and when using them you can find or/and share photos, videos, live videos, and other media online. And also communicate with others of course. 

Again, here we are aiming for brand awareness, lead generation, audience engagement, etc. If you have visual content to share, you must have profiles in as many media-sharing networks as you find it convenient. 

Instagram is owned by Facebook, so you can connect both platforms and share on both at the same time, which makes the whole process of social media marketing with Facebook and Instagram easier. 

Nowadays actually, the line between media sharing and social networks is almost gone because both categories are used for everything. The core purpose is what makes them different. 

Bookmarking and content curation networks (Pinterest, Flipboard, etc.).

With those platforms, people try to discover, save, share and discuss content and media they are interested in. Mostly they are used by brands for brand awareness (again), customer engagement, and website traffic and it is a great type of social media marketing platform.

These networks are full of inspiration for everyone that tries to find new information or ideas and if you offer them in your profile on Pinterest for example, you’ll engage them at the end. 

Bookmarking actually tries to find its way in more platforms too. A couple of years back Instagram made saving and creating private collections possible for its users. 

Benefits of Facebook marketing. the benefits of facebook marketing

The number of new platforms grows every day, but people still widely use Facebook because of its simplicity, worldwide usage, and mostly because they are very familiar with the network as a whole. 

The Facebook advertising benefits are a lot and this is the reason social media marketing with Facebook is in almost every digital marketing strategy made by an agency. When you establish deep relationships with consumers, which you can do thanks to Facebook, users will be more involved in your brand, make purchases, and converse in every possible way, like sign up for newsletters, offers, etc.

We have already mentioned the wider audience, detailed and precise targeting and the great monitoring and measurement of every process made by Facebook analytics and Facebook insights – a couple of the best tools Facebook has to offer. 

Every business should keep an eye on its competitors. Almost everything related to online marketing contains a competitor analysis that is better made by an agency rather than by an in-house employee. 

Digital marketing agencies.

Digital marketing agencies that offer Facebook marketing services know the market, understand the metrics, and know how to use them in your favor. 

Targeting competitors can be really useful for your social media management strategy and drive results faster. You can see what others in your industry are doing and try to stand out with something that is only yours. This way, users will notice you. 

Competitor analysis also allows you to target people who have shown interest in someone doing or offering the same as you. There are tons of things you can use in favor of your business with a good analysis. 

The variety of ad formats is another huge Facebook marketing benefit that shouldn’t be neglected. You could showcase your products as you want, in a way that reflects your brand identity most.  

Make stories behind the scenes, boost old posts you like, make an ad with text and/or picture, use carousel posts to show more products, link pages, etc. – the list is long. You can choose all or do just what you think shows who you are as a brand and what your beliefs are. Users on Facebook love well-told stories. 

Traffic to the websites.

Also, while we are talking about linking pages, let us say that this is another advantage because it will drive traffic directly to your website. Users that want to check the things you offer go straight to the website you put in information. 

The close border you have with customers Facebook marketing provides is great too. Customer support is strongly valued and appreciated by people. Nowadays people prefer to contact brands via social media, rather than call or send an email like before. 

When growing your company on Facebook you can create a Messenger chatbot that answers immediately common questions based on keywords, like “price,” “delivery,” “payment options,” “purchase,” etc. The only thing is to develop answering frequently asked questions and your chatbot will imitate real conversations. 

And finally, yet importantly, we will mention with a few words the actual engagement of your existing audience. With Facebook marketing, you nurture and reach constantly your biggest supporters and make them part of a community. 

Regularly posting and interacting with your audience will make them loyal. You should remind them of you often and give new reasons to keep them close and create new connections. And if your budget allows and from time to time you run campaigns targeting certain groups, we are sure you will win a lot from social media marketing with Facebook.

Facebook marketing services and the need for an expert.facebook marketing services and why you need an expert

As with everything related to marketing, both traditional and digital, you need help. Even if you know some things did some campaigns before, or took courses – this is not a job for one person. Often it is cheaper to use the digital and Facebook marketing services of an agency, rather than hire an in-house team of professionals. 

Hire a Facebook management company can help you grow faster and continuously because when you don’t know what you are doing, Facebook marketing can be a long process without the desired success in the end. 

Teams of experts know how to do your campaigns and after that measure the results, they target the best audiences, make customer support look like a child’s game, and create the content you need. You can’t engage people without content and creating it yourself takes a huge part of your time and efforts. 

This is why we suggest you have a special budget, find an agency you like and go for it. Don’t remember to ask for their previous projects, because if you don’t know their way of work you might end up with someone who you are not in tune with. 

Also, if someone promises quick results don’t believe them and search for another agency. Digital marketing in general is a process with slow growth and there is a long path before seeing the success you are aiming for. Be patient and find the people who know how to make the wait worth it! 

If you want to know about the services we offer or you are interested in something else, fill out the form at the end of the article. We will be happy to answer you and hopefully work together.