Brand identity – it all begins with a custom logo design

brand identity and custom logo design

When you are creating an account in social media you have to think about a lot of things – what to put in your bio, how you want its overall look to be, which profile picture to choose best so that it won’t only look good, but also people could see clearly who you are. It’s like you are doing your custom logo design.

Sounds familiar, right? When creating your brand the process is quite the same. A lot of things cross your mind and need to be considered – what would be the main idea and values to present to your audience, what would be the emotion and impression you want customers to identify with you, which logo would represent everything the best. 

Like we have said – almost the same, isn’t it? 

Brand identity in marketing is a mix of all elements created by your business which state the right image to your targeted audience. 

This is not the same as “brand image”, “branding” or “brand”, because these terms refer to the cumulative impression of a brand; the marketing practice of actively shaping a distinctive brand and the brand itself is the perception of the company as a whole in people’s eyes. 

Brand identity is what helps you be recognizable to your customers and identified with your products, services or ideas. But let’s dive in this a little deeper before focusing on the main star of our article – what is logo design and why it should be customized? 

What is brand identity and how to be catchy with a custom logo design?what is brand identity

The easiest way to explain the brand identity definition is to understand it as a way of communication with the world, which distinguishes you from the competition and builds an experience, which helps customers to engage. 

This is how a brand talks, looks and feels in the eyes of the audience.  If your company was a human what kind of person would it be? A friendly one, more serious or something in the middle? 

It’s mandatory to know who you are, what do you offer, and how do you want to make people feel when thinking/using your products/services. Otherwise you’ll struggle with the creation of a brand identity strategy and this will turn out crucial. If you don’t communicate clearly who you are, how could others know it? 

When you can successfully declare your purpose and understandings, you would have better connections with people and form strong relationships leading your business to long-term success. This is the importance of brand identity.

The brand identity elements include a lot of components – logo, color palette, typography, design system, illustration and photography, web design, video and motion, and so on. They are what makes your business memorable, distinct, cohesive and scalable. 

Those elements make you stand among competitors, make a visual impact for the audience, they could evolve with the brand and each piece on its own means nothing, but together they complement the brand identity as a whole. 

We won’t look at each of them right now, because our main focus is the logo design in marketing. What is the logo and should it be custom made or not?

What is brand logo design? 

Logo design and brand identity go hand-in-hand. The logo is the first step of creating a vision for your business and the center of your brand identity. 

The logo is a symbol made of text and images that identifies a business. It matches, supplements, and enhances that brand and it should be the perfect brand mark. To have a more personal logo design is important. 

The elements that it contains in itself are the same almost every time, depending on its type. A symbol or brand mark and a logotype, along with a tagline. There is a lot of psychology that stands behind it, because although some of us may see it only as an image, the logo actually is the first thing that “speaks” to the targeted audience.

It creates expectations in people about what the company offers without them realizing it. If you see a jewellery logo design with rings, pendant necklaces or a pair of diamond earrings, you wouldn’t expect car tires to be on the menu, right? 

When deciding what logo suits you best, you must think about which from the types of logo design you want at the most. Let’s talk a little about the main ones. 

Lettermarks (also called monogram logos). This is a good choice if your company’s name is very long – taking only the first letters or creating some kind of an abbreviation which would make it easier for people to remember it. Lettermarks are very suitable for minimalistic logo design, but we must note there’s a big chance of not expressing the personality of your business. 


Wordmarks (also called logotypes). This literally means to use the name of your business as a logo. The thing that makes that type of logo so special is the logo design typography you choose. The result could be a marvelous looking logo and a name that stands out. 

Pictorial marks (or logo symbols). This is a “logo” the way we imagine it when we hear the word. An image that represents your brand and makes it recognizable. It could be something minimalistic, or much more complicated – the important thing is to have a strong connection with what your business is about. People often combine it with the company’s name which creates an even more personal logo design.

Mascots. We all know what a mascot is. This again is a pictorial logo (an image). If there is a certain mascot your business is linked too, you can use it in your favor and make it your logo design. It’s very fun, cheerful, and friendly. It’s not something suiting a serious or luxury business, though. 

Abstract logo marks. This refers to a geometric logo design. This won’t be an intuitively connected image to your business by the customers, but it could be a recognizable symbol only you have. Something memorable, unique and modern. But before choosing this from all types of logo design, you must be familiar with the meaning of different geometric shapes. 

Combination mark. This is exactly what it sounds like – a combination of different types of logo designs. Lettermarks plus abstract logo design. Pictorial logo design and wordmarks. Whichever suits you best. Why choose only one when you can combine more? 

After talking about the logo types, it’s time for the other important things that should be considered while creating a logo. If you have ever wondered what is logo design process, now you get the idea. It is a long, rather important part of your brand identity elements and you will definitely need help by a professional. If you want to do it right of course. 

Colors for logo design

Next step – colors for logo design. We won’t talk about their meanings, because we’ve already covered that question in other articles. What will talk about are their combinations. 

If you haven’t decided to choose a black and white logo design, then you need to put in a lot of thought of what you want to express with the used colors and how to combine them well.

Monochrome logos are quite popular and if you stick to them you cut your work in half. Only thinking about one single color. But what to do if you want to use a few different colors for logo design?

There are…

  • Complementary colors – colors that have nothing to do with each other. On a color wheel they would stay on the opposite sides. Like blue and orange, red and green, etc. (but of course you should use shades that look good together. Not orange neon and baby blue).
  • Triadic colors – Imagine the color wheel again and draw a triangle in the middle. Now choose the color on each angle. Like red, yellow and deep blue. This is a very popular trend in logo design, because combinations like this are very stimulating for the audience and have a bold effect. 
  • Analogous colors – Colors which are close to each other, or different shades of one color. Their harmony is calming and they look very beautiful and symmetrical when put together. For example three shades of blue, or yellow, darker shade of yellow and light orange. 

As you can see there is a huge strategy behind logo design. Ideas, typography, shapes, colors, etc. – and you can’t choose just one. The idea is to mix them all perfectly. And also to create a visual mark that represents your values, ideas and business as a whole.

Here we can’t not mention custom logo design. Having something customized is always the better option – is more personal, is more real, is more trustful, is more you. And your audience is interested in you

It’s time to have a closer look at customized logo design and why it is worth it. 

What is the custom logo design cost of not having it custom and why is it better than a template?custom logo design cost

When we refer to something as custom then we’re talking about something made exclusively for us. In digital marketing that can be a personal logo design or a custom website, for example. 

Like with everything in life, being unique is always the better option. Customization gives you that opportunity of exclusivity. Of course, if you don’t have enough budget and you’re just starting to grow a business, a template is not a bad option. But if you could spare the money – make it custom. You won’t regret it, we promise. 

What is a template like a part of a custom logo design?

Let’s differentiate both variants. We have established what is a custom logo design and that it would cost you much more to not have one. But what is a template? 

A template is something already made by someone else that you use for yourself by making little changes. There are template websites, template designs, etc. 

With logo templates we can change the logo design typography, colors, put a little bit of ourselves in, but still – it wouldn’t be personal and probably we will see it repeatedly in other company’s logos. 

When it comes to templates you can’t choose between all types of logo design, like mascots for example – they are out of the picture. Or even abstract and pictorial logo marks, because someone else could have the same and yours wouldn’t be unique. 

You can put initials with the image or something like that, but what if someone else has the same image and chose the same typography for his name? It would make you feel one among others and not one of a kind. 

Custom logo design creates brand identity, builds trust and makes you recognizable and distinctive. You will be seen amidst the sea of competitors and it’ll enhance customer loyalty. Also it sends such a strong message towards audiences. Customization could draw an image which conveys the meaning you connect with your brand.

Make your business strong with a personal logo design created by experts.personal logo design by experts

Designing a logo may seem like an easy task that each of us can do, but in reality it’s not like that. The logo is the tool you use to identify your business, this is how people will recognize you the most. Like we’ve said – it’s the profile picture to a social media channel. 

Your logo is not something you can change every couple of years so think wisely the first time. And the best thing you could do is trust an expert for a professional custom logo design. 

Experts know how to make you stand out, which type would suit you most, how to play with the colors and images (if you have any) and what trend of logo design is perfect for your business.

Professional teams see difference between a logo design for restaurants, barber logo design and a logo design for photographers. If you imagine a vintage logo or a luxury logo design – again, they know if it is okay for your niche and in case it is – how to make it. 

Last but not least – different logos cost differently when printed on marketing materials. So even if you make an exquisite logo on your own and put away a couple of bucks, at the end it may cost you more. 

The importance of brand identity is more than huge. It’s the essence of every business. That’s why it’s better to have a professional team behind your back. 

If you want to know more about our service, prices or you have unanswered questions, please fill in the form at the end of the article and you’ll hear from us as soon as possible.