Branding Services

Create the appropriate brand identity for your company

The design of a company’s logo is an integral part of the overall brand identity.

By definition, branding is a marketing strategy during which a company manages, strategically and consistently, its corporate identity.

Step by step


Designing a corporate identity

The design components that determine how your brand is perceived are the following:

  • Logo development
  • Product packaging
  • Website design
  • Social Media graphics
  • Print material (company cards, envelopes, posters, etc.)
  • Staff equipment (clothes, hat, apron, etc.)


In order to apply the brand’s design development effectively, you should determine its key components with consistency.


Typography is the font that you choose to be displayed at various contact points. Typo is an integral part of brand design.

Color Palette

Color is another key element of corporate identity.

People (particularly,  your customers) establish mental associations and connotations with various colors.

The color palette you choose in order to be applied in corporate identity, will largely affect how your target audience will perceive your brand.


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