What is backlinking?

what is backlinking and why it is so important for seo

We hope you didn’t get scared by the title of our article. But even if you did, you can’t run away, can you? Well, we mean you clicked here yourself. This is like a hint of needing a little help when it comes to backlinking, SEO Optimization, marketing, and all those terrifying words. Which actually can be quite interesting if they’re explained easily and from there understood correctly. 

Since you are here, you probably know what SEO is and how important it is for making a business successful online. If not, don’t worry – we’ll talk about it in a minute. Without a strong foundation, it is tricky to keep building up your knowledge. 

And it’s never a minus to revise the things you know. Even if you are an expert. Because in our opinion – you can never know too much about something. There will always be new things to learn, experience, and practice. The world around us changes so quickly – both the real and the marketing world. So let’s keep up with things. Starting with what is backlinking.

Definition, purpose, and importance

Let’s start with one “what is backlinks in SEO” example. Imagine you are reading an article with ideas on how to fix that table you got from one furniture store last month, after you broke a huge piece of it, while you were changing its location. Not on purpose, of course, but it’s still broken. 

So you keep reading and reading, and when you check the list with needed supplies you see the word “screwdriver”. What in God’s name is a “screwdriver”? 

But then the underlining of the word catches your eye. It’s a hyperlink to another website that explains why you need the screwdriver, how to use it and if you don’t have one – from where and which one to buy. This is backlinking. The hyperlink that sent you to another website.

MeaningThe definition, purpose and importance of backlinking is seo optimization

The definition of backlink is a hyperlink that redirects users from one website to another. This is the simplest explanation of what is SEO backlinking. 

You can call it an Inbound Link (IBL) or Incoming Links, too. It all means the same – hosting a hyperlink of your website in the content of another, which will route the visitor to your website.

Purpose of backlinking in SEO and in general 

So we guess you know very well what SEO is. But yet before diving deeper into the backlink game we want to be sure we all know what we’re talking about. 

SEO Optimization is the whole process of helping your website rank as one of the search engine’s (like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) top choices. Those three or four results that pop up are the ones with the best-optimized sites. Of course, we are not including the paid ads in the beginning. We’re talking only about organic engagement. 

It’s very important to be as organic as possible when it comes to SEO. Because only then you can attract quality visitors that are really into the content you are offering, regardless of if it’s about services, products, ideas, etc. 

For example, if you want to learn new things about SEO Optimization or something like that, you could go to an SEO consultant blog. Because you’ll believe his words, it’s his job. And you are the quality traffic he searches for. 

SEO is one of the strongest bones in digital marketing. Success online is achieved with a lot of fights – every one of them for a different marketing niche. And business can’t survive online without winning the SEO battle. 

Backlinks take an essential part in the SEO Optimization journey because they can help you rank higher in search engines. From time to time your popularity is determined by them in the Google index, so you can quickly elevate and become one of the top websites searchers find. 

This is because if a lot of pages redirect their visitors to your page, it means they trust you. And so does Google in this case. You become trustworthy and engage a bigger audience with your content. It’s like backlinking measures the confidence between websites. And search engines see that as a huge plus and give you a heads up for the quality content. 

A lot of people try to gain more traffic online by that method but it’s not as simple as that. Before it was sometimes enough just to mention your website in a comment under someone’s article, but online marketing changes every single minute. One thing you read a year ago probably wouldn’t be relevant now. 

Also, too many backlinks can get you banned because they are considered “spammy”. It’s like with the keywords in content – too many can take down the boat. We have to mention that the sites which redirect people to yours should be trustworthy on their own too. It sounds so scary, we know. But thankfully there are professionals whose job is to know all the trends, algorithms, and hidden gems.  

The importance of backlinking

As we said, SEO has a few things you should always have in mind – site structure so that visitors don’t get “lost” through the content; keyword research, which is the main thing SEO depends on; a linking strategy that makes the site easier to be found by search engines; etc. 

Linking strategies are our focus now, but you can find articles about the other things on our site if you want to become an SEO guru in your field. 

When someone has a backlink to your website it rings a bell for the search engines and they know people can trust your website and find quality content that can come in handy for them. And you are ranked higher. Measuring backlinks is an enormous section search engines use when entrusting authority to a website. It could make a big difference in the way your content is ranked and the quantity of organic traffic that finds your websites. That’s why link building is important for SEO.

Backlinking for SEO and why it’s needed for businessthe importance of backlinking in seo optimization strategy

Well, we believe it’s established by now that you don’t only need a good backlinking strategy as a part of your SEO Optimization, but it’s crucial if it’s absent from your marketing plans. 

It proves to Google that you can be trusted. The easiest explanation is that backlinks boost your authority in Google’s eyes. When a certain website has a lot of links redirecting people 

When a website has more links redirecting back to it, concerning a topic about “whatever”, Google begins to find it as a believable resource — and ranks it higher in relevant searches as a result. This process of putting it on the top in search engine rankings, helps your business to be shown to lots of people who are searching for your products, services, or ideas.

Crawling and indexing

Backlinking is closely linked to crawling and indexing. Okay, let’s take a step back. We promise we’re not talking programming languages. Crawl and index are quite used words from people who understand even a bit of SEO Optimization. 

Indexing is the process in which Google sorts all the information on the web. And crawling is made by bots that “crawl” different websites and after that send them to the index to be sorted. 

For example, if you’re searching for “home remedies for sore throat” Google will check up all the websites stored in its index and show you the most relevant and trustworthy ones that can match your request. 

The thing is that the information online is in huge amounts and it may take a while before your website gets crawled and finds its place in Google’s index. Here come the backlinks. They are helping the search engine to prioritize all the content online. 

And, of course, if you have more backlinks that send people to your page you will get indexed much faster and shown to more and more people and gain lots of traffic. This answers what is backlinks in digital marketing – a necessity. 

The general importance of backlinking

But let’s put SEO on the side for a while. Backlinking is valuable even when we’re not talking about optimization, too. If your page is shown on a different website it will have more visitors, traffic and take action towards it. So backlinks are a huge plus, no matter where we’re looking at them. 

Here again, we have to mention the quality of the websites that redirect people to our own. The better the site, the bigger the chance that users will click on that backlink, visit our page and search for their information. 

Example time again, because we believe examples make everything so much easier. Let’s say you go to a website for high-quality hair products with popular brands you trust. And then you see a backlink for a beauty salon, which works with those amazing shampoos, conditioners, etc. Will you click on it? Well, yeah, probably. You’ll want to check the prices, the hairdressers, the salon itself. Because you trust the website that suggested it to you. See the point? 

This is why you have to be more patient and really make connections between your business and other websites. Otherwise, it won’t be beneficial to you at all. 

A low-quality way is a no-way!

We already mentioned the spam that could make your evaluation from search engines worse. The low-quality way is a no-way. It’s easy to buy links or engage in a link exchange, but at the end of the day by doing that you’re risking all the efforts and hard work you have put into your business. It’s not worth it. 

You may receive an email that offers you a link-for-link exchange, which can seem so easy but doesn’t get tempted. Search engines sense this kind of thing and you can easily be out of the picture, without knowing how to get back on track. 

We’re sure you don’t like spam either. If you continually receive emails which have no interest for you, what will you do? Forbid them, because even without seeing their content, you know it’ll probably be without any value. Search engines see things the same way and we can’t be mad at them for that. We just have to choose not the easy way, but to fight honorable in the backlinking SEO game.

Backlinking services and professional agenciesbacklinking services that professional digital marketing agencies offer

We always say everybody needs to know their place. And it’s okay if you are not the best at making marketing strategies, SEO Optimization, backlinking, copywriting, etc. You have a business and you are good at it. Even the best maybe. So if you want to be the best online too, you have to trust someone whose job is to know everything about digital marketing with the ability to apply that knowledge. 

We hope that we have managed to make things about SEO and backlinking specifically clearer for you and now you see the bigger picture behind the answer of what is successful SEO. Successful digital marketing at all is a lot of constant work and learning everything new that comes up from nowhere. 

All the facts about backlinking are only one section of building a firm foundation for an SEO strategy. The correct keywords, technical issues that need to be sorted, and the creation of fresh and interesting content regularly bring up lots of other questions. 

We know it sounds too complicated and even impossible to be done. And probably if you’re doing it alone you won’t be able to do it the way it has to be done. But with professional help, everything is easier from SEO management to everything else from the marketing chain. 

So this is why you need to stop asking yourself “why to hire SEO company” and “are SEO companies worth it at all”. Yes, they are. And you know it, don’t you? 

If you have some more questions or you want to see our SEO backlinking services or any services at all, you can check our website or fill out the form below and contact us. 

We’ll gladly make your business successful online with a team full of experts – everyone passionate about his own thing. Because as we said – every person should know his place.