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the perfect brand logo design for a business

Logo design is part of businesses’ brand identity strategies. Always, always, always. You can’t create a brand without its first component – a logo design. 

By building a brand identity you actually create a personality of your business as if it was a real person. You need to find brand personality traits like the brand voice you’ll use to talk to your audience (more serious or friendlier), your values, strengths, beliefs and of course – your face. The face you choose to represent your company as if it is a person. 

Here comes brand logo design – the image (even if it’s not really an image) that customers will connect to your company. 

When we’re talking about logo design in our articles we’ve always referred to it as the profile picture in our social media channel. It’s the first thing people see from us and if they are interested in it they dig deeper in our personal information. 

That’s the idea – to create a high-quality and aesthetic logo design which shows who we are as a whole, and from there attract potential customers interested in our area. 

Every business is based upon values, beliefs and most importantly – has to stick to them and try to show them through every possible channel. In its color scheme, social media channels, name, and our star – the logo. 

Everything surrounding your business must be a reflection of it. 

How to choose a good logo design for a company?how to choose a good brand logo design for a company

First thing first. Exactly what is logo design? Only when we establish that, we could continue with its types, so that you could build an idea of how you imagine your company’s logo design to look like.

The logo is a symbol that identifies a business made up of text and/or images. It should be a clear expression of your business, its values, beliefs and ideas. 

When you think of the logo try to see it as a creation of a significant mark, whose job is to represent your company. It’s not easy work to build a logo design strategy, because there is a ton of psychology behind it. And how could there not be, when his main job is to “speak” to your targeted audience. 

If you ask us why logo design is important there are a lot of things we could give you as reasons. But the essence is always the same – because it builds not only a visual image people connect you to, but it also puts behind itself a whole meaning which must correspond with your brand.

There are a few logo design elements you should know:

  • Typography – You can have your whole company’s name written or just the initials, or maybe even add something extra. Of course, here you must definitely think of the font you use, because they provoke different behavior in customers. 
  • Imagery – The logo could be made of an image, only a text or combination from both. Images can be representative or composed of abstract geometric logo design elements. It could be your mascot (if you have one) or even a little line or dot, you won’t even describe as an image.
  • Shapes – Logo shapes have different meanings. A sharp edged triangle wouldn’t make you feel the same towards one business as a soft ellipses. Here we have soft, organic shapes; organically shaped logos, sharp and angular; lines; cultural logos shapes, etc. The list is long. 
  • Colors – You can use black and white logo design, too. It’s not a mistake or something like that. But when we’re talking about colors for logo design we’re actually referring to magic. Colors have such a huge impact on people, they could make them fall in love or hate something in a few seconds. And let’s just say a mix of colors is pure witchcraft. By choosing the color (or colors) for your logo, you’re deciding which emotions and behaviors you want to provoke in your customers. Think wisely what virtues you want to highlight – speed, bold ideas, efficiency, quality, intuitiveness, quantity? 
  • Static or dynamic elements – As you could suggest the static variant of brand logo design is the same always regardless of where it’s used. If you make it dynamic on the other hand, it will change depending on the context of application – for a poster, social media, different types of merchandised products, etc. 

You see?

Building a logo is a huge deal with lots of patience and effort. And most importantly – help. It’s not something you should do on your own, but it’s good to have an idea in your head before arranging a meeting with professionals about your logo design and branding services.

Now it’s time to talk a little about design styles we haven’t mentioned before. When you have to decide what kind of style you prefer for your logo, don’t wonder “is there a trend in logo design” or something like that. 

It doesn’t matter. The main thing is to make it corresponding and suitable for your business as a whole. Like we’ve said – personality, values, ideas, and products/services. Even if it is the most exquisite logo design, when it’s not related to whom it stands for what’s the point? 

Logo design styles. 


Following a trend in logo design can be interesting and exciting, but when the rage wave passes your logo will turn out outdated and not as trendy as it was when you made it. That is why classic logo design, well, remains a classic choice. 

Simple, aesthetic, without going crazy with colors schemes, shapes or fonts. You couldn’t go out of style and your customers will see you trustworthy and grounded. What’s better than that? 

Modern and minimalistic.

This design style can still show you quite trendy but without the risk we’ve just mentioned. To communicate with a minimal logo design signifies you are a modern, cool and up-to-date brand that knows how to do everything the “new” proper way. 

Those types of logos usually are with a lot of unused space, small details, simple fonts and lines. 


Well, that obviously is the opposite. If we have to be honest, logo design vintage and retro made is actually the newest trend, which is ironic. That design style awakens a feeling of romanticism and nostalgia to the old and known. It looks worn, experienced and it’s often made with earth tones that fit it so appropriately. 

This is the message your customers will get if you use vintage logo design – you value history, experience, have a calm temper and know how to do things as they should be done. 

Fun and peculiar.

Usually this brand logo design is colorful, sweet and uses illustrations that provoke joyful, friendly and careless vibe. If your business targets young people or people interested in your youthful ideas, this could be a perfect fit for your company. A mascot or darling illustration are mostly used here and identify your brand personality as fun, young and happy. 


There is a clear message here that even if you don’t understand logo design you will see – that your business likes to make things properly and by hand. Individualism and handmade quality is something every customer searches for. Combined with vintage logo design or minimal and modern one, could make quite a statement. 


Like with shapes, colors and logo design typography, you can combine different styles, too. The goal is to match your brand and to identify it perfectly. If you are both vintage and handcrafted – why choose just one? A combination of both would be the most suitable brand logo design for you. 

When you know your worth and personality don’t settle for less just to remain in the box. 

We have established what logo design is – the symbol or mark that identifies a company. But what is branding

If we have to give you a branding definition, the most short and simple one is that this is the process of building a brand. This is the strategy of communicating clearly to your targeted audience what your brand actually is and what is not. That way people could identify themselves in your products, services or ideas and choose you over the competition on the market. 

Branding contains in itself a lot – brand definition (which are the values, beliefs, purposes we’ve mentioned so many times; they are the base of your business); brand identity (brand name, way of speaking, visual identity which actually is the logo); advertising; products and packaging, etc. 

So as you see brand logo design is actually part of your branding strategy.  It’s one of the first things you’ll have to think about when developing your branding. It is part of almost any branding process actually – websites, merchandise, ads, even uniforms, etc. 

Logo design is the face of your business that people connect you to. The graphic element used in visual communication with customers. The brand on the other hand is everything that represents your business in any way. It gives your logo its meaning. 

When you mix a clear brand strategy and relevant brand logo design you get yourself amazing results – effectively reach your people; pass the right message; express your values and purpose; attract more attention with visual elements; create a real experience that would be related to you later. 

One can’t succeed without the other. If people see your logo somewhere without ever watching some advertisement or seeing a brochure they probably won’t make a purchase and engage a lot. Because they don’t know the branding that gives your company’s logo design its meaning. 

On the other hand…

Even with the most amazing branding strategy you have a lot of work. If you change your logo design, people won’t instantly recognize your business. They won’t know how to connect the dots of logo and branding, and at the end they won’t engage. So the result of missing logo and missing branding is quite the same.  

The mission is to create an identifying brand logo design and a clear branding strategy so when potential customers see your logo somewhere they instinctively think of your whole branding identity and their experience from watching an ad, for example, and from their purchase and engagement. 

We hope you understand what we meant here. One can’t go without the other. And your business relies on both. 

Create your brand logo design with a professional designer.professional brand logo design made by experts

When your washing machine is broken you don’t call your hairstylist to fix it, right? Then why try to do your logo design by yourself when you are not an expert? 

With logo design is as with everything else in life – just because you know a little bit of this and that and read some articles on the subject, does not mean you are a professional designer. And it definitely doesn’t mean you should do everything regarding logo design and brand identity alone. 

Believe us it could be crucial and at the end it can cost you more than what you’ve spared from not hiring a designer. 

There are some very tricky things about business logo design. Before starting, see if you know the answers to those questions – actually what is logo design process; which colors, typography, shapes, etc. are most suitable for your field, in what size should you design a logo, is there a difference when you print it on diverse materials. 

Because if you don’t know the answers, then you could get yourself in trouble. It stands to reason that fitness logo design and jewellery logo design should be with the same characteristics. But what characteristics should they have? 

Almost every jewellery business has a logo with either the brand name or a pair of earrings, necklace, rings or something else. And if you do the obvious, you’ll get lost among the competition.

A team of experts knows how to make you stand out and create a great brand identity for your company. 

Don’t risk your company so that you can prove to yourself you can do it alone. You might, yes, but why take a random shot, when you can aim straight at the target with your business logo design ideas and their realization?

Please, fill the form at the end of the article and we’ll be happy to tell you about our own services, answer your questions and help you grow your business, no matter if it is a start-up or a big corporation. 

Don’t aim for little, when you could have it all.