How to make your business more special with custom website design?

the importance of custom web design for businesses

Being online is not a choice nowadays. If you are a brand owner and you don’t have a website, social media, etc. or they look forgotten and outdated, people would think you’re out of business or something like that. Having a great working business requires a great working website. Digital marketing is the wheel that rolls everything around – SEO Optimization, custom website design, web development, social media, Google Ads, and so on.

A website with good aesthetics is essential if you want to make a good first impression because websites are like people. You have to win them over the first time with appearance and behavior (in our case – functionality). Otherwise, you probably won’t hear from them again (in our case – they wouldn’t check your website twice). 

You must have heard about the importance of web design but why is it better to make it custom? Because being personal makes you unique. And when people see something unique they can’t find elsewhere they are drawn to it again, and again. 

Like clothes – if you see on the street four friends all in white t-shirts and jeans you won’t look long. But if one of them is with a sparkling black dress it will be interesting to have a look or two. Or even more. Because she’s different from the mass of people around her. Custom website design works the same way – it makes you sparkle.

What is custom web design about and why do you need it?what is the meaning of custom website design and why custom web design is important

Before explaining the role of custom web design let’s make it clear what is website design in general. 

The easiest web design definition says that this is the process of planning and arranging the overall look of your website. Every single element finds its place in a website’s appearance. Layout, which refers to how the information is categorized and the whole page’s structure, graphics, colors,  fonts, etc. 

With web design, the essence is to make it personal and tuned to your brand, be used easily by visitors, and make it pleasant to look at.

Let’s note that web design and web development are two different things. As we said, website design has to do mostly with appearance and looks. 

On the other hand, the web developing meaning categorizes it as the engine that drives everything behind the curtains. It is the thing allowing pages to look the same and load correctly on different browsers and systems. Also processing e-commerce transactions online, and so on. 

If web design is the face of a website, then web development is the heart. The overall page look and layout are the first thing visitors notice. Although if your website doesn’t load fast, it’s not compatible with different browsers, doesn’t have good features, and expandability it won’t make a great profit for you online. 

One can’t go without the other. Even the perfect website design doesn’t mean a thing if it’s not a pair with good web development behind it. And vice versa. It is a fusion of art and science.

Custom website design definition

This is a design of a website made from scratch and incomparable to any other with no templates or previous websites versions used as a basis. Usually, they’re made for a specific brand, directly reflecting the business as a whole. 

Even if someone says they made changes to an already existing WordPress template for example. This is not a custom web design. It is more like web design customization. Taking a layout and changing colors, fonts, and inserting a logo doesn’t make it custom. 

Are you’re still wondering what exactly are the perks of a custom-made website design? Let’s look quickly at 3 big benefits of custom website design. 

Appearance tailored to your brand and making the website “yours”.

It’s not a bad thing to have a website made with templates by content management systems like WordPress, Wix, etc. but it can never be only “yours”. 

Every business has unique products, services, or ideas. And even if not – your approach for selling and presenting them to customers can’t be the same as someone else’s. If a website is tailor-made for your brand it could target your audience more precisely.

Using templates could be crucial by making your site more basic and flat. In the end compared to a huge number of other websites it will look quite the same. That’s why custom web design and development matter. 

Increased search engine optimization.

When we’re talking about a custom website design Google has a lot of things to say. Search engines can recognize unique websites and rank them higher than a template site. 

Google’s algorithms determine a website’s ranking by identifying a site’s variability from the norm. This means that if it is different it will go upper because it will differentiate itself from Google’s bots more. That is why custom websites perform better on search engines.

So when hiring someone to do your custom web design services, you’re also having a person to think about your SEO Optimization. 

Flexible and able to evolve in response to changes.

With custom website design, you can make appropriate changes in response to the needs of your business. With template sites, you can’t customize periodically whenever it is required. That is because they have a lot of codes that can’t be edited and the customization option is missing. 

Of course, your website’s architecture will be created from the beginning but if later there is a newly added functionality it can be easily put in the already done website too. Template websites are developed with the idea to remain static.

We think that after talking in this article so much about templates, we should give them even more attention to understanding the difference between choosing a custom website and CMSs

To make a strong impact with the good website development and custom web design, instead of templates.Customized website design and web development vs templates

First thing first before digging deeper into the custom web design vs templates question. There are two ways of building a website – custom by scratch or template.

We’ve established what a custom one is. But what about the templates? Content management systems (CMS) work with templates. 

CMS in web design refers to software for web development (or tool), which helps users create, manage, modify and publish content without needing them to have specialized knowledge about coding. Every function connected to basic infrastructure is done by the software. With content management systems you only have to focus on the appearance of the website design.

There are a lot of different themes and templates while working with platforms for web design like WordPress, Shopify, Wix, Magento, Joomla, etc. You choose one, change the colors, the fonts, put in more images and things like that but even customized it will be with an already made background. 

Custom web design vs templates.why choosing custom web design over using a template

Timeline. While websites with templates can be done within a day, for a custom-made page you might wait for a little bit. To build a captivating website that has all the functionalities you want it to will take time. There’s no way of getting around that. You can make a webpage running quickly with site-building services. 

Budget. Custom website design is definitely more expensive than template sites, which are usually cheap to create. If you do it by yourself and choose the not-paid features it could be entirely free. A custom site is going to cost you a lot more because of the creativity, and skills web designers and developers will put in.

Customizability: We’ve mentioned that already. There are a lot of templates you could use while building a website but you can never compare it to a custom website design. Even though some of the templates are responsive, and do not look very pre-done they are not as personal as custom-made pages. 

DIY-friendliness: Unless you’re a developer you won’t be able to make a website from scratch. On the other hand, you could manage the web design process of a template website. It won’t be as awesome as a template site made by a professional but if you have your reasons you could do it. 

Functionality: If you just want to post blog articles or something like that, grabbing a template sounds quite reasonable. If you are imagining a site that can do backflips and customers can actually do something with a template that won’t do the job? 

Findability. Another subject we have already mentioned. Most of the templates are not built with SEO in mind so believe us it would be SO hard to find them in those first pages of Google. Custom web design includes in it SEO Optimization and your page will be a lot more findable. 


Security. Always when a web developer is building a custom website it has in mind that security is a huge part of it. Unlike it, hackers love template websites because they can be hacked easily and a lot at once. 

Coding. With custom website design, you’ll have the most up-to-date code. Coding with templates as you know is done by the CMS and if you or someone else changes the underlying coding of a template while working on the customization, it could become a mess to update the theme if upgrades are released. 

Responsiveness. Custom-made websites stay the same on every device without losing their beauty. They move, shrink and adjust as needed. 

Compatibility. Websites are supposed to look exactly alike to every customer no matter their browser and server. Web designers think about it while creating a custom web design. Template websites – don’t. 

Ecommerce. You can buy almost everything online nowadays, so there are thousands of online stores opening all the time. While using CMS like Shopify stores is a great choice for small businesses and start-ups, custom online shops will provide you with advanced e-commerce website design solutions and features that will make the website more efficient and secure. 

Why should you give this task and leave your custom web design to the professionals? custom web design made by a professional digital marketing agency

As we said, custom web design and web development are great choices if you want to stand out online. Templates might become reality faster and seem quite cheaper but the cost of custom website design will be 100% worth it in the end and the cost of not having one will appear much higher. 

A good website must be visually captivating, aesthetic, easy to use, and a direct reflection of your business as a whole. It should speak your brand language and values and shows it with every graphic and color. The possession of custom web design will give you the ability to create your own brand identity via the Internet.

You will definitely need to think about different web design development companies. Talk with them and discuss prices, ideas, etc. because custom website design is not something you should do on your own. 

Subtle details could only be seen by a trained eye. A professional designer can pick up on that and make the experience for the average visitor remarkable. And this will make your business remarkable. 

Designers know everything about industry trends, how to capture target audiences, and the individual business itself and after analyzing all that, they’re beginning with their work. Responsive pages require responsive design. To design a professional website is a hard job. 

Custom websites must be able to add needed features for your clients to make it possible for them to take advantage of your services. There are so many perks only custom website design can give to you. 

Leave the customization to experts.

So don’t wander and start thinking about your website – how do you visualize it, what features do you want, what is your target audience, etc. And after that hire a website designer or a whole team of professionals who can make your dream website true and move you closer to your audience. 

If you have remaining questions about customization, web design or anything else related to digital marketing don’t hesitate to ask us. You can also fill out the form at the end of the article and ask us about our custom web design services. 

Let’s make your business something everyone will talk about!